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Marketing at The Speed of Digital Culture – How Programmatic Approaches Can Help

Consumers are always on, reacting in real time to events, conversations and cultural phenomenon as they traverse like liquid across devices. No longer creatures of habit, the means by which we ingest media is ever-changing; our approach is proactive and purposeful and couldn’t be more alien to the lean-back era of yesteryear. Brands perched on… Continue reading »

Cookies: A Matter of Consumer Privacy or Mass Confusion?

I recently attended the first NAI Member’s Summit—and for anyone unfamiliar with the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) it is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of a coalition of third-party advertising technology companies committed to the self-regulation of their online interest-based advertising practices; it is also one of the associations that make up the… Continue reading »

How Accountable Is Creative?

We are pleased to welcome Julia Casale as a monthly contributor to The Makegood. Julia is Chief Marketing Officer at Casale Media. She has been working in digital media for more than ten years and loving every moment of it. Look for Julia’s monthly column every first Thursday. From marketing to creative to media, every… Continue reading »