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Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over

By: Hemali Lakhani As a noob at South by Southwest (or “South By,” as the cool kids call it), explaining the scene requires the use of the phrase “controlled chaos.” From the second you land in Austin, to your first adventure down 6th Street, the feeling is a combination of concert, convention, and rave. Attendees… Continue reading »

The Shifting Role of Print

By: Lynnsey Rijos and Amanda Fiore Print media has been around for decades and was once the primary source of advertising for marketers, especially in certain industries. In the world of pharma, print is a trusted and effective channel to reach Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in the right place, at the right time. Print media was,… Continue reading »

Using Surrogate Metrics – The Advantages and Pitfalls

By: David Ruppel When planning a measurement strategy for a digital campaign, it makes sense to align the goals of the campaign and its measurement methods directly. But what happens when that alignment isn’t immediately feasible? In healthcare campaigns, directly connecting prescriptions (or sales or leads generated) directly to a media tactic is the most… Continue reading »

The Digital Evolution of Pharma Marketing

The ferocious arena of digital marketing is one that is in a constant state of change. Trends change, algorithms change, rules change, and consumer behavior changes. The fickle battle between competitors adds an additional layer of attention that must be paid to a company’s marketing effort. However, if you pare it down to the industry… Continue reading »