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People of Ad Tech: Adloox CEO Marco Ricci

Adloox CEO Marco Ricci tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that ad fraud is growing faster than ad tech — prompting brands to spend ad dollars elsewhere. Ricci explains how domain spoofing works, arguing that it’s more sophisticated than botnet fraud. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

Optimizing for Viewability Won’t Fix Display

              If there were any doubts that ad viewability would be the hottest ad tech topic of 2015, they evaporated with recent announcements from Google, the IAB, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies.   On the heels of Google’s December announcement that 56% of ads served on the… Continue reading »

Has Digital Blown Its Second Chance?

“You’re not going to be ready,” half-smiled Bob Garfield over a decade ago. According to his Chaos Theory, the broadcast model was going to collapse before digital had the wherewithal to scale campaigns to any sort of size that mattered.  As far as problems go, this was a good one for digital to have. It… Continue reading »

Transparency and Viewability: Why the Answers Aren’t So Clear

The calls for transparency in the digital advertising space have only increased in number and volume over the last three years. The trouble is no one seems to have precisely the same definition of transparency. For some, transparency relates to viewability and an in-depth understanding of where ads are shown. For others, it refers to… Continue reading »

Enough About Viewability, Let’s Talk Fraud

The subject of viewability has created a sense of hysteria in the digital advertising space. Of course, viewability is an issue that requires a solution, but to Tom’s earlier point on this site, the issue we really should be talking about is the fraud that serves as the catalyst and makes these false impressions possible.… Continue reading »

It’s Your Job to Open the Box

“Do you want some fantastic stereo speakers, cheap?” said the guy driving the white van in the lane next to me. I rolled my window back up. We were right outside the Holland Tunnel.  I had just driven back into New York from a New Jersey client meeting, when I noticed this guy trying to… Continue reading »

Integral is Accredited for Fighting Fraud

 David Hahn is currently the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Integral Ad Science, a global media valuation platform that is integral to the buying and selling of quality media. The company focuses on enabling adverting to appear in quality environments where they receive quality exposure. Hahn has previously worked for several start-ups, including SafeNet and… Continue reading »