Simplaex CEO Jeffry Van Ede tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that one of his company’s biggest challenges is to optimize results in a fragmented ecosystem dominated by Facebook and Google. Van Ede also candidly discusses his newfound joy in raising his children, especially because he grew up without parents; he lost both at a… Continue reading »

    The world of Search is constantly evolving as search engines become smarter, grow, and continue learn how to best answer the “questions” users present to them. The fast pace of online search can make it an intimidating channel for digital marketers to tackle. There are simply not enough not enough hours in the day for… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore Point-of-care is a sweet spot for pharmaceutical marketers and it’s no surprise that more and more pharmaceutical brands are beginning to acknowledge the media channel and the value that it brings, (above and beyond its typically strong ROI). The CDC has reported that in 2017, American patients visited their doctor over 1… Continue reading »

    By: Hemali Lakhani As a noob at South by Southwest (or “South By,” as the cool kids call it), explaining the scene requires the use of the phrase “controlled chaos.” From the second you land in Austin, to your first adventure down 6th Street, the feeling is a combination of concert, convention, and rave. Attendees… Continue reading »

    By: Tom Hespos It’s been almost a week since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrapped up his testimony on Capitol Hill, and digital advertising still doesn’t get it. I know. Congressional testimony began to mimic those awkward moments when you have to explain modern technology to your hopelessly lost elderly relatives. Yes, it was painful for… Continue reading »

    By: Tom Hespos Q: How much do we need to spend in digital to get a gauge on sales lift? A: An investment of $300,000 over three months. Just a few years ago, whether a CPG or OTC product could get an idea of what digital display advertising could do for its off-the-shelf sales, was… Continue reading »

    By: Lynnsey Rijos and Amanda Fiore Print media has been around for decades and was once the primary source of advertising for marketers, especially in certain industries. In the world of pharma, print is a trusted and effective channel to reach Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in the right place, at the right time. Print media was,… Continue reading »

    By: Hemali Lakhani There’s a massive shift occurring within the healthcare system. Today, physician teams are moving beyond the individual unit of patient treatment to an advanced team-based approach. In the face of ever-increasing complexity, the hard work and best intentions of individual physicians can no longer guarantee efficient, high-quality care. Doctors are, and must… Continue reading »

    By: Tom Hespos With the digital ad industry’s pivot to programmatic ad buying, you’re probably deluged by a sea of potential programs for your brand, many indistinguishable from the another. The key to the “me too” syndrome that permeates the latest group of targeted programs is the data used to focus the program’s working media.… Continue reading »

    Mobile Posse CRO Adrian Velthuis tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that one of the biggest challenges his business has faced is fighting malvertising — the insertion of fraudulent ads into the ecosystem. After describing their successful efforts against this scourge, Velthuis, a lover of economics, offers a suggestion regarding the Federal Reserve.

    By Lynnsey Rijos It may be hard to believe, but there used to be a time when cell phones were a luxury, pictures were taken with an actual camera and having access to the internet and using your home phone simultaneously was not an option. Now, in 2018, it’s almost impossible to escape digital technology.… Continue reading »

    The Fix: @Sense by Dave Ruppel PowerPoint presentations. You get them at every reporting meeting. One per month. Really, it’s more like 4 per month. With your current media campaign, you have 4 different partners all responsible for different pieces: one for display, one for search, another handling social, and a fourth responsible for a… Continue reading »

    In the US alone, more than 6,000 medical conferences will be taking place this year. That’s 6,000 opportunities for pharma advertisers to get their brand in front of eager physicians, who are making the choice to travel from coast to coast, all in the name of education. Medical conferences have a unique role, in that… Continue reading »

    I can’t go a week without hearing about how some acquaintance of mine believes his devices are listening to him and using voice data to send targeted ads his way. In the days before walled gardens and closed ad platforms, an ad targeting expert would have had little trouble convincing someone of the possibility that… Continue reading »

    Executive Robert Daniel tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that transparency (in the kinds of data being sold and the fees being charged) and verification (of billing accuracy) will both surge in the year ahead. Arguing that talk about the Google-Facebook duopoly is overdone, Daniels says there’s still a lot of room for growth for… Continue reading »

    Mediasmart CEO and Cofounder Noelia Amoedo tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that poor measurement practices have led some media buyers to conclude — wrongly — that mobile advertising doesn’t work. Mediasmart trusts Smart and others to ensure a quality ecosystem. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    As we approach the end of another year, it’s time for us to look back at the most popular articles of 2017. These were contributed by brilliant and talented workers in the marketing field, and include insights into pharma marketing, the use of social media, programmatic data, television marketing, and advertising at conferences. Thank you… Continue reading »

    RTB House Business Development Director USA Radek Dobrolecki tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that deep-learning AI is teaching itself to find relations between user behaviors that might otherwise be missed – in order to put unexpectedly relevant products in front of prospects. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Lynnsey Rijos If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re aware of the term “meme”.  What many may not know is that “meme” was a term originally coined by biologist and author, Richard Dawkins in 1976. According to him, a meme is defined as “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore The pharmaceutical industry tends to be a few steps behind when it comes to marketing innovation. Unlike the retail or automobile industries, pharma must tread lightly when challenging marketing norms. While a social or blog presence may seem like a no brainer in the promotion of consumer-packaged goods, those outlets push pharma… Continue reading »

    GlobalWide Media Director of Decision Sciences Zackary Cantor tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that even as technology has evolved, consumer behavior has not — many consumers continue to rely on the word of mouth of their peers for purchase recommendations. GlobalWide Media taps into that peer network in an effort to leverage influence authentically.… Continue reading »

    Pypestream CEO Richard Smullen tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that companies with large call centers — particularly insurance companies and regulated government industries — are increasingly turning to chatbots. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Lynnsey Rijos The recent announcement of Jeff Bezos nabbing the title of richest man in the world is not the only Amazon-related news to stir up a buzz. There have been talks in the industry about Amazon dipping its toe into pharma waters for a little while now. Considering Amazon continuously makes moves that… Continue reading »

    Krush Media COO Jeff Chi tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about the Audience Extension Network, which analyzes demographics, browsing & purchasing history, and interests. Chi says the leadership of innovative partners such as Smart is crucial. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Martin Cahill When it’s time to update your website and invest in SEO, how do you start? How many times have you reached out for links with no response? How many times have you tried optimizing your tags, and seeing no results in organic? How many “SEO 101,” articles do you read before you… Continue reading »

