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Live Nation Welcomes Mike Finnegan and the Start of Programmatic Innovation

Mike Finnegan was recently named VP of Programmatic and Product Innovation at Live Nation, the largest concert company in the world . This is a new role for the company, and Mike will be charged with building out their programmatic division in the coming months. Previously, Mike served as Director of Product Development at WPP’s programmatic agency, Xaxis. The… Continue reading »

Wanted: Media Director – Combat Experience a Plus

On this anniversary of 9/11 I thought I would reflect on some of my experiences from Afghanistan and how we used professional skills I learned in the civilian world to address communication challenges abroad. As a member of the Army Reserve, I deployed in the spring of 2012 as an intelligence officer. Assigned to a… Continue reading »

Publishers Getting to Stage 4 in Programmatic

I have come to learn and appreciate that we humans often evolve in stages. Whether it’s the stages of evolution in our species itself, jokingly referenced here or experienced as the much more serious 5 stages of grief, depicted here that hopefully you have not had go through often, through loss of a job or… Continue reading »

FDA’s Latest Guidance Doesn’t ‘Get’ Search

Regulated industries aren’t for everyone.  Whether it’s spirits marketing, financial services, pharmaceutical or any of the other categories that carry restrictions on advertising, regulated industries require a certain intimacy with the category, just to understand what can and cannot be executed. Some media people shy away from these categories, and the effect is exaggerated in… Continue reading »

Digital Needs a De-cluttering

A lot has been written about the interview Group M’s Ari Bluman gave earlier this year when he announced Group M’s intent to get off the open ad exchanges by year’s end.  Pulling away from the open exchanges is an interesting decision, but what I found more interesting was what Bluman and Mediapost left unsaid.… Continue reading »

Spoiler alert: Don Draper is Dead.

People think all advertisers are “Mad Men,” sipping martinis in our corner offices overlooking Madison Avenue. But we know better. We are the ADvocates, a group of emerging advertising talent brought together by the 4A’s to give a voice to the younger generation in the industry. We know that in today’s world, ads can do more… Continue reading »

Four Simple Rules for Getting Started with Branded Content

Mark Means is the VP, Director of Communications Planning at Underscore Marketing, a boutique firm that creates and manages digital marketing programs. Mark is a 20-year veteran of media planning.  He has worked for a solid cross-section of media agencies, including Maxus, PHD, MPG, Initiative, Media Edge and Mindshare.  His media experience runs the gamut from packaged goods to retail… Continue reading »

Strategic Services from Sellers Causing Agency Headaches

When programmatic display first started getting really hot in 2010, the pundits all looked at the Display LUMAscape and agreed that things couldn’t stay this way forever.  Every company in the space was chasing a very small slice of what was a growing, but still tiny market.  By and large, most agreed that the programmatic… Continue reading »

The Rocking Chair of Programmatic Operations

When I was 10 years old, our family had this awesome rocking chair that, when my parents were not looking, I would try to see how far I could lean forward without my feet touching the ground and before falling over. And then I would lean backward as far as I could without falling backward.… Continue reading »

Truly Available

Aaron Epstein is the Vice President, Business Development at Voltari, a company that develops predictive analytical solutions for the mobile space. Voltari optimizes mobile advertising campaigns from the start, learns and improves automatically in real-time, and provides insights. Aaron oversees the introduction of new products to the marketplace — managing key relationships for the company,… Continue reading »