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The Triumphs and Concerns of Radio Mergers

Do you tune-in to your favorite AM radio station in the morning and throughout the day to get your daily dose of news, traffic and weather?  If so, you are probably familiar with many of the CBS owned and operated stations across the country, such as WCBS-AM, (known as 88 or 880, it’s dial position… Continue reading »

Surviving Shifts in ROI Modeling

Marketers have long struggled to institutionalize measurement and ROI models for new media, often adopting approaches that roll out across the organization. These measurement models are shaped by the goals that advertising programs are crafted to address, the technology that can be brought to bear on measurement, and even the marketer’s view of the role… Continue reading »

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Compete – Why Competitive Search Campaigns Are A Must for Advertisers

By Amanda Fiore and Oliver Nelson  Competitive paid search campaigns should always be a cornerstone consideration for your SEM campaign. While many industries understand the advantages of bidding against competitive terms we find healthcare and pharmaceuticals, in particular, continue to lag behind in their employment of these campaigns; we’re shocked each time we transition existing… Continue reading »

SponsorHub: The First to Measure Sponsorship ROI

 Robert Johnston is CEO and co-founder of SponsorHub, the first online marketplace for the sponsorship industry, providing greater access, easier execution and audience measurement for marketers. Johnston has reached several milestones throughout his career, which include major investment achievements. The Makegood recently spoke with Johnston about what SponsorHub is providing for the industry. The Makegood: SponsorHub… Continue reading »

3Q Digital CEO David Rodnitzky on Successful Re-Branding

 David Rodnitzky is the CEO of 3Q Digital, which just underwent a name change from PPC Associates. 3Q Digital is a leading online growth agency for innovative companies. The Makegood recently spoke with David about the arduous process of re-branding and the reasons behind his decision to go through with it. The Makegood: You recently… Continue reading »

MEDIA iQ’s Gurman Hundal on Predictive Analysis in the Digital Trading Business

Gurman Hundal is the co-founder of MEDIA iQ, a leading innovator in digital trading. Prior to launching MEDIA iQ, Gurman set-up the online ad network, A&NY Media, for the large publishing group Associated Northcliffe Media. He has a passion for the online advertising space, particularly in areas of analysis and optimisation. The Makegood recently spoke with… Continue reading »

Nanigans’ Dan Slagen on Performance Advertising and Facebook Ads

Dan Slagen is SVP of Marketing at Nanigans, an early and initial Facebook Ads API partner. The Makegood recently spoke with Dan about Nanigans’ founding round, ROI and LTV, and the future of mobile and video on Facebook. The Makegood: Congratulations on your recently closed $6 million round of funding. What are your plans in… Continue reading »

Focusing SEO with Basic ROI Analysis

The clicks from organic search are free; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not. Simply speaking, SEO is the process of identifying and capturing organic clicks based on the content found on your website. Interactive agencies tout organic search as a free way to capture additional traffic. While this may be the situation in an ideal… Continue reading »

That’s What She Said: Blowing Up the Walls of the Old Boys’ Club

This is the monthly column, “That’s What She Said,” written by Amy Vale. We are pleased to welcome Amy Vale as a monthly contributor to The Makegood. Amy is VP, Global Research and Strategic Communications for Mojiva Inc., the parent company for Mojiva, the mobile ad network, and Mocean Mobile, the mobile ad serving platform. Advertising has been… Continue reading »

Blueye’s Sarah Reilly: Become Valuable to Users To Achieve Your Greatest Social ROI

Sarah Reilly is VP of Sales at Blueye Creative, a Chicago based Facebook preferred partner with a platform to help brands create and measure social marketing programs. Previously, Sarah was a Director of Sales at Thismoment, a global cloud based CMS for brand engagement, and also held positions at Vibrant Media and Marketers have… Continue reading »