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Using Surrogate Metrics – The Advantages and Pitfalls

By: David Ruppel When planning a measurement strategy for a digital campaign, it makes sense to align the goals of the campaign and its measurement methods directly. But what happens when that alignment isn’t immediately feasible? In healthcare campaigns, directly connecting prescriptions (or sales or leads generated) directly to a media tactic is the most… Continue reading »

To Build or To Buy? That Is The Question

By: Martin Cahill Whether you’re an agency hired on to help, a client looking to expand their online footprint, or a creative agency in the middle of the two, when discussing Search, you’ll most likely hear, “Should we build content? Or should we buy it through paid search?” This discussion is a vital one, and leads… Continue reading »

Going Sky High: Building Links With the Skyscraper Technique

By: Bartosz Bala When it comes to building links for your site, it can be hard to garner links on your own. Relying on your content and your SEO to build up links from friendly sites is good, but it can take a lot longer than you’re willing to bet. However, there’s a method coined… Continue reading »

Should Brands Own Their Own Content?

Is it better to rent or own? When looking for a home, most people are faced with this daunting question. Owning a home gives stability and the free reign of being able to customize your living quarters, but also comes with a higher price bracket and more responsibility. On the other hand renting gives more… Continue reading »

The Trouble(s) with Dashboards – and a Few Solutions

This column was written by Florian Kahlert, Managing Director, North America, of GfK’s Digital Market Intelligence (DMI) group.      A dashboard, as the name suggests, should give the user a very quick readout on the status of something. Think of a car dashboard: You have a bunch of lights, gas and temperature gauges, and maybe… Continue reading »

Content-Tech: The Storyteller’s Digital Toolbox

This guest column was written by Dee Salomon, Senior Vice President of MediaLink LLC, a strategic advisory and business development firm. Halfway through my discussion with David Sable, CEO of Y&R, it struck me that we were talking about two different things. The topic was storytelling, but David was talking about the story and I… Continue reading »

Delivering an Effective Digital Ad for a Traditional Media-Inclined Client

Robert Vorel is president of Crest Communications Inc, a full service Branding/Promotional Ad Agency. It provides market positioning implementation utilizing newly defined “real-time marketing” approaches.  For many brands and agencies that have long favored such traditional media as print newspapers, radio and television to carry their advertising messages, navigating the complexity of advertising in the fragmented digital… Continue reading »

Buyers, Sellers and the KPI

We all believe that campaign success is a mutual quest. So, why is it that when publishers ask an agency for the KPI on which performance is being measured – the request often goes unanswered? Don’t we all need to reference the same playbook? Is it not the goal of both the agency and the… Continue reading »