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Getting to Addressability via the Transitive Property

By: Carla Holtze We talk a lot about the fast pace of technology and the proliferation of data on these pages. And often, we toss around terms like transformative and disruptive to characterize all things digital. However, when it comes to real change, the pace can be downright glacial. For instance, we’ve been talking about… Continue reading »

Hiding Behind Garden Walls

When have walled gardens ever been good for digital advertising? As an industry, we are doomed to repeat our history with walled gardens because we haven’t learned from it sufficiently.  The truth is that most ad-supported walled gardens end up dying after marketers struggle to measure them and either can’t come to any meaningful conclusion… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: Netseer’s Amir Bakhshaie

Netseer Head of Product Amir Bakhshaie, formerly of Apple and Amazon, tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that visual monetization is its own kind of vertical — one that connects brands more closely to audiences by tapping viewers’ emotional connections to images. Publishers, who also understand the power of images, have been creating increasing amounts… Continue reading »

Flash’s Impending Death Brings Marketer Benefits

    Flash’s days are numbered. And that’s probably a good thing for digital advertisers. Calls for Flash’s head on a platter hit a fevered pace this past week. The Adobe software has been a mainstay for rich web ads and extended website functionality since the late 90s. There was even a time when almost… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: “YouthNation” Author Matt Britton

MRY founder and CEO Matt Britton tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about his hot new book, “YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-Driven Culture.” Among the insights Matt shares here: Young people are now driving the entire economy in a way that’s never been seen before; “Barbell Economics” reflects the erosion of the middle class… Continue reading »

Selling Like a Mad Man

In this age of programmatic ad buys and self-serve platforms, one of the most overlooked leadership skills in business today is the ability to sell something. Fifty years ago all of the great ad agencies were built this way, with CEOs like David Ogilvy landing clients on the basis of his wit, charm and “soft… Continue reading »

Time to QA Your Mobile Experience?

Every time I get a mission-critical e-mail with a link, I cringe a little.  It wasn’t always this way. These days, I’m way more likely to read that e-mail on a mobile device, and if something requires my immediate input via clicking on a link, I can count on the page behind that link working… Continue reading »

Native Mobile Applications: An Ecosystem Overview

Morpheus Media, the digital media agency, is a monthly contributor to The Makegood. This column was composed by Ben Beyda, Associate Director, Mobile Strategy. At this point in the evolution of the mobile marketing space, you’ve likely faced or are soon to face the decision of how to go about creating a native mobile application.… Continue reading »

I Was Right (And Wrong) About 2012

Last year I went out on a limb here on The Makegood and made some predictions about media in 2012. Some have been highly accurate. Others have proved the maxim that predicting the future is a fool’s errand. Here are a few that I got right: “Look for social TV startups like GetGlue and Bluefin… Continue reading »

“Reading The Daily” Tweeted No One Ever

In a room with Rupert Murdoch and a few other smart guys, the following conversation occurred during the conception of The Daily (ok, not really).  “I have an idea! Let’s start an iPad only newspaper app where we charge users a small fee to wait 2 minutes each day for the app to update.  We’ll… Continue reading »