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Four Simple Rules for Getting Started with Branded Content

Mark Means is the VP, Director of Communications Planning at Underscore Marketing, a boutique firm that creates and manages digital marketing programs. Mark is a 20-year veteran of media planning.  He has worked for a solid cross-section of media agencies, including Maxus, PHD, MPG, Initiative, Media Edge and Mindshare.  His media experience runs the gamut from packaged goods to retail… Continue reading »

The Content Marketing Dilemma, at What Point do You Need to Sell Your Brand?

Branded content isn’t new. John Deere was publishing a magazine for farmers as far back as 1895. But it’s bigger and better than ever before. According to a survey by the Custom Content Council and ContentWise, 37 percent of the total marketing budget went to content marketing in 2013. It took a while for some to catch… Continue reading »

Why These Branded Content Underdogs Command R-E-S-P-E-C-T

What you want Baby, I got What you need Do you know I got it? All I’m askin’ Is for a lil respect when you come home… Oh, Aretha Franklin. She sure knows how to make you feel the power of those words. She may not have been a marketer, but even back then she… Continue reading »

Crowdcentric’s CEO Toby Daniels on Using Content Marketing as a Crucial Tool

Toby Daniels is the Founder of Social Media Week, and the current CEO of Crowdcentric, a strategy firm that works at the intersection of media, communications, and technology. The company also owns and operates Social Media Week. Daniels has previous experience at ThinkSocial and Mint Digital. The Makegood recently spoke with Daniels about advertisers using… Continue reading »