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The Fix: @Sense

The Fix: @Sense by Dave Ruppel PowerPoint presentations. You get them at every reporting meeting. One per month. Really, it’s more like 4 per month. With your current media campaign, you have 4 different partners all responsible for different pieces: one for display, one for search, another handling social, and a fourth responsible for a… Continue reading »

Back To School, Back To Basics

By: Lynnsey Rijos “When will I ever need to use this in real life?” is a common question among those in grade school or high school. We’ve all had subjects we were forced to take, but knew there was no way any of it would apply outside of the classroom. Believe it or not, we –… Continue reading »

Do The 4As Transparency Guidelines Go Far Enough?

If agencies are transparent about media they’re reselling to their clients, is that enough? The 4As recently announced that member agencies failing to adhere to their transparency guidelines could end up purged from the organization.  That’s a harsh penalty that will, no doubt, make agencies think twice about opaque arrangements that allow them to earn… Continue reading »

How Do We Begin the Healing?

Predictably, in the wake of reports and recommendations to the ANA by K2 and Ebiquity on agency transparency, and subsequent reactions and rebuttals by the AAAA, nobody has been able to agree on a course forward. There’s an elephant in the room, though, one that pundits have touched on but haven’t exactly told us how… Continue reading »

New Year’s Resolution #32: Ensure I’m Getting Value From My Agency

Recently I shared an example of how an engaged agency can proactively work to protect their clients. Fittingly, the social scientist Hugh Mackay once quipped that “Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.” While I hope we all agree this perspective represents the dimmer view of life’s… Continue reading »

Are Your Media People Unimaginative? Or Just Realistic?

“They weren’t giving us enough when it comes to big, out-of-the-box ideas.” How many times have you talked to a client who recently fired an agency, who cites this as a reason why they’ve moved on to a new partner? “They ask us for all these out-of-the-box ideas, but then end up buying a bunch… Continue reading »

Four Meeting Protocol Don’ts

  A recent string of bad behavior has made me think it’s time for another column on business protocol.  Let’s talk about setting up meetings, shall we? Protestations of the programmatic crowd notwithstanding, the media business thrives on meetings.  A salesperson believes they have an advertising venue, bit of ad technology or new service that… Continue reading »

The Tiger in the Bathroom: Agency Hangover

“Do NOT go in the bathroom. There is a TIGER in the bathroom! There’s a jungle cat in the bathroom! Be careful! It’s big. It’s g-g-gigantic. How does a tiger get in the bathroom? It almost killed me.” – Alan played by Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover In the movie The Hangover, the bachelor party crew wakes… Continue reading »

David&Goliath’s John O’Hea on Creativity and Culture

 John O’Hea is the new Creative Director at David&Goliath,  a creative agency helping challenger brands fight their way to market leadership. Prior to working at D&G, John was Art Director at DOJO, in San Francisco. He made the move to LA to join D&G. The Makegood recently spoke with John about  his transition. The Makegood: Congratulations… Continue reading »

Agency Operating Systems are the New Battleground

With advertisers’ increasing awareness of the inefficiencies in digital media buying today, your agency’s operating system is becoming a critical factor in winning new business, hiring the best talent, and operating profitably. In today’s highly competitive environment, it can make you or break you. Real-time bidding technologies have proven that it’s possible to drive transaction… Continue reading »