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Glam’s Erin Matts: A Massive Audience Isn’t Enough

Glam Media recently welcomed Erin Matts, former Chief Digital Officer at OMD and Global Director of Digital Connections for Anheuser-Busch inBev, as its Chief Digital Marketing Officer. Matts believes that media companies should focus on developing sustainable growth, even when they’ve already built a massive audience. The Makegood: So last week was your first at… Continue reading »

Glam’s Acquisition of Ning Looks Like a Winner

Sometimes when media technology companies do acquisitions they are disastrous and destructive to shareholder value. Remember when Google bought Slide for $182 million last year and then shut it down this past August? Or when AOL paid a whopping $850 million for UK-based social network Bebo only to sell it off for less than $10… Continue reading »