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The Power of Local Markets

While traveling for the up-coming Thanksgiving holiday, take close account of your surroundings for tips on how to be a better planner and/or buyer.  There are generally several nuances that you can pick-up on while traveling that you can tap into when it comes time to write and execute your media plan.  Here are a… Continue reading »

Programmatic Television Buying

If you stick around long enough, generally speaking, you’ll experience a tried and true proven way of doing something that can, and will, be enhanced by technology.  Such is the case when talking about the art and science of television buying and negotiations. Until recently, the buying of nearly $70 billion dollars in television was… Continue reading »

No Cord To Cut

Have you ever met a cord cutter? I’m sure you have.  What about a cord never?  I hadn’t until last week. I recently had the pleasure of traveling to the Underscore Krakow office to train the team on how broadcast negotiating and buying works in the United States. In preparation for the trip, I prepared… Continue reading »

Behind The Numbers: Why TV Buys with the Same Goals Can Look Very Different

If you give three buying teams the same buying parameters – identical levels, flighting and show selection – you may end up with three radically different broadcast schedules.  Each schedule will meet the marketing objectives and communication goals set out at the beginning, and they’ll each deliver the planned Gross Rating Points within the budget… Continue reading »