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The Economy of Fun and Digital Start-ups

Recently I’ve been intrigued by two start-up businesses. Neither has reinvented the wheel, or innovated, but both have significantly disrupted their markets. On paper each business might sound ridiculous propositions, and had they been pitched before they were proven successes, I would imagine them to be laughed out the boardroom by VCs. Before I reveal… Continue reading »

Why Daily Deals Scare Us? – The Role Cognitive Biases Play In Ecommerce

I recently attended a client meeting where the subject turned to customer loyalty. We were all asked a very simple question – what would make you come back to buy from a website again? There were some very clear winners, delivery options and trust faired high on the list. In my capacity as a media… Continue reading »

Use data to tell facts, not stories.

Data and metrics are what we live and die by in this industry. Yet all too often the metrics we use are over inflated or erroneous. Better numbers tell a better story, but stories are mere fantasies if they are founded on inaccurate data. Many prefer to ignore known data inaccuracies to suit a self-fulfilling… Continue reading »

5 Pitfalls of Behavioral Targeting and How You Can Avoid Them

If there’s one thing people hate about the web it’s being followed around by behaviorally targeted ads. We’ve all experienced being pestered by an advertiser the moment we set foot outside their online store. Some chase their prospects all day long, every day, serving ads for that lovely coat from Kooples you can’t yet afford.… Continue reading »

Dark days for digital media – the end of the 3rd party cookie?

The online media industry will by now have had time to digest the news that Firefox 22 intends to block 3rd party cookies by default. What this means is that when an ad is served to a website hosted by this version of the browser, the technology that serves the ad will not be able… Continue reading »

Why Search Is Not Prerequisite For Start-ups

I’ve had the good fortune of consulting with a number of start-ups over the past few months on their media and marketing strategies. Start-ups are very different beasts from the larger corporate giants we media folk are more used to engaging with. For a start they won’t always have a marketing function, your client will… Continue reading »

Facebook buys Atlas. Confused? I am.

A couple of weeks ago we heard the news that Facebook acquired Atlas for the sum of $100M. Atlas is primarily an ad serving platform born from the agency Avenue A (aka Razorfish), who wanted to develop an in house tool to manage their online display buying. During the early noughties Atlas quickly became a… Continue reading »

Digital Media’s 3rd Space

I recently entered into a discussion with a client about the potential of marketing their app instead of driving traffic to the website. I held the view that the app was a much more engaging and rich experience than the more transactional website and that getting more people to use the app would show healthier… Continue reading »

Content Marketing and The Measurement Conundrum

Over the last 6 months I have seen many briefs from brands requesting ‘content marketing’ services. Some indicate a desire to shift away from online paid media, reallocating budget into producing and seeding content. This is partly due to a view held that paid online media is a bottomless pit requiring constant funding, and that… Continue reading »

5 Digital Media Trends For 2013

I feel like we’re at an important juncture in digital media. Consolidation is happening all over the place so that a few key players are emerging in ecommerce, in social and in technology.. We’ve witnessed Facebook struggle in 2012  potentially putting a spanner in the works for many upcoming tech companies. The impact of this has signalled a warning sign… Continue reading »