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How Buzzfeed is Transforming the Media Industry

From my office on 34th Street near Herald Square in Manhattan, I can look uptown and see the world of media as it is today. GroupM, a few blocks away on 7th Avenue, is the world’s largest buyer of media from the world’s largest sellers. Another agency behemoth, Mediavest, is further uptown at Broadway and… Continue reading »

10 Things That Make New York Media Great

Despite the growth of the tech companies, New York is still largely a media town. 70% of all US advertising still bought and sold here. There at least ten things that make New York’s media industry great, including: 1. Agencies. Media agency lobbies like GroupM and Mediavest are a 21st century bazaar where sellers pitch… Continue reading »

MEC’s Jen Soch on Making a Lasting Impression

Jen Soch is the Managing Partner, Global Account Director at MEC. Previously, Jen was Senior Vice President, Activation Director of Advanced TV at MediaVest USA. We recently spoke with Jen about her current role and previous experience. The Makegood: Jen, you have extensive experience in the media business, having worked with a broad spectrum of… Continue reading »

How New York Beats Silicon Valley

In most respects California’s Silicon Valley has New York City outgunned when it comes to nurturing and growing great technology companies. All of the resources that a startup needs — money, management and engineering talent — are available in abundance in the Valley. But after decades of living in California’s shadow, New York is poised… Continue reading »

Starcom Mediavest’s Jeff Rossi on the Power of Outsider Thinking

Jeff Rossi is the VP Digital Group Director at Starcom MediaVest Group, one of the largest global media buying companies. Jeff  has worked at other major media agencies including MEC, Avenue A and Organic. One of the truly great guys in the industry, we recently spoke with Jeff about his current role and the media… Continue reading »

Why Everyone Should Work for a Media Agency

This article originally appeared on MediaPost. We’ve all heard the knocks about working at an agency: low pay, long hours, and that it can be more of a guild than a profession. But I think that everyone in the industry would be well served by working at a media agency for some period of time.… Continue reading »