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The Economy of Fun and Digital Start-ups

Recently I’ve been intrigued by two start-up businesses. Neither has reinvented the wheel, or innovated, but both have significantly disrupted their markets. On paper each business might sound ridiculous propositions, and had they been pitched before they were proven successes, I would imagine them to be laughed out the boardroom by VCs. Before I reveal… Continue reading »

Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched In the Mouth

One of my favorite industry articles is “The Power of No” by Dave Morgan. In it, Dave describes how the word “no” can be useful in business: “Learning how and when to use the word is a vital lesson. This is true whether you are in sales, client service or product development. It’s particularly true… Continue reading »

How To Retain Your Top Performers

The market for salespeople, account managers and engineers is so fierce today that recruiters, startups and established companies are all trying to attract the best talent. How will you retain your top performers in the face of such competition? The key is to build a culture and process that naturally repels your competitors. Here are… Continue reading »

Matt Minoff on How Selectable Media Helps Publishers Effectively Monetize Their Audiences

Matt Minoff is CEO of Selectable Media, a leader in enabling consumers to unlock digital content through advertising. The Makegood recently spoke with Matt about Selectable Media’s Select-to-Unlock platform and the importance of targeted advertising. The Makegood: Earlier this year, you launched the Select-to-Unlock platform. Can you elaborate on its functions and the benefits for… Continue reading »

Don’t Quit on Me, Millennials

Millennials, those born after 1980, expect to change jobs at least every three years. That means that every few years—unless you’ve been fired—you will need to resign. This is especially true in media and advertising where change is constant and new opportunities come along frequently. Since you may need to resign more than a dozen… Continue reading »

ADC’s Ignacio Oreamuno on the Importance of Creative Advertising

Ignacio Oreamuno is executive director of the Art Directors Club (ADC),  the first global creative collective of its kind and the longest standing organization championing the visual arts. During the last year, Ignacio brought dramatic change to the ADC. Makegood recently spoke with Ignacio about his position, and passion for creative projects. What made you fall in love with communications and… Continue reading »

Ageism in Ad Land

Advertising is still obsessed with the young and the beautiful, but when it comes to their employees they expect certain tenure. ‘Paying your dues’ is par for the course in climbing the ranks of ad agencies, but savvy, young admen and women are finding bigger roles elsewhere thanks to the increase in startups in the… Continue reading »

Real Startups Fly Coach

For me, building great teams and creating exciting, new products is what I was meant to do. There’s nothing that compares to seeing a group of people—sometimes with more enthusiasm than experience—come together to do something extraordinary. That said, early stage startups require a level of effort and perseverance that is different from working for… Continue reading »

When is it Pointless to Advertise?

Advertising remains a growth business with annual global ad spending more than half a trillion dollars. Digital advertising is growing even faster thanks to usage and its ability to target consumers. Despite this there are situations when advertising can be pointless—and sometimes even harmful—for a brand. Here are some examples: Corporate disaster. It’s often best… Continue reading »

What Will Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr Actually Mean?

Today Yahoo announced that the company intends to acquire microblogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. This is an important event for the two companies, their users, marketers and the New York startup ecosystem. Here are some of the good things that will likely happen from this: Success. New York City has not had a fully… Continue reading »