    TruSignal CEO David Dowhan tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his company just raised $5 million to help DSPs use offline data — including voter-registration files, investment files and car-purchase data — to build people-based lookalike audiences for online targeting. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Amanda Fiore Today, it seems that hospital systems are popping up out of thin air. The large hospital players are not only buying up smaller community hospitals to join their ever-growing network, but also expanding their geographic footprint outside the New York City limits. It is no surprise that these extensive hospital systems are… Continue reading »

    AdmantX VP Nick Welch tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that publishers often define ‘brand safe’ more loosely than do the brands themselves. Welch sees natural-language processing as the best way to ensure brand safety for all parties. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Tom Hespos Does advertising need a refresher on the importance of auditing? I think it does. Never in my career have I seen media auditing and verification take a backseat quite like it does today. In the first few years of my career, it was unheard of for major national advertisers to buy ads… Continue reading »

    By: Bill Brazell

    by Chris Tuleya Targeting people using age, gender, and income is a thing of the past. Or at least it should be. When we have very limited information on our audience and very few channels to target them, we relied on this information to run our campaigns. But it’s 2017, and 2.7 zetabytes of data… Continue reading »

    Accredible Marketing Lead Mark Iafrate tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that blockchain, a decentralized public ledger of transactions, has begun to ensure that ad impressions are running. Iafrate says Blockchain helps ensure that people are who they say they are. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Lynnsey Rijos Reaching consumers minutes before they meet with their doctor has become easier and essential for healthcare/pharma marketers – mainly due to point-of-care (POC) marketing efforts, a channel that continues to grow and gain momentum. But how did POC become so important?   It’s been around for quite some time, but POC has evolved… Continue reading »

    Mozoo CEO Jules Minvielle tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his company bought AdinCube because the latter company’s AI technology will help increase revenue for mobile publishers. Minvielle argues that above all else, mobile publishers need to demonstrate that they’ve addressed the risk of fraud. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Jess Carson Anyone who has even the smallest link to a search engine marketer has heard the phrase “Mobile First Index” uttered in reverence, anxiety and/or fear. We know this major algorithm update will shake up Google’s search engine results in a huge way, but the question is when? With the announcement coming out… Continue reading »

    By: Hemali Lakhani You don’t have to stand alone in defending your ad plan anymore. We know you’re often asked to be the one standing in front of senior management to present your plan and defend your approach when the last of the planning sessions come to a close. Sure, you’re smart, and yes, you… Continue reading »

    Evidon CEO Scott Meyer tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, is a big deal because it amps up the requirements for consent, and the fines for failing to comply are colossal. Your risk level depends on how much data you’re collecting on EU citizens. Evidon just launched a… Continue reading »

    By: Martin Cahill If you don’t know a ton about SEO, then it can certainly seem overwhelming. It can be difficult enough trying to figure out how to optimize your site, but the fact that you may have to do it every few months as search engines and algorithms shift, can seem like a lot,… Continue reading »

    By: Tom Hespos “The Media is the Villain – for Creating a World Dumb Enough for Trump” Such was a highly-shared headline of a Rolling Stone opinion piece by Matt Taibbi, a writer whose in-depth stories I tend to point to when fellow communications enthusiasts ask me for an example of a journalist who is… Continue reading »

    Infectious Media Global Strategic Partnerships Director Dan Larden tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that as more and more brands put their entire digital ad budgets into programmatic, brands can and should demand full impression-level transparency — and should optimize their campaigns toward proper business outcomes rather than metrics that are easily faked. Infectious Media… Continue reading »

    The pharmaceutical industry is known for being a slow adopter of innovation, often letting other industries dive head first into new advertising and marketing tactics, while waiting to see if they sink or swim. Of course, the FDA does not help the pharma industry’s case, as they tend to publish their rules and regulations far… Continue reading »

    By: Martin Cahill So much of what we do in marketing and Search is geared toward execution. Making campaigns, creating content, developing tags, gauging customers or consumers or visitors, forecasting, and so on, all of it is centered around preparation, implementation, and execution. And while the great part of that execution and reporting can be… Continue reading »

    By: Lynnsey Rijos There is no question that the patient journey has evolved over time. There are more steps involved, from the time symptoms occur to the time when you visit a doctor. With numerous health websites, people are more inclined to first research their symptoms and then diagnose themselves, or consult a friend or… Continue reading »

    Cxense Chief Product Officer Tom Wilde tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that observing new visitors’ behavior carefully can take them from “anonymous” to “known,” so companies can build a profile and offer the visitors more relevant experiences. A new Cxense product makes this easier. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Martin Cahill But there are some aspects that, no matter the algorithm update or the demands of the user, will not change. Those aspects are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. And while it may seem better to focus on one or the other, the best practice is grounded in contributing to both… Continue reading »

    Lineate CEO Ben Engber tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that while it’s easier to gather large amounts of data, many companies wonder what to do with it all. Engber cites an eMarketer report that 51% of companies today use 21 or more digital marketing solutions — which leads to orchestration challenges. Music: “Morning Rays”… Continue reading »

    By: Carla Holtze We talk a lot about the fast pace of technology and the proliferation of data on these pages. And often, we toss around terms like transformative and disruptive to characterize all things digital. However, when it comes to real change, the pace can be downright glacial. For instance, we’ve been talking about… Continue reading »

    by Amanda Fiore It is fair to say that pharmaceutical marketing is the most regulated category in the ad space, from internal legalities to abiding by the rules and conditions set forth by the FDA. Each time a TV commercial promoting a drug appears on screen mentioning its name and indication, consumers get bombarded with… Continue reading »

    In a week that saw a high-flyer of Ad Tech sell for a 90 percent discount to its IPO price, I was reminded of a longstanding rule of thumb. The reminders of that rule are all around me on the consumer tech side – the Apple Watch that sits unused on my nightstand, because I’m too… Continue reading »

    UberMedia CMO and CRO Michael Hayes tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his company’s recent strategic acquisition of Cintric will enable UberMedia to double down on business intelligence and geospatial analytics — thereby gaining a deeper understanding of consumers’ hearts, and helping retailers understand how their marketing spend is performing. Music: “Morning Rays” by… Continue reading »

    It’s that time of year – marketers are allocating 2018 dollars to their various marketing efforts and trying to answer the question: “What will the brand do next year?” Whether you work for a brand marketer or support one, the implications are very real. You might be spending late nights at the office, marrying strategies… Continue reading »

    AdviceLocal Senior VP Brooke Henderson tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that many brands are losing sales across the country because their local contact info and map locations are listed incorrectly. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Kevin Ryan The festival is behind us, the data has been collected, and the digital world has had a few minutes to digest the goings on from Cannes. Coming home from Cannes was an interesting journey this year. Not because it was the first time I was invited to speak at such an event,… Continue reading »

