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The 90/10 Rule of Ad Tech

In a week that saw a high-flyer of Ad Tech sell for a 90 percent discount to its IPO price, I was reminded of a longstanding rule of thumb. The reminders of that rule are all around me on the consumer tech side – the Apple Watch that sits unused on my nightstand, because I’m too… Continue reading »

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Getting More Life Out of Your SEM Campaigns

As we race to the end of the season, it’s not uncommon to find some additional funds that can and should be used quickly; in many cases, it’ll be best to have a wide range of ideas and options available to you.. One of the first options that springs to your team’s mind will be… Continue reading »

Deep Integration Breathes New Life into Bing

.   Last year, Oliver Nelson warned us against ignoring Bing when running paid search, a move which had become popular with agencies as Google continued to dominate the market. His advice has become even more important as Microsoft begins rolling out Windows 10. Bing Ads anticipates 10% – 15% more search volume by September… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: “YouthNation” Author Matt Britton

MRY founder and CEO Matt Britton tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about his hot new book, “YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-Driven Culture.” Among the insights Matt shares here: Young people are now driving the entire economy in a way that’s never been seen before; “Barbell Economics” reflects the erosion of the middle class… Continue reading »

Have Bing and Yahoo! Given Up the Search Race?

The continued meteoric rise of Google as the top US and International search engine raises the question of whether Google is great at marketing themselves or whether Yahoo! and Bing have just given up the search fight. Tell someone outside of the marketing industry that’s share of US searches has reached 67.6% and you… Continue reading »

Microsoft’s Newfront and the Next Front for Content

 Do you smell it? The aroma of pleasantly buzzed media planners wafting all about Manhattan this week? That’s right, it’s some kind of –front time – and since a digital reporter like moi is getting invites, it must be the Newfronts. Agency buyers and brand representatives are being shuffled up- and downtown to one glitzy presentation… Continue reading »

Digital Media Enters the Bionic Age

Generation X’ers: Remember the Bionic Man on the Six Million Dollar Man? And who could forget Lindsey Wagner the Bionic Woman? Media pros will soon be like our childhood heroes as digital media enters its Third Age: the “Bionic Age.” In October 1994, AT&T served up the first banner ad on Hotwired. This ad was… Continue reading »

A Cord-Cutter at the Newfronts

This column was written by Gavin Dunaway, U.S. Editor at AdMonsters, the global community of ad operations and technology leaders. Portrait of a cord cutter – you’re looking at it. Disturbing, a little serial killer-esque, I know. Five years ago, I moved to NYC from DC with a laptop and an iPod as my only… Continue reading »

Jumptap’s Adam Chandler on Mobile Marketing and Audience-Centric Advertising

Adam Chandler is SVP of Sales at Jumptap, a leader in targeted mobile advertising. The Makegood recently spoke with Adam about his new position, mobile advertising, and consumer behavior. The Makegood: In January, you joined the mobile ad network Jumptap as senior vice president for advertising sales, congratulations! Can you elaborate on your new priorities?… Continue reading »

Facebook buys Atlas. Confused? I am.

A couple of weeks ago we heard the news that Facebook acquired Atlas for the sum of $100M. Atlas is primarily an ad serving platform born from the agency Avenue A (aka Razorfish), who wanted to develop an in house tool to manage their online display buying. During the early noughties Atlas quickly became a… Continue reading »