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The Greatest Media Startup Story Ever Told

When the book “Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN” was first published last year, much of the coverage focused on the lascivious elements of the story. Especially during the early years, the cable sports network attracted all kinds of characters, some of who engaged in sex with coworkers, took drugs… Continue reading »

Disaster Media

While I work in New York City, on most nights and weekends I live in a small rural town about 90 minutes away. Last week superstorm Sandy affected people on the East Coast — sometimes tragically so — and our area was no exception. We have been without power, running water, TV, Internet and train… Continue reading »

Vacation Media: Print, Games and Facebook

Last week I took my family on a vacation to Arizona. In addition to enjoying natural attractions like The Grand Canyon, The Painted Desert and Meteor Crater, we also consumed a surprising amount of media on our road trip. The biggest surprise was all of the print that we consumed. Ordinarily, we get our media… Continue reading »

ESPN’s Dave Roter Delivers Rich Experiences for Advertisers

Dave Roter is the Senior Director of Digital Sales at ESPN. He is a media veteran having spent his 16 year career at ESPN and MEC. We recently spoke with Dave about his experience on the buy side and the sell side as well as his current role. The Makegood: Dave, you have been part… Continue reading »

Why Everyone Should Work for a Media Agency

This article originally appeared on MediaPost. We’ve all heard the knocks about working at an agency: low pay, long hours, and that it can be more of a guild than a profession. But I think that everyone in the industry would be well served by working at a media agency for some period of time.… Continue reading »