    By: David Ruppel When planning a measurement strategy for a digital campaign, it makes sense to align the goals of the campaign and its measurement methods directly. But what happens when that alignment isn’t immediately feasible? In healthcare campaigns, directly connecting prescriptions (or sales or leads generated) directly to a media tactic is the most… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore Programmatic advertising is a growing phenomena, accounting for more and more advertising dollars than ever before. Because of its precise targeting capabilities through demographic, contextual and behavioral targeting, and automated nature allowing for efficiencies, it is no surprise programmatic ad campaigns are on the rise. However, media companies need to be aware… Continue reading »

    Adform North American General Manager Julian Baring tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, which will take effect in May 2018. (Baring notes the site counting that day down.) Noncompliance will cost violators 4% of their global annual revenue. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with… Continue reading »

    By: Martin Cahill Whether you’re an agency hired on to help, a client looking to expand their online footprint, or a creative agency in the middle of the two, when discussing Search, you’ll most likely hear, “Should we build content? Or should we buy it through paid search?” This discussion is a vital one, and leads… Continue reading »

    Intermarkets Programmatic Strategy VP Erik Requidan tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that programmatic sales are redefining direct sales, and argues that header bidding integration gives buyers the clarity they need to access premium inventory in an automated fashion. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Martin Cahill We’re lucky that every year, the fine folks of Search Engine Land assemble their SEO Periodic Table. It’s a thorough, intelligent breakdown of the most important ranking factors when it comes to SEO each year, and while many of the most important factors remain the same, there have been some major changes… Continue reading »

    PebblePost Chief Product Officer Adam Solomon tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about programmatic direct mail, which he argues is the first new marketing channel after search and social. The company sees conversion rates in the range of 5%-10%, but Solomon holds that, when it comes to tracking, “just because we *can* do something doesn’t… Continue reading »

    By: Lynnsey Rijos “When will I ever need to use this in real life?” is a common question among those in grade school or high school. We’ve all had subjects we were forced to take, but knew there was no way any of it would apply outside of the classroom. Believe it or not, we –… Continue reading »

    TVSquared Chief Analytics Officer Blair Robertson tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that just as with display ads, the ability to measure clicks has led marketers to overvalue direct-response video and TV ads at the expense of branding. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Tom Hespos

    By: Tom Hespos Few terms make programmatic platform sellers turn up their noses quite like “whitelist.” “But you’re going to limit your scaaaaaaaale…” is the usual lament if you insist on pre-greenlighting a list of domains on which your digital display campaigns can run.  And that’s the essence of whitelisting – giving pre-approval to ad… Continue reading »

    Adloox CEO Marco Ricci tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that ad fraud is growing faster than ad tech — prompting brands to spend ad dollars elsewhere. Ricci explains how domain spoofing works, arguing that it’s more sophisticated than botnet fraud. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    As brands have launched social influencer programs, some have experimented with working at the grassroots level. That is, rather than pay expensive A-list celebrities six or seven figures for a handful of paid tweets or product shots on Instagram, they work with a larger group of influencers who have greater influence over a smaller group… Continue reading »

    Sabio CEO Aziz Rahim tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that people now spend nearly six times as many minutes ‘in-app’ as they do on the mobile web, but many misuse the stat ‘time spent in app.’ Rahim notes that airline and hotel apps are often pivotal even though users spend little time in them.… Continue reading »

    By: Bartosz Bala When it comes to building links for your site, it can be hard to garner links on your own. Relying on your content and your SEO to build up links from friendly sites is good, but it can take a lot longer than you’re willing to bet. However, there’s a method coined… Continue reading »

    IAB Tech Lab General Manager Alanna Gombert tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that she and her team act as ad-industry therapists, bringing advertisers, agencies and publishers to consensus. The IAB Tech Lab supports the consumer-identity work Jordan Mitchell and DigiTrust are doing. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Keith Petri Earlier this week AppNexus led the announcement of a new consortium organized to enable people-based media buying for programmatic advertising. Screen6 applauds both Brian O’Kelley and Travis May for taking the initiative to put together this open, industry-standard identity framework. The consortium’s goal is not a new concept, but it is the… Continue reading »

    My grandfather grew up during The Great Depression, and wouldn’t let you forget it. One of his favorite stories involved receiving a baseball glove for his birthday. It wasn’t the one he wanted, and when he abandoned it, my great-grandfather squirreled the glove away and gave it to him again at Christmas. Grandpa died in… Continue reading »

    Thunder CEO Victor Wong tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that in a world of walled gardens, it has become increasingly important to have a place to create, store and distribute ads — and that’s the niche creative management platforms, or CMPs, have filled. Wong says creative has become the only common thread linking a… Continue reading »

    The pharmaceutical drug industry is one of the most highly regulated markets to exist and this is no surprise to marketers and consumers alike. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs, from the initial stages of conception to post FDA approval. Pharma companies must… Continue reading »

    LotLinx Chief Operating Officer Jason Knight tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that inventory levels are swelling at auto dealerships, in part because of high lease returns. LotLinx finds shoppers that are looking for specific vehicles and – ahem – drives them to the right dealer’s lot. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with… Continue reading »

      It’s only the end of April and already there have been multiple updates to search algorithms that have left digital marketers reeling. There are still updates that have happened that Google has yet to “confirm”. So, in a world of fluid changes in the SERPs, what do we, as digital marketers, do to prepare… Continue reading »

    Google Earnings Edition: Crealytics CEO and Cofounder Andreas Reiffen tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that when Google reports its earnings after the market closes on Thursday, we should learn that Cost-Per-Click, or CPC, has dropped even as Google itself has continued to grow. In explaining how Google pulls off that trick, Reiffen expands on… Continue reading »

    It hasn’t been the best few weeks for United Airlines. While the story of the passenger torn from his seat and hurt in the process blew up, it was by far not the only problematic news story facing United Airlines. From a couple separated on their way to their wedding, to scorpions falling out of… Continue reading »

    Extreme Reach Chief Technology Officer Dan Brackett tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that the process of putting video ads up is a mess. Brackett’s company sought to fix the mess by becoming “the YouTube of video commercials” — an ad cloud that makes millions of video ads readily accessible for all formats. Music: “Morning… Continue reading »

    By Romain Job At some point, most of us have reached the maximum number of articles a site will let us read for free. We then have a few options: Buy a subscription, click away to other sites, clear our cookies and try again, or access the site from a different browser. Only the first… Continue reading »

      By: Alan Chapell and Kevin Ryan Stephen Colbert burned his computer. Bill Maher’s latest conniption about our government occurred over privacy fears. Big cable is stealing our data and our representatives could care less. United States Congressman Marcia Blackburn wants to protect privacy by eliminating barriers, like holding companies accountable to protecting our data… Continue reading »

