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Pictela Delivers Premium Formats Across Multiple Screens in Real Time

Greg Rogers is the CEO of Pictela, a high definition brand content platform that was acquired by AOL in 2010. We recently spoke with Greg about Pictela’s newly released ad formats. The Makegood: Pictela recently released new ad formats that enable marketers to serve premium advertising across browser, mobile, and tablet, through one work-stream. Can… Continue reading »

AOL Launches Pictela Enterprise, Self Serve Ad Platform for Agencies

Today AOL announced the launch of Pictela Enterprise, a self serve version of the software that powers the company’s Project Devil ad units. We spoke with Greg Rogers, CEO of Pictela, about the launch of the platform. The Makegood: What does Pictela Enterprise mean for marketers and agencies? GR: In short, it means that what… Continue reading »

Pictela’s Greg Rogers on Clay Christensen, Big Data and Brand Content

Greg Rogers is the CEO of Pictela, the next generation display advertising platform that was acquired by AOL last December to power the portal’s Project Devil ads. Greg and I worked together at both MEC and then at Pictela. We spoke recently about his background and how data and brand content are changing the digital… Continue reading »

Norman, Millard and Morgan to Discuss Building Your Brand Online

Today I’m on an Advertising Week panel. That itself is not unusual — there are hundreds of people participating in this wildly successful, eighth annual event in New York. What is notable is who else is on the panel and the topic itself. Contributing to the discussion will be Rob Norman, CEO of GroupM North… Continue reading »