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Business Insider CRO Pete Spande on “People of Ad Tech”

Business Insider Chief Revenue Officer Pete Spande tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about the unusual route he took to a career in ad tech; the one phrase ad-tech CEOs should stop using; and the importance of writing skills – yes, writing – in our automated future. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

5 Things I Learned About Media From Homebrewing

I have been an avid home-brewer for almost as long as I have been in the media industry. Much like my media career, my brewing background is diverse and there is no beer style I won’t try to brew. There are some styles I prefer making (pilsners, & lagers) and some I hate (IPAs) but it… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: John Shankman of Hashtag Labs

John Shankman of Hashtag Labs explains how his company develops content and negotiates the ad-tech world on behalf of independent publishers.

Understanding Agency Global Capabilities

How much do global offices of larger agencies really collaborate on a global piece of business? Not surprisingly, it has a lot to do with how the bigger company is structured and things may not always be as they seem. When an agency says they have feet on the ground in other countries in a… Continue reading »

Big-Data Faithful and Big-Data Skeptics, Part 2

Last week I laid out the schism between proponents of big data’s power and those who are skeptical of its magic. I concluded by saying this week I was going to lay out what some of the true power of big data in online is. The real impact on advertising that big data – from… Continue reading »

Big-Data Faithful and Big-Data Skeptics, Part 1

Is big data all we need to make successful marketing happen in today’s techno-centric, digitally driven media environment? Or is it all a sham, with the focus on big data distracting us from other more fundamental problems with advertising as part of the marketing exercise? The question comes up a lot in the circles I… Continue reading »

Viewability And Its Discontents

Viewability. It is the cause du jour. You can’t swing a dead cat at an industry function – or an industry trade pub – without hitting someone who is talking about viewability. According to the comScore Viewability Study only 46% of display ads were ever viewed by consumers. Only 31% of inventory delivered by ads… Continue reading »

Why Is Local TV News Exploding?

Why are local TV stations investing in more local news broadcasts when every bit of research tells them they ought not to? There is no debating the need for a multitude of news services. A democracy must have plurality of voices for the distribution of news, general information as well as editorial perspectives from different… Continue reading »

Mobile Pioneers: Conquering the Wild West of the Mobile Ad Space

Today’s mobile ad landscape is a bit like the wild west in the 1800s: relatively ungoverned, mostly unstructured, and currently operating under a sort of “anything goes” attitude. Like the old west, it is space that everyone seems to be moving to quite rapidly, prospecting for modern-day gold. Recently, it feels as though we in… Continue reading »

Sticky: The importance of eye tracking technology in digital advertising

 For twenty years, Ephraim (Jeff) Bander has sat at the intersection of marketing and neurobiology.  As president of Sticky, Jeff helps clients and partners see the true value of digital advertising by measuring not just what is potentially viewable, but what is actually SEEN(tm) by consumers.  Prior to Sticky, Jeff served as Senior Vice President Client… Continue reading »