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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Getting More Life Out of Your SEM Campaigns

As we race to the end of the season, it’s not uncommon to find some additional funds that can and should be used quickly; in many cases, it’ll be best to have a wide range of ideas and options available to you.. One of the first options that springs to your team’s mind will be… Continue reading »

Native Ad Regulation

Just a couple days before Christmas, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidance on Native Advertising that touched off a wave of blamestorming across the digital industry. The timing was terrific.  With visions of sugarplums dancing in everyone’s heads, and the ad industry preparing for its end-of-the-year shutdown, the controversy could wait.  We would deal with… Continue reading »

Plant The Seeds for Success in Native Ads

When you go to a grocery store these days, you’re more informed. It is a product of the age we live in; you can research where your vegetables were grown, and farmers and producers gladly extoll the narrative of the care and thought they put into what you are eating. There’s value in what they… Continue reading »

It’s Happening: Viewability and Native Join Forces

For the past year my calendar has been booked solid. I’m meeting with publishers, media outlets, product managers, and marketers, and we’re talking about the word on everyone’s mind: native ads. These conversations started out very similar, we’d talk about marketer’s interest in content, the technology required to serve native advertising like one would any… Continue reading »

Quality, Information and Choice: Why Native Ads Work

 Native advertising, the phrase on the tip of every publisher’s tongue. If you haven’t had a meeting yet in 2014 centered around your sponsored content program, you have a lot of catching up to do. But even those who have strategized around the topic ad nauseam need to watch out for one thing: The wrong type… Continue reading »

Facebook buys Atlas. Confused? I am.

A couple of weeks ago we heard the news that Facebook acquired Atlas for the sum of $100M. Atlas is primarily an ad serving platform born from the agency Avenue A (aka Razorfish), who wanted to develop an in house tool to manage their online display buying. During the early noughties Atlas quickly became a… Continue reading »

PureWow’s Ryan Harwood: ‘Biggest Asset or Missed Opportunity, You Decide’

This guest column was written by Ryan Harwood, CEO of PureWow, a free daily email and website for women, featuring culture, fashion, travel, and tech. You’ve heard it again and again. And again. Here it is, one more time for the back of the room: content is still king. It’s still the most valuable asset… Continue reading »