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People of Ad Tech: Adform N.A. GM Julian Baring

Adform North American General Manager Julian Baring tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, which will take effect in May 2018. (Baring notes the site counting that day down.) Noncompliance will cost violators 4% of their global annual revenue. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with… Continue reading »

Is Edward Snowden the Father of Web 4½ ?

“The system we learn says we’re equal under law But the streets are reality, the weak and poor will fall Let’s tip the power balance and tear down their crown Educate the masses, We’ll burn the White House down” Geoff Tate, “Speak.” Operation: Mindcrime Whether some good has come out of the massive leaks, or… Continue reading »