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Optimizing for Viewability Won’t Fix Display

              If there were any doubts that ad viewability would be the hottest ad tech topic of 2015, they evaporated with recent announcements from Google, the IAB, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies.   On the heels of Google’s December announcement that 56% of ads served on the… Continue reading »

5 Pitfalls of Behavioral Targeting and How You Can Avoid Them

If there’s one thing people hate about the web it’s being followed around by behaviorally targeted ads. We’ve all experienced being pestered by an advertiser the moment we set foot outside their online store. Some chase their prospects all day long, every day, serving ads for that lovely coat from Kooples you can’t yet afford.… Continue reading »

Why I’m back working for The Man, er, The Grey Lady

My apologies to those who happened to notice from a tweet, or post on Facebook or LinkedIn in the past nine days, for this will be a little repetitive, but last Monday I started as Programmatic Advertising Director at The New York Times. I am privileged to have responsibility for all global programmatic and channel/”indirect”… Continue reading »

AOL’s Seth Demsey on Programmatic Buying and RTB Video

As the SVP of Global Advertising Products and Strategy, Seth Demsey is responsible for the strategic vision of advertising products across AOL and AOL Networks. The Makegood recently spoke with Seth about balancing the needs of ad tech entities, programmatic buying and selling, and the future of online video. The Makegood: Seth, how do you… Continue reading »

Programmatic Video Is Branding Territory

This column was written by Gavin Dunaway, U.S. Editor at AdMonsters. Forget “To be or not to be?” “How do we get those big branding dollars moving into our wonderfully efficient programmatic channels?” – now that is the question, or at least it has been as long as I’ve written about digital advertising. But cramming… Continue reading »

Performance Media at Scale – The Keys to Success

Amanda Currie is Senior Vice President at Adconion Direct, a leading digital distribution platform spanning digital, email, social media and mobile. Amanda was co-founder and Vice President at Frontline Direct, a leading database management and customer acquisition firm, which was acquired by Adconion Media Group in 2008.  Over the last 10 years, running a digital start up and being acquired… Continue reading »

Repeat After Me, Correlation Is Not Causation

I’ve recently been reading an outstanding publication called ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman. The book is about ‘human rationality and irrationality’ and how the brain can often jump to the wrong conclusions. One reason for this cites Kahnenman is ‘because people are prone to apply causal thinking inappropriately, to situations that require statistical… Continue reading »

Canned Banners’ Myles Younger on Where Display Ad Creative is Headed Next

Myles is head of marketing and business development at Canned Banners, a platform that automates and streamlines display ad design. I caught up with Myles on the state of display ad creative. Tim Nichols: Everyone keeps predicting the death of the banner ad, yet Canned Banners has staked its business model on making it easy… Continue reading »

Pictela Delivers Premium Formats Across Multiple Screens in Real Time

Greg Rogers is the CEO of Pictela, a high definition brand content platform that was acquired by AOL in 2010. We recently spoke with Greg about Pictela’s newly released ad formats. The Makegood: Pictela recently released new ad formats that enable marketers to serve premium advertising across browser, mobile, and tablet, through one work-stream. Can… Continue reading »

Exact Drive’s Tim Nichols on Making Online Advertising Simpler

Tim Nichols is the Principal Media Director at Exact Drive. We recently spoke with Tim about his experience and a newly launched partnership. The Makegood: Tim, how did you get into digital media advertising? TN: Almost 10 years ago I was working at a leading Fortune 500 company. I was working on the operational team given the… Continue reading »