Advertising Blindness

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More Marketing Lessons from the 2016 Election

Did social listening lead political pundits down the wrong path during the election? A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the marketing lessons we can all learn from the 2016 U.S. general election, knowing that there were many more to come. One of the biggest lessons since learned concerns social listening, its current… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: Sublime Skinz COO Jerem Febvre

Sublime Skinz COO and Cofounder Jerem Febvre tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that many display ads fail because they are never seen — and many that are seen, annoy. In response, Sublime Skinz developed a method of wrapping ads around the content, at scale. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

Could Ad Blocking Be The Best Thing To Happen To The Internet?

Between a report on ad blocking recently released by Adobe and PageFair, and the news about Chrome blocking Flash, anxiety over the percentage of ads actually reaching digital users is certainly understandable. That report puts ad blocking software on the devices of over one-quarter of U.S. Internet users.  Do keep in mind that PageFair is… Continue reading »

Marketing in The Age of Advertising Blindness, Part II: A Solution

Last week I wrote about the notion that the modern human had developed advertising blindness. The homo mercatus is a species so over-advertised to that he has evolved to a state of being able to pass over marketing with little or no effort. What options are left brands when the intended audiences of their messaging… Continue reading »

Marketing in the age of advertising blindness, Part I: The Problem

As I cruise into middle-age (or at least, I hope so!) I’ve found that the methods of self-improvement take on forms that heretofore would have been considered chores. Since I was always better at schoolwork than I was at loosing weight or going to the gym, the particular form of self-improvement I’ve recently engaged in… Continue reading »