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Facebook buys Atlas. Confused? I am.

A couple of weeks ago we heard the news that Facebook acquired Atlas for the sum of $100M. Atlas is primarily an ad serving platform born from the agency Avenue A (aka Razorfish), who wanted to develop an in house tool to manage their online display buying. During the early noughties Atlas quickly became a… Continue reading »

Sociomantic Labs’ New CEO Jason Kelly on The Future of Advertising Technology

Jason Kelly, Admeld’s former chief revenue officer, has been named CEO of Sociomantic Labs, the Berlin-based pioneer of real-time bidding (RTB) technologies for eCommerce advertisers. Kelly left the ad tech company Admeld, that has been acquired by Google in December last year, to lead Sociomantic Labs, that is expanding from its European base into the U.S. We recently spoke with… Continue reading »

A Guide To New Advertising’s Favorite Watering Holes

Today’s ad industry is very different from the old one. In this new world, paper and ink have given way to screens and software. Our predecessors used to speak in terms of universal selling propositions and mass markets, but now we use jargon like pay-per-click, engagement, and brand content. But our need to socialize, gossip… Continue reading »