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People of Ad Tech: 20nine CEO Greg Ricciardi

20nine President and CEO Greg Ricciardi tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that many ad-tech companies focus so intently on their technology that they forget they’re selling to humans. Ricciardi says it’s not about the quality of your technology — it’s about the benefits you can provide for your customers. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim… Continue reading »

Madison Logic’s CEO Erik Matlick on Leveraging Intent Data

 Erik Matlick is CEO of Madison Logic, the premier provider of intent data solutions for 1,000+ of the world’s leading B2B marketers and publishers. Madison Logic just became the largest aggregator of B2B intent data with 40 million user interactions per month. The company also announced two brand new product launches. The Makegood spoke with Erik… Continue reading »

Forget the Rolodex, Build a Marketing Stack

Until recently, I sold products based on the relationships that I had formed during a career in media and advertising. Agencies like GroupM, OMG and Starcom Mediavest were accessible to me because of the people I knew and the people they knew. I took pride in the fact that I could sell products based on… Continue reading »

My New Year’s Resolution? Simply Control Time.

I believe there is a higher percentage of columnists that write prediction- or resolution-themed columns in early January than there are people that actually make real resolutions nowadays. And to prove it, I will write a column with a resolution theme…. One of my favorite New Year’s traditions in broadcast media is the SyFy channel’s… Continue reading »