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Native Advertising: It’s Been Around Awhile and it Looks Like it is Here to Stay.

 “Native Advertising”- it’s one of the buzzwords of the year, right up there with “selfie” and “twerking.” (Sorry, Miley but that will be the only reference to your very successful social media campaign here.)  “Native advertising” has gotten a lot of ink of late.  But these types of advertising solutions have been around for decades,… Continue reading »

TargetCast tcm’s Audrey Siegel on Building Consumer Engagement

Audrey Siegel is the President and co-founder of TargetCast tcm, a full service media agency delivering communications strategies and marketplace tactics. As President, Audrey oversees the day-to-day management of all client activity and is directly responsible for agency staffing and training. The Makegood recently spoke with Audrey about how TargetCast tcm differentiates itself in the advertising… Continue reading »

Proximic’s Philipp Pieper on Bringing Comfort and Control to Media Buyers

Philipp is the founder and CEO of Proximic, a company that helps media traders grow revenues through improved online ad placements. We recently spoke with Philipp about his experience and industry trends. The Makegood: Philipp, how did you get into the online advertising industry and what inspired you to found Proximic in 2007? PP: In 2002 I… Continue reading »