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CKSK CEO Cillian Kieran on the Importance of Digital Knowledge in the Creative Realm

 Cillian Kieran is Founder and CEO of CKSK, a full service digital agency dedicated to developing truly innovative and creative platforms that create ongoing engagement with consumers through the possibilities of technology. Cillian recently spoke with The Makegood about his company’s new expansion into New York. The Makegood: Congratulations on your expansion and welcome to New… Continue reading »

David&Goliath’s John O’Hea on Creativity and Culture

 John O’Hea is the new Creative Director at David&Goliath,  a creative agency helping challenger brands fight their way to market leadership. Prior to working at D&G, John was Art Director at DOJO, in San Francisco. He made the move to LA to join D&G. The Makegood recently spoke with John about  his transition. The Makegood: Congratulations… Continue reading »

RAPP’s Zihla Salinas on Driving Customer Experience Through Data

  Zihla Salinas  is the Chief Marketing Officer at RAPP, a customer experience agency driven by data, inspired by culture and enabled by technology. At RAPP she is responsible for the development of the RAPP brand and as well as new client relationships across the RAPP U.S. Offices. The Makegood recently spoke with Zihla about her position. The Makegood: Your… Continue reading »

MEC’s Marla Kaplowitz on People Management and Employee Happiness

Marla Kaplowitz is CEO of MEC North America, a top media buying and planning firm. The Makegood recently spoke with Marla about keeping employees happy, managing distributed teams, and empowering leaders.The Makegood: Marla, you are known for a modern leadership style at MEC. Can you elaborate on your happiness concept, how MEC launched the program,… Continue reading »

Firing People is a Lousy Way to Build a Company

There are some CEOs who believe that you should only hire “A” players and fire everyone else that doesn’t measure up. I am not one of them. Don’t misunderstand—I have fired people who cannot or will not do what is asked of them. But I don’t believe that automatically thinning the herd is a good… Continue reading »