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Don’t Throw Out The Programmatic Baby With The RTB Bathwater

Be honest.  When you hear the word “programmatic,” what’s the first thing you think of? If you’re like a lot of marketers, your brain might conjure up images of digital ads, ad exchanges, bidding algorithms and targeting personas.  And this is a problem. Digital has always had its issues with lingo and tech talk.  The… Continue reading »

Prevention Is The Best Medicine For Optimizing Programmatic

So I got to attend AdExchanger’s great Industry Preview conference last week (thank you again, John and team, for having it in TheTimesCenter so I only had to walk 100 feet in the blizzard). Our own Nick Bilton, NYT columnist and lead writer for our Bits blog, gave the opening preview. Part of his talk… Continue reading »

Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science on Fraud Prevention

 Scott Knoll is CEO and President of Integral Ad Science (formerly AdSafe media). Integral is a global media valuation platform that is integral to the buying and selling of quality media . Scott was most recently the founder and President of Aperture, the audience targeting and measurement technology platform that provides business intelligence to blue chip brands,… Continue reading »

The Dangers of Recycling in the Cloud

Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular go to market strategy for both new and mature ad tech companies looking to streamline their infrastructure. I want to talk about safety and precautions, specifically as it pertains to cloud computing. While this is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about… Continue reading »

Learning From Pinterest: How the Ad Tech Industry Can Help Fight Fraud

A growing trend is brewing in the digital publishing world where brand new sites that no one has ever heard of are posting astronomically high numbers of unique visitors per month. Popping up in various exchanges on a seemingly daily basis, the sites appear to be running ads from major brands, but these sites are… Continue reading »

Trust Metrics’ Bob Davidowitz Addresses the $60BN Gap in Digital vs. TV Spend

Bob Davidowitz is the Chief Revenue Officer at Trust Metrics. Bob is a seasoned media professional and has worked at companies including Primedia, Rodale and Bauer Media Group. We recently spoke with Bob about his current role. The Makegood: Bob, you spent most of your career in magazine publishing at companies including Rodale and Bauer… Continue reading »