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SponsorPay’s Joseph Vito DeLuca: Tablets Will Be Crucial for Brands in 2013

Joseph Vito DeLuca is Marketing and PR Manager at SponsorPay, the leading global cross-platform advertising solution for the monetization of premium content or virtual currency on social networks, virtual worlds, mobile apps as well as online games and services. According to lpsos, a projected one-third of U.S. consumers planned on purchasing a tablet during the… Continue reading »

Dax Hamman: The death of ‘Set it and forget it’

Dax Hamman is the CRO of Chango, a search retargeting platform. Dax is a frequent writer for iMedia, the HuffPost and eConsultancy.  We’re living in the age of big data. That’s definitely a good thing. The more data we can capture and make actionable, the more efficient and effective digital advertising becomes. This is why we’re witnessing… Continue reading »

Blueye’s Sarah Reilly: Become Valuable to Users To Achieve Your Greatest Social ROI

Sarah Reilly is VP of Sales at Blueye Creative, a Chicago based Facebook preferred partner with a platform to help brands create and measure social marketing programs. Previously, Sarah was a Director of Sales at Thismoment, a global cloud based CMS for brand engagement, and also held positions at Vibrant Media and Salesforce.com. Marketers have… Continue reading »

SpotXchange CEO, Mike Shehan: Tips Brands Should Keep in Mind for the Holiday Sprint

Mike Shehan is the CEO and Founder of SpotXchange, the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, and Chairman of Booyah, a digital agency. Previously, Mike was the CEO of Ereo,  an image search technology company and also founded LOGEX International, an e-commerce solutions provider for the retail and catalog industries. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us,… Continue reading »

Mark Wills: Buy the Ounce

Mark Wills is the Founder of the Audacious Group, a Branding Consultancy. Mark has been working in advertising for 20+ years at companies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather. Have you ever noticed things bought by the ounce are normally better than things bought by the pound? Saffron versus salt, caviar versus… Continue reading »

Resonate’s Bryan Gernert on Political Campaigns

Bryan Gernert is Chief Executive Officer at Resonate Networks, a company that helps political campaigns and brand marketers to find target audiences online based on their values. The Makegood recently spoke with Bryan about startups and political campaigns. The Makegood: Bryan, you have a professional history of helping to grow startup companies into successful businesses,… Continue reading »

BlurbIQ’s Scott Reese on Enjoyable Video Advertising

Scott Reese is CEO and Co-Chairman of the Board at blurbIQ, an interactive video advertising company that attempts to maximize the experience for consumers. The Makegood recently spoke with Scott about his position and latest trends in interactive video advertising. The Makegood: Scott, you are a serial entrepreneur that has started up 3 successful ventures over… Continue reading »

GfK’s Florian Kahlert on Digital Market Intelligence

Florian Kahlert is Managing Director of Digital Marketing Intelligence (DMI) at GfK, a company that is passionate about online research for consumer products and services, pharmaceuticals, retail, media, and public policy. The Makegood recently spoke with Florian about his position and innovative online research. The Makegood: Florian, how did you get into the online industry,… Continue reading »

Frank Addante on Rubicon Project’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Frank Addante is CEO and Founder of the Rubicon Project, the world’s leading real-time trading platform for online ads. The Makegood recently spoke with Frank about the Rubicon Project and his role as a serial entrepreneur. The Makegood: Frank, you are a serial entrepreneur specializing in high-tech, having founded or co-founded companies including StrongMail Systems and L90,… Continue reading »

Rubicon Project’s Real Time Trading Marketplace Report

Rubicon Project recently release a report on the Real Time Buying Marketplace. Buyers and sellers in the online advertising ecosystem have been working continuously on two primary fronts in order to be successful with this form transaction by leveraging scalable technology and processes to optimize performance and to keep informed of current trends in marketplaces for buying and selling strategies. Check out… Continue reading »