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How Do We Begin the Healing?

Predictably, in the wake of reports and recommendations to the ANA by K2 and Ebiquity on agency transparency, and subsequent reactions and rebuttals by the AAAA, nobody has been able to agree on a course forward. There’s an elephant in the room, though, one that pundits have touched on but haven’t exactly told us how… Continue reading »

Four Things You Can Do Right Now To Protect Against Undisclosed Agency Rebates

By Tom Hespos The results of an ANA probe on agency rebates have come back, and while details of those results have yet to be made public as of this writing, I’ve been in the business long enough to know what the report will say when details reach the general advertising community. Are you managing… Continue reading »

Advertiser vs. Agency Debate – Part III – Follow the Money

Last month, Nancy Hill, CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, published an article in The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today column titled “Why Agencies are Starved for Talent” which indicted low compensation rates as the culprit in the talent crisis at advertising agencies today. In response, Bob Liodice, CEO of the Association of… Continue reading »

MEC’s Stephanie Lawrence Aligns Digital Strategies for Macy’s

Stephanie Lawrence is a Partner, Group Director at Mediaedge and a seasoned media professional, having worked at major agencies including Dotglu and Optimedia. We recently spoke with Stephanie about her current role and best practices. The Makegood: Stephanie, can you tell us about your role and responsibilities as Partner, Group Media Director at MEC? Where does the… Continue reading »

The Must-Attend Media Events Of 2012

According to John Durham at CatalystSF, there were only eight business days in 2011 without an industry event. A quick look at the conference calendar confirms this year appears to be no different. Given this onslaught of events, it’s important to prioritize the conferences that are crucial to attend. Otherwise it might be difficult to… Continue reading »