    EnaCor CEO Alan Coppola tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that ensuring brand safety is an arms race: As soon as a company defends against one attack, bad actors invent something new. Only machines can bring scale — but machines need to learn the difference between dancing and fighting. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy.… Continue reading »

    By Mike Driscoll, Metamarkets In today’s age of automation, many industries are questioning what the impact of robots will be on their jobs. The exponential growth of programmatic media has brought this to the forefront in digital marketing, as campaign managers fear that their media buying expertise will be rendered obsolete within a matter of… Continue reading »

    By: Martin Cahill In yet another turn of rolling back regulations, the Trump Administration has repealed certain FCC regulations that make it so now, rather than asking for a customer’s permission before doing so, it’s will now be legal for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to take whatever data they get from providing you service,… Continue reading »

    ROI Influencer Media CEO Seth Kean tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell why he argued in a recent Ad Age column that many brands don’t appreciate celebrities the way they should. Hot trend: Brands increasingly want to buy influencer marketing the way they buy display media. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Lynnsey Rijos The concept of online shopping is nothing new. For years – over 20, surprisingly – consumers have relied on the convenience and speed of purchasing items via their computer. Anything from clothes, books, furniture, and food can be bought online. And while technology has afforded us the opportunity to never leave our… Continue reading »

    Harkness Hall Editorial Director Caroline Waxler tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that the most successful events promise to solve genuine problems — and fulfill that promise. Editorial judgment is more important to that success than the choices of venue and food, yet many people underestimate the importance of that judgment. Music: “Morning Rays” by… Continue reading »

    By: Tom Hespos Between media companies, advertising and marketing agencies, and the clients who hire them, there are dozens upon dozens of moving pieces at stake in their interactions. However, moving across all three branches of this industry are consultants, whose agencies work between clients, agencies, and media companies to ensure growth for all three,… Continue reading »

    AdSemble CEO Matthew Olivieri tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that by the year 2020, more than half of America’s static billboards will be digitized. AdSemble is building a marketplace that enables advertisers to buy ads on all the digital billboards within, say, 15 miles of a particular city. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy.… Continue reading »

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could take the precision, targeting, analytics, and reporting of digital campaigns and make them even better?  Well, you can!  Drum roll please . . . Addressable TV has all the elements of digital with one distinct advantage: reach. According to the Video Advertising Bureau, TV delivers more than 90%+… Continue reading »

    WhiteBULLET Solutions CEO Peter Szyszko tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that many brands are inadvertently paying to advertise on sites that host illegal content. Szyszko’s company scours the web for such sites, using AI to enable programmatic bidders to evaluate site legitimacy in real time. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Amanda Fiore and Lynnsey Rijos Each year there are hundreds of medical conferences, hosted by media associations, which bring together thousands of physicians, researchers, and exhibitors from all over the globe to exchange ideas, theories, and new information relating to the specific medical specialties. Doctors wait all year for these meetings where they can learn… Continue reading »

    StackCommerce CEO and Founder Josh Payne tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that publishers seeking to monetize their sites ought to consider options like ‘native commerce,’ a white-label shop that offers inventory relevant to their audience. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Link Building may not seem like a top priority some days, and it can even seem tedious; however, through various brand mentioning tools and a focus on social listening, link building is an easier way to identify new opportunities, reach out to consumers, and discover potential issues with your brand. Maintaining a brand in all… Continue reading »

    AppsFlyer Sales VP Sunil Bhagwan tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that marketers can now use refereshable identifiers to figure out who’s using mobile devices. His company’s ability to attribute mobile actions has attracted more than 2,000 partners, including Facebook, Google and Latin American player Adsmovil. Bhagwan says the industry is on the verge of… Continue reading »

    By Oliver J. Nelson In April of last year I wrote about RankBrain and its potential to alter how we approach good search engine optimization (SEO.)  In little under a year later, we have already started to notice the impact this change has had on our clients’ performance. It’s simply no longer good enough for… Continue reading »

    GingerMay Founder and Managing Director Victoria Usher tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell how her global tech PR firm uses a company’s differentiators to create thought-leadership campaigns. Usher also explains how public relations in Europe works differently than in the U.S. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Do you tune-in to your favorite AM radio station in the morning and throughout the day to get your daily dose of news, traffic and weather?  If so, you are probably familiar with many of the CBS owned and operated stations across the country, such as WCBS-AM, (known as 88 or 880, it’s dial position… Continue reading »

    Captify CEO Dominic Joseph tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell the names of the three most-searched-for car brands. Captify learned this and a great deal more by tracking 22 billion on-site searches — that is, searches within portals, news sites, price-comparison sites and so on. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Martin Cahill Twitter’s constant controversy and advertiser fear of making missteps can be discouraging, but can Twitter’s consumer attention be ignored? A little more than ten years ago, Twitter launched, and became a hub for community engagement, news, silly stories and memes, and a way of reaching people, and in doing so, bringing them… Continue reading »

    Innovid CEO Zvika Netter tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that after the first two phases of online video — mimicking broadcast TV, then selecting audiences programmatically — the industry is focusing on the message itself. Personalizing creative, Netter says, can increase engagement by “hundreds of percent.” Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with… Continue reading »

    By: Jess Carson I know, it seems like every two seconds the “all-powerful” Google is updating its algorithm to further enhance user experience (which is the holy grail because, let’s face it, users are difficult). Back in August of 2016, Google announced that it would start “cracking down” on “intrusive interstitials” (say that three times… Continue reading »

    Cedato CMO Dvir Doron tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about two big trends in online video advertising: programmatic video and outstream. Doron sees a bright future for video header bidding, and expects outstream video to mature and expand. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Jason Gee In 2016, that question became a lot harder to discern, especially when it came to which news articles were authentic or fake. Traditionally, major news networks (e.g., NBC, ABC, CBS) and newspapers (e.g., The New York Times, The Washington Post) would be the leaders in news publishing, and most would agree that journalistic reporting… Continue reading »

    MediaPost Real-Time Daily and Native Insider Editor Tobi Elkin tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that she’s against ad blocking, and offers predictions for the year ahead. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Marketers have long struggled to institutionalize measurement and ROI models for new media, often adopting approaches that roll out across the organization. These measurement models are shaped by the goals that advertising programs are crafted to address, the technology that can be brought to bear on measurement, and even the marketer’s view of the role… Continue reading »

    San Francisco Bay Area Innovation Group President Kelly Burke tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell what’s hot right now in the city by the Bay: virtual reality, addressable TV, attribution — and pot. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    It’s no surprise that the consumer magazine industry is struggling to secure Ad pages and keep their publications vibrant. But how many of you know that a fair amount of the well-known publishers such as Hearst, Time Inc., Bonnier and Meredith, have line extensions that are revenue generators for their brands? Are the publishers really… Continue reading »

