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The Importance of Social Listening

By: Martin Cahill So much of what we do in marketing and Search is geared toward execution. Making campaigns, creating content, developing tags, gauging customers or consumers or visitors, forecasting, and so on, all of it is centered around preparation, implementation, and execution. And while the great part of that execution and reporting can be… Continue reading »

Marketing Lessons from LinkedIn

I will preface this entire post with the fact that I am a card-carrying LinkedIn advocate. Playing both job- and talent-seeker at various points in my career, it has become my sole networking tool and a comprehensive resume replacement. My profile page is a highly-curated collection of personal statements, professional experiences and accolades, and business contacts. This… Continue reading »

YouBeauty’s Steven Lindseth on Big Data and The Science of Beauty

Steven Lindseth is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of, a website to explore the link between beauty and health with tips from Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen. The Makegood recently spoke with Steven about big data, startups, and the science of beauty. The Makegood: What inspired you to found and why is… Continue reading »

Who in Media and Advertising Will Be Immortalized?

The New York Times obituaries section is the city’s toughest club to get into. First, you have to die. Second, of the 150,000 people each day that are eligible, The Times selects only one or two people to get in. Given these long odds, who from our industry might eventually make it past the Times’… Continue reading »

Viva, General(ist)!

Do you consider yourself to be a Generalist or a Specialist? Ever think about that as it relates to your career? Ever get a job or not get a job because you were one or the other? Consider Jose Oquendo, a 12-year Major League Baseball veteran who spent most of his career playing for the… Continue reading »

Find the Perfect Sales Hire- How to Get The Most Out of LinkedIn in 2013

LinkedIn is a phenomenal recruiting tool for all industries, but there are a few subtle things you can look for on a profile when evaluating an Ad Tech sales candidate. Company Progression- Are the companies they work at getting more or less prestigious? Career Progression- Is their title going up primarily because they are joining smaller… Continue reading »

Four Steps to Building Your Personal Brand Online

Last year I resolved to become more active in online networking. While I had worked in digital media for over a decade, I had neglected to build my own brand online. Sure, I was on Facebook and also on LinkedIn, but I didn’t have a Twitter account and had rarely found time to write about… Continue reading »