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How Accountable Is Creative?

We are pleased to welcome Julia Casale as a monthly contributor to The Makegood. Julia is Chief Marketing Officer at Casale Media. She has been working in digital media for more than ten years and loving every moment of it. Look for Julia’s monthly column every first Thursday. From marketing to creative to media, every… Continue reading »

The Dangers of Recycling in the Cloud

Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular go to market strategy for both new and mature ad tech companies looking to streamline their infrastructure. I want to talk about safety and precautions, specifically as it pertains to cloud computing. While this is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about… Continue reading »

Learning From Pinterest: How the Ad Tech Industry Can Help Fight Fraud

A growing trend is brewing in the digital publishing world where brand new sites that no one has ever heard of are posting astronomically high numbers of unique visitors per month. Popping up in various exchanges on a seemingly daily basis, the sites appear to be running ads from major brands, but these sites are… Continue reading »

Poisoned Cookies

The cookie is the lynchpin of any successful display advertising campaign. The cookie allows marketers to collect data that they can in turn leverage to target their advertising to qualified prospects. Without the cookie, digital advertising just wouldn’t be as effective. We can say this with confidence because we see the problems inherent in mobile… Continue reading »

The Opt-Out Box: Do you want to see personalized advertising from this merchant in the future?

If you’ve been shopping online lately it’s probably safe to assume that while you surf the web you are being bombarded with online advertisements from retailers that you have either visited or made purchases from. With recent Cyber Monday sales pulling in nearly $1.5 billion, and RTB density doubling during this stretch, it’s likely that you’re seeing… Continue reading »

The Fate of RTB is Not Tethered to the Cookie

A longstanding industry issue has been the implications on privacy that cookie based targeting creates, and Do Not Track legislation is not going away. Forthcoming versions of Mozilla’s Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari, and Google’s Chrome browsers have installed Do Not Track mechanisms that could potentially have a substantial impact on the digital advertising… Continue reading »

Can I Get Multiple Bids For This Ad Space? Please?

There’s a lot of talk about online ad creativity, and for good reason – the bulk of display dollars are still transacted within a set of ad sizes that haven’t changed much in 10 years. With AOL and the IAB pushing the boundaries of display ad units, these innovations could and should come to real-time… Continue reading »

“Ghost” bidding to lose?

What started as a fun discussion over lunch with an industry peer about the possibilities of RTB transformed into a ‘what if’ discussion about turning the ad buying concept upside down – and the potentially significant ramifications of this approach. What if algorithms were tweaked to purposely lose, and, pushing this further, lose at the… Continue reading »

Real-Time Bidding — The Story Behind the Auction

Despite RTB’s accelerated adoption in the past two years, it has yet to reach a point of universal benchmarking, and standards. There’s no comScore or Nielsen report for RTB activity – yet – perhaps we’ll start seeing the beginnings of that before the year is out (are you guys listening?). Most RTB industry discussions typically… Continue reading »

Impression Overload: A Viewable Standard Could Be the Key to Success

As publisher sites continue to grow and fill all available page space with ads to the point that some resemble NASCAR cars, media buyers and planners have a reason to be overwhelmed. As I walked around the floor at ad-tech this week, I heard countless times the startling statistic that for real-time bidding (RTB) alone,… Continue reading »