    Lenovo Senior Digital Marketing Manager Mike Ballard tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that ads built around the stories IT people tell each other work well, and personalized ads — of the kind Traction and Lenovo just created for 600,000 IT professionals — work even better. (You can see the ad here, personalized for Makegood… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore Every year, whether we’re ready or not, Q4 rolls around, meaning one thing: enter tunnel vision. Tunnel vision can be defined as the tendency to focus exclusively on one thing, without taking into consideration the entire picture. During Q4, tunnel vision is seemingly inevitable: we’re wrapping up the entire fiscal year, in… Continue reading »

    Bombora CEO Erik Matlick tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that marketers, who need both quality and scale, often find that companies offer only one. Bombora organizes data that shows behavioral intent, enabling marketers to figure out which companies may be on the verge of a big purchase. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used… Continue reading »

    By: Martin Cahill December rolls around, and another year has passed. Fifty-two weeks gone in a snap, with another set ready to roll out at the stroke of midnight, January 1st. And in that time, we’ve published some great pieces. We’ve listened to you, our readers, and noted the ones where you just couldn’t get… Continue reading »

    By: Lynnsey Rijos In such a busy environment as ours, it can be easy to fall into patterns, pick up bad habits, or invest energy on the wrong issues. In the new year, I encourage you to rethink your own patterns and bad habits, and meditate on what efforts you can make to go into… Continue reading »

    DWA CEO Bob Ray tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that the proper blend of data and creative can make advertising important to individual consumers. The goal is not efficiency, Ray says, but effectiveness. Ray adds that it’s important to promote diversity in every workplace, and says it’s tragic that the tech and ad industries… Continue reading »

    By: Martin Cahill Cyber Monday is eating Black Friday, and at the same time, morphing into a multi-day event that threatens to dwarf in-store sales. According to USA Today, while Cyber Monday, “yielded $3.45 billion in sales, a new online record,” the mobile and desktop buying on Black Friday “inched so close to Cyber Monday… Continue reading »

    Metamarkets Founder and CEO Mike Driscoll, who learned to love data while earning a doctorate in computer science and biology, tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that brands now recognize that they’re paying not just for performance, but also for the data that can tell them who they’re reaching and how. Metamarkets itself does not… Continue reading »

    catalyst s+f CEO John Durham tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that he’s excited to see brands pushing limits to get their messages out. Durham says that while technology has surged, and mobile is becoming the only screen that matters, wise brands remember that it’s always about people. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used… Continue reading »

    Did social listening lead political pundits down the wrong path during the election? A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the marketing lessons we can all learn from the 2016 U.S. general election, knowing that there were many more to come. One of the biggest lessons since learned concerns social listening, its current… Continue reading »

    By Amanda Fiore and Oliver Nelson  Competitive paid search campaigns should always be a cornerstone consideration for your SEM campaign. While many industries understand the advantages of bidding against competitive terms we find healthcare and pharmaceuticals, in particular, continue to lag behind in their employment of these campaigns; we’re shocked each time we transition existing… Continue reading »

    AerServ COO Andrew Gerhart tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that in a mobile environment, an advertiser has to connect with audiences immediately — which means more efficient creative. Gerhart explains that in addition to viewability, advertisers are starting to demand audibility — data showing that their ad was heard — and suggests that the… Continue reading »

    While traveling for the up-coming Thanksgiving holiday, take close account of your surroundings for tips on how to be a better planner and/or buyer.  There are generally several nuances that you can pick-up on while traveling that you can tap into when it comes time to write and execute your media plan.  Here are a… Continue reading »

    Fohr Card Founder and CEO James Nord tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his early success on Tumblr showed him the power of creating a following, and inspired him to create a platform that could bring brands and influencers together. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Do you live in a location where the nearest hospital is 30+ miles away? Do you live a busy, hectic lifestyle where normal doctor hours are not conducive to your schedule? Are you, or someone you know, incapable of physically going to see a doctor on a regular basis? Answering yes to any of these… Continue reading »

    ZipSprout CEO Megan Hannay tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that her company, which comes out of the SEO space, realized that marketers had a hard time finding local nonprofits to sponsor. So it began matching sponsors with local charities. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Depending on how you voted, you’re either cheering this week or you’re doing your best to cope with the nation’s choice for President of the United States.  But whatever your political leanings, there are several important takeaways from this election cycle that we can apply to our own campaigns.  Let’s share some learning in the… Continue reading »

    Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that influencer *marketing* is better than influencer *advertising* in a number of ways. Insightpool’s platform nurtures the relationships that promote influencer marketing. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Taptica COO Galia Reichenstein tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that a lack of resources explains why the Software-as-a-Service model won’t work well for mobile. Taptica’s machine-learning platform has used data from gaming, restaurant, travel and other advertising partners in order to improve its overall performance. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    As we race to the end of the season, it’s not uncommon to find some additional funds that can and should be used quickly; in many cases, it’ll be best to have a wide range of ideas and options available to you.. One of the first options that springs to your team’s mind will be… Continue reading »

    Today we live in a world driven by technology. With the tap of a finger or click of a mouse, a vast amount of information is readily available for just about anyone’s use, including advertisers. In our interconnected world, accessible information has given advertisers an edge like never before. They have access to insightful information… Continue reading »

    SITO Mobile SVP of Channel Strategy Mike Gamaroff tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that it’s time for Out-of-home (OOH) and mobile advertising to converge. Gamaroff says that until now, OOH has been a ‘faith-based’ form of advertising: It seems to work, but is hard to measure. Mobile is measurable, but not terribly viewable: the… Continue reading »

    Late 2015, Google announced the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) project within search to encourage improving website user experience on mobile. AMP is a Google-backed, open source project designed for publishers to take advantage of accelerated page loading speed (pages are meant to load instantly) on mobile devices.  40% of people abandon a website that takes… Continue reading »

    AppLift CEO Tim Koschella tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that automation, native ads and video ads are all increasingly important to the mobile-app business. AppLift uses advertising to help app makers launch their apps, convert visitors into buyers, and then remind them of the app so they keep using it. Music: “Morning Rays” by… Continue reading »

    From Trump’s pre-debate press conference to the non-handshake heard around the country, the debates are causing people to search. Sunday night’s Town Hall debate drew 69MM viewers (down nearly 20% from the first debate) but there was no shortage of dramatic moments. To understand what viewers were thinking, our team reviewed the top search trends… Continue reading »

