Aaron Epstein

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Mobile Media Buyers are in the Technology Business

¬†Mobile media has a clear tech basis. When buyers decide how and what to buy, to suit up and execute their mobile ad marketing, they are in fact making technology decisions every step of the way. So, the business of technology is a very real consideration for the mobile marketer, as the strength of any… Continue reading »

One or Many

Deploying the right mobile advertising techniques to put consumers on the path to conversion: I am using my tablet or my smartphone. I am at home on the sofa or in transit. I have time for product research or am in the position to be inspired and make an immediate purchase. These are just some… Continue reading »

Truly Available

Aaron Epstein is the Vice President, Business Development at Voltari, a company that develops predictive analytical solutions for the mobile space. Voltari optimizes mobile advertising campaigns from the start, learns and improves automatically in real-time, and provides insights. Aaron oversees the introduction of new products to the marketplace — managing key relationships for the company,… Continue reading »