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Can Native Advertising Scale without Going Broke?

 Native advertising is one of today’s fastest growing trends in digital media. Not a day passes without a bunch of news stories covering native advertising. Pew Research Center’s 2013 State of the News Media Report found that “though it remains small in dollars, the category’s growth rate is second only to that of video. Sponsorship… Continue reading »

Digital Throttle Revs its Engines with ReactX

 Bryan Robb is the Founder and President of Digital Throttle, a vertical ad network that provides online advertising solutions across a highly-focused community of websites. Prior to founding Digital Throttle, Robb led aftermarket online sales for Source Interlink Media, the parent company of over 60 iconic brands such as Hot Rod, Motor Trend, and Motorcyclist. The Makegood recently spoke with… Continue reading »

SightSoundEmotion: A New Home for Cause-Based Video Content

 Corey Weiner is currently the COO of Jun Group. The company gets millions of people to see branded content through two products: traffic and video. Weiner helped found Jun Group whilst in High School, and worked with the company throughout college. He was also a consultant for both Sony and the Federal Government. Ellyn Fisher is the Vice… Continue reading »

Killing Ourselves with Buzzphrases

It’s long been a criticism in digital media that sellers and buyers alike make things way more complicated than they need to. In no place is that more evident than the buzz phrases we use to describe emerging tactics.  “Native Advertising,” “Responsive Design,” “Programmatic Buying” – whatever the term we invent, it’s sure to confuse… Continue reading »

Sherpa Digital Media Welcomes New Managing Director

 Phil Goldby is currently the Managing Director of EMEA at Sherpa Digital Media, a digital media solutions, infrastructure services, and media intelligence company that caters to global organizations. Prior to joining Sherpa Digital Media, Goldby led Reed Elsevier’s multimedia team as the Director of Enterprise Multimedia. The Makegood recently spoke with Goldby about his new position. The… Continue reading »

Media iQ Wins Best Digital Trading Team Award

 Paul Silver is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Media iQ, global, real-time trading specialists, powered by advanced predictive analytics, designed to drive ROI and deeper insights. Prior to Media iQ, Silver ran his own ad tech consultancy, and moved to Media iQ for a greater challenge. The Makegood recently spoke with Silver about the company’s recently being… Continue reading »

Taking Content from Good to Great: How Video is Pushing Good Content to the Forefront

 As the digital media industry evolves, video messaging has become another way to deliver content to consumers.  Consumers want content that’s easy to access and enjoy, and video content is one of the most engaging ways to deliver that.  Marketers are challenged to produce good content and video has become another tool in taking good… Continue reading »

Valassis Announces Shopper Marketing Report

 Lisa Reynolds is currently the Vice President, Brand Strategy and Campaign Solutions at Valassis, a  leader in intelligent media delivery, providing over 15,000 advertisers proven and innovative media solutions to influence consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share. The Makegood recently spoke with Lisa about the announcement of Valassis’s Shopper Marketing Report. The Makegood: Being a leader in… Continue reading »

Adconion Direct Offers True Cross-Channel Advertising

 Shirlene Chandrapal is currently the Senior VP of Connected TV at Adconion Direct, a global provider of true cross channel digital advertising solutions across all channels and devices on a unified technology platform. Shirlene brings previous experience from Smartclip and Yahoo!. The Makegood recently spoke with Shirlene about Adconion’s integration of CTV into its technology platform.… Continue reading »

CEO PointRoll Mario Diez on his Creative Re-Launch

 Mario Diez is currently the CEO at PointRoll, the leading multi-screen digital advertising technology and services company that advertisers, agencies and publishers turn to when they want great creative, robust ad delivery, exceptional results and a consultative partner to help them build once, publish everywhere, and measure everything. Diez has previous experience at New York Times,… Continue reading »