    Aki Technologies CEO Scott Swanson tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that Aki was able recently to raise $3.75 million because it targets users based on “ad receptivity” — that is, on the kind of moment they’re probably having. Swanson says too few ad campaigns offer enough creatives to reach people appropriately. Music: “Morning Rays”… Continue reading »

    By: Cindy Seebeck Seasoned local market buyers, cultivate sales relationships in the markets they cover so that they can, by extension, have on-the-ground intelligence about the market – almost if they were living there.  This knowledge, bestowed upon them by their sales reps, is invaluable as they navigate the nuances of their markets.   Over the… Continue reading »

    Semcasting Founder and CEO Ray Kingman tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that marketers face new challenges reaching people on multiple screens. Kingman explains that Semcasting’s Mobile Footprints — announced today — addresses this challenge by combining IP targeting with geofencing. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    When have walled gardens ever been good for digital advertising? As an industry, we are doomed to repeat our history with walled gardens because we haven’t learned from it sufficiently.  The truth is that most ad-supported walled gardens end up dying after marketers struggle to measure them and either can’t come to any meaningful conclusion… Continue reading »

    Programmatic creative company Thunder CEO Victor Wong tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that programmatic technology finds the right people, but doesn’t always deliver the right message. Procter & Gamble and others question programmatic’s promise. Wong says the real problem is a widespread failure to customize ads. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with… Continue reading »

    1) Smart AdServer talks about being a ‘true tech provider,’ rather than a media player. What’s the difference? CK: That’s an important distinction for Smart. So many companies in the ad-tech space obfuscate their true businesses with marketing spin. Smart AdServer is a pure-play technology provider. We provide publishers and ad networks with the tools… Continue reading »

    If agencies are transparent about media they’re reselling to their clients, is that enough? The 4As recently announced that member agencies failing to adhere to their transparency guidelines could end up purged from the organization.  That’s a harsh penalty that will, no doubt, make agencies think twice about opaque arrangements that allow them to earn… Continue reading »

    20nine President and CEO Greg Ricciardi tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that many ad-tech companies focus so intently on their technology that they forget they’re selling to humans. Ricciardi says it’s not about the quality of your technology — it’s about the benefits you can provide for your customers. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore As the healthcare industry changes year over year, pharmaceutical companies must adapt to the ebb and flow. We have said goodbye to the “Age of the Blockbuster,” when high revenue-generating drugs took priority, bringing in at least $1 billion annually singlehandedly. Pharmaceutical companies typically launched one to two of these blockbuster drugs… Continue reading »

    LKQD COO Scott Alexander tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that the transition from Flash to HTML5 video ads has been uneven, as a lot of ad inventory still uses the Flash code base. Publishers understandably want to be ready for ads using both formats; that’s the problem LKQD formed to solve. Music: “Morning Rays”… Continue reading »

    Be honest.  When you hear the word “programmatic,” what’s the first thing you think of? If you’re like a lot of marketers, your brain might conjure up images of digital ads, ad exchanges, bidding algorithms and targeting personas.  And this is a problem. Digital has always had its issues with lingo and tech talk.  The… Continue reading »

    Smart AdServer CMO Corey Kronengold tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that a recent Google announcement — that it will downgrade the search ranking of mobile sites that use “intrusive interstitials” — represents an abuse of power by the search giant. Kronengold argues that it’s simply not Google’s place to tell publishers how to generate… Continue reading »

    Is there such a thing as too much publicity? In the age of social media, we’re programmed to share information and experiences in real-time – anything from celebrity encounters, to world travels, to baby’s first steps, to DIY projects. Whether it’s good or bad, news travels fast; and it travels even faster on online. For… Continue reading »

    Blackwood Seven North America CEO Mark Zamuner (whose company TWO NIL recently merged with EU-based Blackwood Seven) tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that Artificial Intelligence can now inform media plans with client-transactional and media-placement data, benchmarking predictive results to actual results. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    I’m not part of an agency creative team, rather a media professional that has over the years worked closely with the creative department at various agencies.  Sometimes, the creative department can go into an assignment thinking radio creative isn’t very sexy.  They think it’s limiting in its execution; “you can’t win any big CLIO awards”… Continue reading »

    GDM Group Chief Revenue Officer Mark Hassin tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that marketers today find it difficult to work with multiple vendors toward widely varying KPIs — so ClickDealer and MobAir merged to form GDM Group, giving marketers a unified platform. Hassin said GDM Group’s international footprint — its employees speak 11 languages… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore As a client, hiring an agency to plan, negotiate, buy and execute media to support your brand and help achieve its business goals can be a large but rewarding task. So now that you’ve hired an agency, what’s next? Which marketing responsibilities does the agency take on, versus the internal client team?… Continue reading »

    StreetFight Cofounder and CEO Laura Rich tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about StreetFight’s new National-to-Local Marketers report, and describes ways to address the challenges that face vertical publications. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Predictably, in the wake of reports and recommendations to the ANA by K2 and Ebiquity on agency transparency, and subsequent reactions and rebuttals by the AAAA, nobody has been able to agree on a course forward. There’s an elephant in the room, though, one that pundits have touched on but haven’t exactly told us how… Continue reading »

    Grapevine Founder and CEO Brendan Lattrell tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that he left his job as a TV producer when he saw YouTube videos garnering more viewers than TV shows. Lattrell sees Influencer Marketing as the best solution to ad blocking and falling ratings. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

      On our way to becoming media generalists, we are first specialists.  And the medium we first specialize in can hold a special place in our hearts like a first summer crush. But solid rationale and a wide range of considerations are the drivers of successful campaigns, and letting our feelings get in the way… Continue reading »

    VideoAmp Chief Business Officer Jay Prasad tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that ‘Advanced TV’ seeks to organize all of the viewing that is now taking place across numerous devices, in order to provide appropriate data-driven advertising. His company seeks to attribute video viewing to the appropriate individual, sending the right ads at scale regardless… Continue reading »

    “It does this,” he said, pulling his hands apart and then clasping them together repeatedly.  To me, it looked like he was playing an invisible accordion.  I was at my first agency gig, and this was one of my coworkers explaining how media planning and buying functions move from centers of excellence within a holding… Continue reading »

    SourceKnowledge President Patrick Hopf tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that that the right data can explain the value of each consumer a company brings in. SourceKnowledge focuses on “post-click behavior,” and sometimes has to explain why its KPIs differ from those in common use. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By: Cindy Seebeck Broadcast buyers count themselves among some of the best negotiators in the media business, but negotiation means a lot more than simply getting the best price for a schedule. Did you know that over focusing on getting the best price can put you at higher risk of preemption and keep you from… Continue reading »

