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Actionable Analysis: Why Accurate Attribution is So Important and What You Can Do Once You Have It

Since the dawn of advertising, savvy marketers have strived to measure the impact of their campaigns. Easier said than done, of course. While we as marketers have come a long way since the days of John Wanamaker, the irony of today’s rapid shift from offline to digital is that it is actually more difficult than… Continue reading »

Use data to tell facts, not stories.

Data and metrics are what we live and die by in this industry. Yet all too often the metrics we use are over inflated or erroneous. Better numbers tell a better story, but stories are mere fantasies if they are founded on inaccurate data. Many prefer to ignore known data inaccuracies to suit a self-fulfilling… Continue reading »

Peeling The Onion That Is Data

We’ve all become used to the clichéd ‘data is the new oil’. In digital media at least, data is what drives performance, data is what helps us make business cases, helps us to prove or disprove hypotheses and what ultimately justifies our fees. Having data at our fingertips is not new, it’s just that we… Continue reading »