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The New Mall Rats

Growing up in Jamestown, NY was pretty nice, especially in the summers when I was around 12 years old in the 1940s, I mean 1980s. And it was a pretty simple time too, in a good way. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, my parents would drive me to the local Putt-Putt, which became my… Continue reading »

A Guide To New Advertising’s Favorite Watering Holes

Today‚Äôs ad industry is very different from the old one. In this new world, paper and ink have given way to screens and software. Our predecessors used to speak in terms of universal selling propositions and mass markets, but now we use jargon like pay-per-click, engagement, and brand content. But our need to socialize, gossip… Continue reading »

Peer39’s Andy Ellenthal Explains Why Page Environment Matters

Andy Ellenthal is the CEO of Peer39, the company that provides data about web pages to buyers and sellers. We spoke to Andy recently about his background in the digital media business as well as his company. The Makegood: Andy, you have a strong background in digital advertising, having held management and sales roles at… Continue reading »