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Infolinks’ Dave Zinman Wants Advertisers to Avoid Banner Blindness

Dave Zinman is currently the CEO of Infolinks, a company that focuses on studying consumer blindness and improving digital advertising. Infolinks help advertisers better place ads in order to better reach their target. Prior to joining Infolinks, Zinman was the COO of Inadco, as well as the VP and general manager of display advertising at… Continue reading »

MediaBrix’ Ari Brandt on The Power of Social and Mobile Gaming

Ari Brandt is CEO and Co-founder of MediaBrix, a company that powers the industry‚Äôs leading advertising platform for social and mobile games. The Makegood recently spoke with Ari about social and mobile games and breakthrough moments. The Makegood: Ari, what inspired you to found MediaBrix and to focus on social and mobile games? We launched… Continue reading »