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The Reality of Hospital Marketing in 2017

By: Amanda Fiore Today, it seems that hospital systems are popping up out of thin air. The large hospital players are not only buying up smaller community hospitals to join their ever-growing network, but also expanding their geographic footprint outside the New York City limits. It is no surprise that these extensive hospital systems are… Continue reading »

The Benefits of Addressable Television

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could take the precision, targeting, analytics, and reporting of digital campaigns and make them even better?  Well, you can!  Drum roll please . . . Addressable TV has all the elements of digital with one distinct advantage: reach. According to the Video Advertising Bureau, TV delivers more than 90%+… Continue reading »

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Compete – Why Competitive Search Campaigns Are A Must for Advertisers

By Amanda Fiore and Oliver Nelson  Competitive paid search campaigns should always be a cornerstone consideration for your SEM campaign. While many industries understand the advantages of bidding against competitive terms we find healthcare and pharmaceuticals, in particular, continue to lag behind in their employment of these campaigns; we’re shocked each time we transition existing… Continue reading »

Programmatic Television Buying

If you stick around long enough, generally speaking, you’ll experience a tried and true proven way of doing something that can, and will, be enhanced by technology.  Such is the case when talking about the art and science of television buying and negotiations. Until recently, the buying of nearly $70 billion dollars in television was… Continue reading »

Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

When you sit in a busy restaurant, what do you see? People talking. According to this study, 93% of word-of-mouth activity still happens offline. Those offline conversations with our friends, co-workers and peers influence the purchases we make more than anything else. Similarly, the things we do and see play a big role in the… Continue reading »

Dynamix’ Jack Cohen Martin on Digital Videos and Targeted Ads

CohenMartin is COO and co-founder at Dynamix, a NYC-based digital video advertising company. The Makegood recently spoke with Jack about digital videos, targeted ads, and Dynamix’ patent-pending digital advertising technology. The Makegood: Jack, you have been in the digital industry for over 10 years. How do people consume TV today and where is the trend… Continue reading »

MEC’s Andy Wasef: I’m Having An Affair With My TV (All Of Them)

This column was written by Andy Wasef, Head of Innovation and Technology at MEC, one of the world’s top media agencies.  I’ll confess, I love TV. My job may center around the latest innovations (many of which I equally love) but I spend a large amount of my media diet consuming many of the great TV shows… Continue reading »

Programmatic Video Is Branding Territory

This column was written by Gavin Dunaway, U.S. Editor at AdMonsters. Forget “To be or not to be?” “How do we get those big branding dollars moving into our wonderfully efficient programmatic channels?” – now that is the question, or at least it has been as long as I’ve written about digital advertising. But cramming… Continue reading »

I Was Right (And Wrong) About 2012

Last year I went out on a limb here on The Makegood and made some predictions about media in 2012. Some have been highly accurate. Others have proved the maxim that predicting the future is a fool’s errand. Here are a few that I got right: “Look for social TV startups like GetGlue and Bluefin… Continue reading »

Undertone Launches Standout TV Ad

Undertone, a digital advertising company, recently launched their own marketing campaign, which included a TV buy. We recently spoke with Alan Schanzer, Chief Client Officer at Undertone, about the campaign. The Makegood: It’s safe to say that most digital advertising and technology companies don’t run TV spots. What was Undertone’s motivation for developing and running… Continue reading »