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Top 8 Misused Terms in Digital Media

Somebody recently uttered it at a meeting here and heads swung around – “spillage.” The correct term for media weight that falls into adjacent markets, or outside where it was intended, is “spill.”  It was a minor transgression, but the digital media industry has this annoying tendency to add syllables to words, use the wrong… Continue reading »

Flash’s Impending Death Brings Marketer Benefits

    Flash’s days are numbered. And that’s probably a good thing for digital advertisers. Calls for Flash’s head on a platter hit a fevered pace this past week. The Adobe software has been a mainstay for rich web ads and extended website functionality since the late 90s. There was even a time when almost… Continue reading »

Google to Big Pharma: You’re Not Special

Special accommodations for certain pharmaceutical advertisers in Google’s paid search platform will soon end, leaving some of those advertisers wondering about how they’ll continue to use the medium. Two decisions, in particular, bring pharma paid search ads in alignment with advertisers in other categories.  The first is the elimination of the black box ad unit,… Continue reading »

Millennials? Meh…

Millennials. It’s pretty much the only audience marketers, marketing service providers, and the trades they read all talk about. And that is understandable. It’s estimated there are some 80 million young men and women born starting in 1980 through 2000.  For some perspective, Generation X, the group of people born by and large from 1964… Continue reading »

Is It Time for a Ts & Cs Refresher?

How often should we re-examine standard Terms & Conditions for the digital media buying industry? This happens every few years, it seems.  Insertion Orders issued at a display campaign launch end up setting off a flurry of meetings with legal teams from both the advertiser and the publisher sides of the equation.  Meanwhile, this cavalcade… Continue reading »

Programmatic Media at Core of Agency Reviews

North of $25 Billion in media business is now up for grabs, and the industry pundits are hedging their bets when it comes to their theories as to why. It would be easy to simply take at face value some of the reasons marketers claim are catalysts for the insane number of reviews going on. … Continue reading »

Consider Multicultural Approach to Engender Brand Loyalty

Audience engagement is the key ingredient in any marketing strategy, as it is the consumer who plays a part in driving the success of a brand. Considering the United States is a very diversified country, it becomes even more essential for brands to take into account multicultural marketing efforts and be mindful of who they… Continue reading »

Agency as Agent? That’s Where The Word Comes From.

My friend and former client Dave Morgan tackled a subject near and dear to my heart in a recent Online Spin column – ad agencies’ loss of the coveted role of ‘agent’ to their clients.  In that column, Dave correctly identifies a few aspects of the agency-client relationship that, once threatened, cause agencies to abdicate… Continue reading »

Fragmented Audiences and Fractured Content

Saturday was a fine New York City weekend day. I worked on errands in the apartment with the wife. We ran some errands around the neighborhood. Stopped in at one of those Greek diners that used to be ubiquitous throughout the city but are now rare enough to be considered hip. You know the place…… Continue reading »

Do Millennials Have Time To Shop for Groceries?

The time pressed millennials are actively shopping online, even for toothpaste because convenience and free time is more valuable than ever before. Online shopping just makes more sense to them – at a fingertip you can click, compare price, browse and purchase. More than a third of millennials already say that they rarely or never… Continue reading »