    Nudge Cofounder and CEO Ben Young tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that measuring the effectiveness of online marketing content is tricky. Moreover, contrary to conventional wisdom, many consumers prefer longer content. Young also describes an American business quirk that surprised him when he moved to NYC from New Zealand. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim… Continue reading »

    How can a new app, in less than a week, beat out Twitter in daily usage? If you’re into mobile marketing, that’s a nagging question in a world when countless apps launch each week and a scant few attract any sort of notice.  A lot has been written about Pokemon Go this week, mostly about… Continue reading »

    Netseer Head of Product Amir Bakhshaie, formerly of Apple and Amazon, tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that visual monetization is its own kind of vertical — one that connects brands more closely to audiences by tapping viewers’ emotional connections to images. Publishers, who also understand the power of images, have been creating increasing amounts… Continue reading »

    Qualia CEO Kathy Leake, an expert in cross-device marketing, tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that 97% of venture capitalists are male — so if you’re a woman raising money, it helps to speak their language: Cut to the chase. Use bullet points. Explain your value in three minutes, because that’s all you have. Music:… Continue reading »

    If you’re marketing to the ultra-rich, don’t expect much of the market research conducted against “affluents” to be much help. Occasionally, a marketer will be called upon to find ways to reach the not-merely-rich set.  Not the folks considering a Maserati automobile or a Rolex watch, but the kinds of people who might consider purchasing… Continue reading »

    By: Lynnsey Rijos We all know the rules of supply and demand. The success of a product or brand is dependent upon the demand in the market. The demand for virtual reality (VR) technology, however, does not seem to be high. While millennials and the subsequent generation are the first to embrace this innovation, VR… Continue reading »

    Trust Metrics CEO Marc Goldberg tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that advertisers should implement rules for their media teams in order to encourage logic over data craziness. Goldberg says too many advertisers are aiming only at viewability, and the bad guys know it. Look at the environment first, he says — and only then… Continue reading »

      By: Nicholas ReisGerzog Social media has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and has been propelled to the forefront of online advertising space. According to Statista, 78% of Americans are currently active on social media in some capacity and agencies are starting to take notice. As reported by Business Insider, social media spending grew an… Continue reading »

    Dynamic Yield CEO Liad Agmon tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that e-commerce is broken because there are too many chefs in the kitchen. The e-commerce tech stack is too fragmented, and each tool sees only a small part of the consumer’s journey. Agmon says that, like Facebook, e-retailers should run multiple, ongoing A/B tests… Continue reading »

    It is no surprise that the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has ruffled feathers from the very beginning of his 2016 presidential campaign. From his offensive comments towards women to his extreme views on immigration, Trump has not been shy expressing his often controversial political views. Up until now Trump has been winning primary elections… Continue reading »

    Brightcom CEO Gali Arnon tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that while programmatic advertising has taken control away from some marketers and publishers, there are systems available to make things right. Her company, formerly known as Ybrant, is expanding globally to offer such solutions. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By Tom Hespos The results of an ANA probe on agency rebates have come back, and while details of those results have yet to be made public as of this writing, I’ve been in the business long enough to know what the report will say when details reach the general advertising community. Are you managing… Continue reading »

    MultiView CEO Scott Bedford tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that B-to-B marketers need to understand how dramatically the buying journey has changed. More than 90% of buyers now begin their B-to-B purchasing journey online, and conduct 70% of the buying journey on their own. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    The ferocious arena of digital marketing is one that is in a constant state of change. Trends change, algorithms change, rules change, and consumer behavior changes. The fickle battle between competitors adds an additional layer of attention that must be paid to a company’s marketing effort. However, if you pare it down to the industry… Continue reading »

    Christian Baesler, president of Bauer Xcel Media — the digital division of Bauer Media Group — tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that while his company still has a direct-sales team, it no longer relies on direct sales. The company’s lean media strategy empowers its editors to use analytics to focus on the stories that… Continue reading »

    If you stick around long enough, generally speaking, you’ll experience a tried and true proven way of doing something that can, and will, be enhanced by technology.  Such is the case when talking about the art and science of television buying and negotiations. Until recently, the buying of nearly $70 billion dollars in television was… Continue reading »

    Solution Designed to Enable Offshore Marketers to Buy TV in US Markets Chinese Marketers Selling Products in US without Middlemen May 25, 2018 — New York – Futures Media, whose technology bridges the gap between the automated advertising buying platforms and television sellers of inventory, and EGT International Corp announced today that it has partnered… Continue reading »

    Are You a Human CEO Ben Trenda tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that Internet traffic today is less than 50% human. 175 million phony Facebook profiles create fake posts and Likes to pilfer from brands. Are You a Human studies the way real people type, surf the web, and hold their cell phones, using… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore Has your local hospital merged or been acquired recently?  For an increasing number of us in the U.S., the answer is yes. There has undoubtedly been a surge in hospital transactions over the past few years. Not only has the number of transactions increased, but also the variety of deals. From mergers… Continue reading »

    Affinio Founder and CEO Tim Burke tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that too many marketers are targeting “guessed personas” — making audience assumptions that are unnecessary in an age of deeper data. His company looks at what people follow on social media, rather than what they say, as an indicator of their true interests.… Continue reading »

    ConvertMedia President and CRO Chris Scott tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell what it will take to move TV budgets to digital. Moreover, alarmed by the rapid rise in ad blocking, Scott urges publishers and advertisers to work together to improve the online experience so that fewer members of the public block ads. Music: “Morning… Continue reading »

    Tom Hespos

    By: Tom Hespos “Targeting at scale” – The role many digital marketers ascribe to digital display. How a precise and measurable medium like digital ends up playing second fiddle to television when it comes to the awareness heavy-lifting chores of brand advertising campaigns is counter-intuitive.  Digital is elegant and malleable, while television is fairly rigid… Continue reading »

    By: Oliver Nelson Everyone knows Europeans use search engines the same way Americans do, right? Perhaps surprisingly, that is not the truth! While cookie cutters may mystify (some say make) the baker, they fail miserably when it comes to successful digital marketing. Paid search is a great example of this: too often advertisers try and… Continue reading »

    ThinkVine Chief Growth Officer Matt Nitzberg tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that, as Matt recommended in a recent AdExchanger column, brands should be careful to avoid making the mistakes some made when online advertising began. Rather than focus on low CPMs, Nitzberg argues, brands should prioritize the effectiveness of their marketing dollars. Music: “Morning… Continue reading »

    By: Tom Hespos It’s time for agencies to stop believing that advertisers are impressed by multinational agency networks when it comes to their global campaigns. When pressed about what makes these networks so good at what they do, large agencies often make vague references to “local nuances” of the markets they serve.  While that may… Continue reading »

