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People of Ad Tech: Upstream Group CEO Doug Weaver

Upstream Group Founder and CEO Doug Weaver tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that while sales is always a solitary profession — “it’s you and your number” — the automated algorithms of ad tech can make it even more so. Drawing on deep experience, Weaver urges salespeople to avoid bragging about their product right off… Continue reading »

Business Insider CRO Pete Spande on “People of Ad Tech”

Business Insider Chief Revenue Officer Pete Spande tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about the unusual route he took to a career in ad tech; the one phrase ad-tech CEOs should stop using; and the importance of writing skills – yes, writing – in our automated future. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

People of Ad Tech: MediaRadar Co-founder and CEO Todd Krizelman

MediaRadar Co-founder and CEO Todd Krizelman explains that his company provides ad-sales teams with sales intelligence, talks about the joy he felt recently in promoting two people from within, and tells us what’s next for native advertising.

Five Simple Questions Agencies Should Ask All Sales Reps

  With any length of time in the emerging media space, media buyers develop a sixth sense that helps them sniff out the charlatans.  We’re pitched by companies at all stages in the game, from established media brands to week-old startups, and they all claim they have the secret sauce for engaging consumers with your… Continue reading »

Everything You Wanted to Know about Attribution Modeling but were Afraid to Ask

  In my last contribution to The Makegood, I touched on some of the challenges that we face within the programmatic industry that are impeding our transition from efficient advertising medium to effective advertising medium. Today I’d like to highlight another important data-focused lever within that dynamic: Attribution Modeling. The importance of determining how credit for… Continue reading »

Stymied by Limited Service? Blame Digital’s Limitless Supply

We asked for it, and we got it. It seems that for many of the innovative ad products out there, ad sales support is scarce. Whether it’s self-serve interfaces for search or Facebook ads, or by-invitation-only programs geared toward multi-million-dollar spenders, it seems impossible in certain circumstances to get an ad sales rep to dedicate… Continue reading »

Get Your Dream Job in Advertising Sales

January is a popular time to get a new job in advertising, especially for salespeople whose Q4 bonuses and commissions have been paid out. But how do you find the sales job of your dreams? For some answers I spoke to Ellie Windle, Sales Director at MediaMath. Ellie is also a former Executive Recruiter at… Continue reading »

Q4 Not Looking So Merry for Some Display Ad Sellers

Despite recent reports that the market size for digital advertising has approached that of television, for some online publishers going door to door pitching banner ads the mood appears somewhat downbeat. Based on my unscientific but detailed conversations with a range of publishers it seems that human-based banner sales may end up flat or even… Continue reading »