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10 Things That Make New York Media Great

Despite the growth of the tech companies, New York is still largely a media town. 70% of all US advertising still bought and sold here. There at least ten things that make New York’s media industry great, including: 1. Agencies. Media agency lobbies like GroupM and Mediavest are a 21st century bazaar where sellers pitch… Continue reading »

Vacation Media: Print, Games and Facebook

Last week I took my family on a vacation to Arizona. In addition to enjoying natural attractions like The Grand Canyon, The Painted Desert and Meteor Crater, we also consumed a surprising amount of media on our road trip. The biggest surprise was all of the print that we consumed. Ordinarily, we get our media… Continue reading »

The Perks of Media

Most people in media advertising are aware that the buy side of the industry receives “perks” from sellers. This may come in the form of a complimentary lunch or a dinner thanks to the expense budgets of the media sellers. Tickets to baseball games, concerts or ski trips are some of the nicer benefits that… Continue reading »

A Guide To New Advertising’s Favorite Watering Holes

Today’s ad industry is very different from the old one. In this new world, paper and ink have given way to screens and software. Our predecessors used to speak in terms of universal selling propositions and mass markets, but now we use jargon like pay-per-click, engagement, and brand content. But our need to socialize, gossip… Continue reading »

El Rio Grande: The Story Behind the Annual Holiday Media Party

For many people who work in the New York media and advertising industry, the annual word-of-mouth holiday party at El Rio Grande bar is an institution. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the event. We recently spoke to Andy Meyerson, the long-time Time Inc. sales executive and one of the event’s producers, about the… Continue reading »

A Holiday Media Event with a Giving Spirit

The TD Foundation’s holiday cocktail party is December 15th at Admeld in New York. This is the sixth year of the event and it is open to all. We recently spoke to Tom Deierlein about the event and his foundation. How did the TD Foundation get started? TD: I was activated in late 2005 to active… Continue reading »

The New York City Marathon and Media Advertising

If you live in New York you know that this weekend is one of the most important events of the year for the city. Each year since 1970 the New York City Marathon has drawn thousands of runners and millions of spectators in a 26.2 mile tour of New York’s five boroughs. Ever since I… Continue reading »