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People of Ad Tech: California Sunday’s Chas Edwards

California Sunday President and Publisher Chas Edwards tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about the two paths publishers can take today. One path, Chas says, garners all revenue from digital platforms, so — because online advertising doesn’t pay much — such publishers focus on volume, producing many stories per day and disseminating them across social… Continue reading »

CES 2014: A new year, a renewed love of technology for brands of all shapes and sizes

 Whitney Fishman is currently the Senior Director of Innovation and Consumer Technology at MEC, one of the world’s leading media agency networks. Since joining MEC in 2013, Fishman has initiated innovation and developed new client communication tools. She has previously held positions at MediaVest, Grey and Buzz Marketing Group.  January doesn’t just mark the start of a new year. For over… Continue reading »

Ad Week Summary: Outdated and Confused

Ad week didn’t accomplish much this year. We left the week not understanding nor defining major trends in our industry nor sussing out what the hell everyone does in our space. We blurred definitions further between programmatic premium and private exchanges as well as native advertising as an emerging category. Ad Week fell flat for… Continue reading »

Geoff Schiller on 212’s Upcoming Events

Geoff Schiller is the Chief Sales Officer at Hearst Digital Media and the President of 212, New York’s interactive advertising club. We recently spoke with Geoff about 212’s upcoming events.The Makegood: On July 25, you will host 212’s Summer Beach Party. What is the reason to celebrate and who will attend?Here’s a brief history on… Continue reading »

Live Nation Network’s Russell Wallach on Powerful Platforms and Consumer Engagement

Russell Wallach is President at Live Nation Network, the leading provider of entertainment marketing solutions. The Makegood recently spoke with Russell about how to build relationships between brands, bands and fans, create consumer touch points, and impact consumer behavior. The Makegood: How does Live Nation Network help companies to build relationships between brands, bands and… Continue reading »

Don’t Be An Advertising Week Wallflower

What was it like for you in junior high? For me, it was…uh…not so fun. I was the shortest kid in my class, the only one to carry a handkerchief in my pocket for allergies, and eventually needed glasses and braces. Oh yeah, I had it going on. Kids that age, as you may remember,… Continue reading »