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What Big Data Is Missing: a Meditation

The current construct for big data’s assignment of value is assuming that what is always countable is always meaningful.  This simply isn’t the case. There are ample non-affirmative causes for behavior; in fact, the majority of behavior causes are non-affirmative. I’ve said hundreds of times that the sum of human behavior is not renderable into… Continue reading »

Sir Martin, This Is Why There Is Debate About Transparency

At ad:tech London last week, Sir Martin Sorrell, the omnipresent, omniloquacious leader of WPP, expressed befuddlement and concern by the growing debate about transparency in the programmatic marketplace. He said, “Being agnostic is critical. I have to say I’m a bit troubled by the debate around transparency.” Now, forget for a minute how much I… Continue reading »

Reassessing Digital Privacy Standards in Light of Facebook’s Atlas

In late September of 2014, Facebook announced the launch of an extensive new advertising network after having rebuilt the Atlas ad server. By all accounts, Facebook’s new advertising network has an incredibly rich pool of data to draw upon – a pool that apparently includes information collected on Facebook and off Facebook, and by the… Continue reading »

Five Simple Questions Agencies Should Ask All Sales Reps

  With any length of time in the emerging media space, media buyers develop a sixth sense that helps them sniff out the charlatans.  We’re pitched by companies at all stages in the game, from established media brands to week-old startups, and they all claim they have the secret sauce for engaging consumers with your… Continue reading »

Decreasing the Inefficiencies in Advertising

 Lorne Brown is the CEO of Operative, one of the top advertising business management solutions in the industry. They exist to drive revenue and increase profitability for publishers and media companies by helping them to better control and sell their inventory. Prior to founding Operative in 2000, Lorne served as Vice President of Sales and Operations… Continue reading »

Achieving Critical Mass: The Future of GumGum and In-Image Advertising

Mike Rosner is the Chief Revenue Officer at GumGum, the world’s largest in-image advertising provider. Mike has led national and global sales teams since 1999 and spent time at PointRoll, EyeWonder, MediaMind and DoubleClick. In this newly created role at GumGum, Mike will oversee multiple revenue streams and will be primarily responsible for leading GumGum’s worldwide sales organization in… Continue reading »

Live Nation Welcomes Mike Finnegan and the Start of Programmatic Innovation

Mike Finnegan was recently named VP of Programmatic and Product Innovation at Live Nation, the largest concert company in the world . This is a new role for the company, and Mike will be charged with building out their programmatic division in the coming months. Previously, Mike served as Director of Product Development at WPP’s programmatic agency, Xaxis. The… Continue reading »

Wanted: Media Director – Combat Experience a Plus

On this anniversary of 9/11 I thought I would reflect on some of my experiences from Afghanistan and how we used professional skills I learned in the civilian world to address communication challenges abroad. As a member of the Army Reserve, I deployed in the spring of 2012 as an intelligence officer. Assigned to a… Continue reading »

Publishers Getting to Stage 4 in Programmatic

I have come to learn and appreciate that we humans often evolve in stages. Whether it’s the stages of evolution in our species itself, jokingly referenced here or experienced as the much more serious 5 stages of grief, depicted here that hopefully you have not had go through often, through loss of a job or… Continue reading »

FDA’s Latest Guidance Doesn’t ‘Get’ Search

Regulated industries aren’t for everyone.  Whether it’s spirits marketing, financial services, pharmaceutical or any of the other categories that carry restrictions on advertising, regulated industries require a certain intimacy with the category, just to understand what can and cannot be executed. Some media people shy away from these categories, and the effect is exaggerated in… Continue reading »