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Forget the Rolodex, Build a Marketing Stack

Until recently, I sold products based on the relationships that I had formed during a career in media and advertising. Agencies like GroupM, OMG and Starcom Mediavest were accessible to me because of the people I knew and the people they knew. I took pride in the fact that I could sell products based on… Continue reading »

Selling Like a Mad Man

In this age of programmatic ad buys and self-serve platforms, one of the most overlooked leadership skills in business today is the ability to sell something. Fifty years ago all of the great ad agencies were built this way, with CEOs like David Ogilvy landing clients on the basis of his wit, charm and “soft… Continue reading »

What Marketers Really Care About

For ten years I worked on the partner side of the marketing business, both as an agency executive at MEC and then as the co-founder of Pictela, an ad tech firm. Now, as the CEO of an enterprise technology company, I’m a pure marketer and it turns out that this side of the business is… Continue reading »

One Public’s Fahad Kahn on Bringing Social Into Every Business Process of an Organization

Fahad Khan is the Founder and CEO of One Public, one of the earliest Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers and a provider of next-generation enterprise social marketing software and solutions to global brands, agencies and retailers. The Makegood recently spoke with Fahad about his position and international trends in marketing technology. The Makegood: Fahad, you founded… Continue reading »

Is Media Armageddon Upon Us?

We are pleased to welcome Doug Wintz as a monthly contributor to The Makegood. Doug is Founder and Principal of DMW MediaWorks, a consultancy specializing in digital ad operations and technology. Look for his column every third Wednesday on The Makegood. Depending on your point of view, “Armageddon” could refer to 1) the day in… Continue reading »