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How to Filter Bias from your Media Plans

  On our way to becoming media generalists, we are first specialists.  And the medium we first specialize in can hold a special place in our hearts like a first summer crush. But solid rationale and a wide range of considerations are the drivers of successful campaigns, and letting our feelings get in the way… Continue reading »

Agency as Agent? That’s Where The Word Comes From.

My friend and former client Dave Morgan tackled a subject near and dear to my heart in a recent Online Spin column – ad agencies’ loss of the coveted role of ‘agent’ to their clients.  In that column, Dave correctly identifies a few aspects of the agency-client relationship that, once threatened, cause agencies to abdicate… Continue reading »

Four Meeting Protocol Don’ts

  A recent string of bad behavior has made me think it’s time for another column on business protocol.  Let’s talk about setting up meetings, shall we? Protestations of the programmatic crowd notwithstanding, the media business thrives on meetings.  A salesperson believes they have an advertising venue, bit of ad technology or new service that… Continue reading »

Four Client Service Mysteries I Wish I Hadn’t Had To Figure Out On My Own

Corporate behavior often mystifies me, especially when the company in question is in a highly regulated industry.  And I’m likely not the only one trying to solve mysteries. Over my nearly 20 years in the marketing services business, I’ve come to wrestle with and understand that there are a million different things going on behind… Continue reading »

David&Goliath’s John O’Hea on Creativity and Culture

 John O’Hea is the new Creative Director at David&Goliath,  a creative agency helping challenger brands fight their way to market leadership. Prior to working at D&G, John was Art Director at DOJO, in San Francisco. He made the move to LA to join D&G. The Makegood recently spoke with John about  his transition. The Makegood: Congratulations… Continue reading »