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Johannes Leonardo’s Wes Phelan on Successful International Marketing

Wes Phelan was recently hired as senior art director by creative agency Johannes Leonardo. Previously, Wes was the creative director at MetropolitanRepublic in Johannesburg. Phelan will now work with clients such as Coca-Cola, Google, Nike and Sprite. The Makegood recently spoke with Wes about his new role and how to make campaigns work across nationalities.… Continue reading »

Working Media No Longer Works On Its Own.

Working Media no longer works on its own.  This is far greater than a media buying challenge.  It is actually one of the biggest issues facing every marketer today regardless of size or industry. We used to maximize the ratio of working to non-working as best we could. Non-working media includes costs related to production,… Continue reading »

Advertisers Refocus Facebook Strategy to Incorporate Retargeting

As the Media industry is still discussing the implications of Facebook Exchange to the market, one interesting case study that hopefully will come from the alpha that the industry I’ve been mulling over is: what’s more effective – retargeting on Facebook using an advertiser’s cookie pool(s) or retargeting based on Action Spec Targeting?  The former… Continue reading »

The Naked Brand’s Director Jeff Rosenblum on Advertising’s Role in Corporate Transparency

Jeff Rosenblum is the producer and director of The Naked Brand and a founding partner of Questus. Having co-founded Questus in 1998, Jeff has significant experience in digital marketing. We recently spoke with Jeff about The Naked Brand. The Makegood: The Naked Brand focuses attention on how corporations should be transparent with stakeholders and give… Continue reading »

Does Branding Need To Be Rebranded?

Recently, Sir James Dyson, the founder of the Dyson Company and the inventor of sleek household appliances, said that he doesn’t believe in branding. “We’re only as good as our latest product,” Dyson said. “I don’t believe in brand at all.” Like a cat coughing up a hairball, Dyson’s comment caused a loud, involuntary response… Continue reading »

MEC’s Kristian Baek-Mikkelsen on the Perfect Time to Work in Media

Kristian Baek-Mikkelsen is the Senior Partner of Engagement Planning, MEC. Kristian is an experienced media professional that recently moved to New York from Copenhagen, Denmark. There he spent time at major agencies including Mediacom, Grey Communications and Brandhouse. We recently spoke with Kristian about his experience and new role. The Makegood: Kristian, you co-founded MEC’s… Continue reading »