    Sublime Skinz COO and Cofounder Jerem Febvre tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that many display ads fail because they are never seen — and many that are seen, annoy. In response, Sublime Skinz developed a method of wrapping ads around the content, at scale. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    By John Weisgerber, SVP Sales, GumGum Your color choices can have a huge impact on campaign performance because 85 percent of people cite color as the main reason why they buy a particular product. There are longstanding theories in advertising and branding that specific colors connote universal feelings and emotions, and elicit specific behaviors. When… Continue reading »

    When You Just Want to Talk: Natural Language Search By: Jess Carson What’s the one thing we like whenever we walk into a store looking to find a product to solve a problem? Personalization. Every person has specific needs for their problems and the one thing everyone can agree on is this: No one likes… Continue reading »

    Stands CEO Roy Rosenfeld tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that ad blockers will bring us a future of fewer but more valuable ads. Rosenfeld argues that ad blockers focus more on streamlining their experience than on blocking ads. 90% of the people who use the Stands tool opt *in* to seeing ads — and… Continue reading »

    By Oliver J. Nelson Google announced last month their top three considerations used to determine a websites rank: onsite content, links, and RankBrain. RankBrain should be no surprise – we knew this was at least in the top three. Nevertheless, this is the first time we have gained this type of insight into how Google assigns… Continue reading »

    In a recent column for The Drum, STRV Chief Revenue Officer David Calabrese outlined three things that agencies are doing wrong when it comes to mobile. Calabrese explains to WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that because there’s so little margin in mobile, agencies tend to neglect it. Brands need to make sure that their agencies… Continue reading »

    By Ray Duong, GM, Optimizer at Lotame Today, there’s no shortage of Big Data available to marketers. But for all the automation in collecting Big Data, marketers are still building and optimizing audiences manually through trial and error. The result is a costly Big Data bottleneck that undermines the value of a data-driven media strategy.… Continue reading »

    As MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan first reported, performance marketing leader EBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions became Pepperjam on April 6. Pepperjam CEO Michael Jones tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that he’s excited to move back to the brand he was leading when eBay acquired it in 2011. Recent acquisitions make Pepperjam the world’s largest affiliate network,… Continue reading »

    By: Amanda Fiore Do you know what political ads could be doing to your TV buy? 2016 has proved be a year of political frenzy, to say the least. As the presidential election comes into full swing, so do the political advertising competitions, especially when it comes to television. Time and time again, political campaigns… Continue reading »

    By Tom Hespos When the crowd gasped, it was not because WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell acknowledged the diversity problem in advertising, it was because he took a potshot at Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Levy. “Maurice has a habit of ignoring the facts and not letting the facts get in the way of his analysis,”… Continue reading »

    Expanding on a recent column, Trust Metrics CEO G. Scott Tomlin tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that the phrase “premium publishers” does not convey the certainty one might expect. Scott’s company combines tech and human solutions, looking well beyond viewability, to determine whether a site’s users will develop a positive association with ads that… Continue reading »

    By Maor Sadra, Managing Director, AppLift An increasing number of mobile advertisers are opting to share first-party data with their advertising providers to drive better results for their campaigns through improved audience targeting and to combat fraud. But in the ad tech industry, data is gold and privacy paramount, so the decision to share data should… Continue reading »

    Video streaming has grown into a primary method for viewing video content. At the height of its popularity it was used as a means for “cord cutters” to save money by watching their favorite shows online, rather than paying a cable company. Armed with this insight, online video streaming companies have taken advantage of the plugged-in generation and have taken it one step… Continue reading »

    Ai Media Group Founder and COO Sergio Alvarez tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that search advertising is holding its own in the age of social, because people use social networks for very different reasons than they use search. Ai Media won an award recently for enabling its partners not only to properly attribute credit… Continue reading »

    Tiller Cofounder and CEO Stephen Gill tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that advertisers should look to long-form storytelling and contextual advertising as defenses against ad blocking. And as MediaPost first reported, publishers can now mitigate such blocking by using Tiller’s free new tool,, to identify the precise bits of source code that the… Continue reading »

    By Oliver J. Nelson Your agency tells you SEO is important, but through the miasma of digital doldrums, you’ve probably wondered: just how important is SEO, truly?  What would happen if you were to simply ignore those meticulous marketers cautioning for a strong program, and let Google happily go on its way, updating its algorithms… Continue reading »

    Signal Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Marc Kiven tells WIT Strategy partner Bill Brazell that whereas programmatic media is about efficiency, addressable media is about putting the right ad in front of exactly the right person at the right time. As buyers insist on knowing exactly who their ads are reaching, off of Facebook as… Continue reading »

    By: Tom Hespos Websites.  Facebook pages.  YouTube channels.  Mobile apps.  What do they all have in common? They all represent investments made by brands over the years that had the tendency to be unsupported and thus never saw the light of day. In the mid-1990s, as many brands and companies established their first websites, agencies… Continue reading »

    TruSignal Marketing VP Pete LaFond tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his company uses offline profile data to better understand the people it’s targeting online. He describes an upcoming self-serve interface that will enable people to combine a sample customer list or CRM data with offline data. Finally LaFond, a former Yahoo exec, offers… Continue reading »

    By: Oliver J. Nelson Over the weekend Google announced a reduction of ad positions available within the search engine results page (SERP) on desktop devices. Essentially, Google’s recent change eliminates the ads that once appeared to the right of the organic listings and below the Knowledge Graph have been eliminated. Google suggests this makes for a… Continue reading »

    Netseer President of Monetization Dennis Clerke tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that visual content is the new currency of communication. People take fewer than 200 milliseconds to decide whether or not an image interests them. Four billion photographers in 2015 captured 1.2 trillion photos on their phones. Snapchat and Whatsapp are just two successful… Continue reading »

    Reporting is as integral to a media campaign’s performance as planning and buying. Because of this, the responsibility for reporting and analyzing media campaign performance should not fall to professionals outside the media department. The job of reporting on campaign performance is more than just stating the obvious through bar charts and graphs, it is… Continue reading »

    NewCo CEO John Battelle was there when HotWired put up the world’s first banner ad, and his bestselling business book “The Search” explained how Google and its rivals transformed our culture. Now the Sovrn Holdings chairman and Axciom board member tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that ad tech is the processing layer for the… Continue reading »

    By Tom Hespos Take a look at the most senior person on your digital staff – the one who lived through the first dot com boom.  Has she been anxious lately?  Here’s why. I can’t overstate the effect the bursting of the dot com bubble in the latter part of 2000 had on the people… Continue reading »

    Genesis Media CEO Mark Yackanich tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that while his company is finding less fraud on desktop, it finds a little more of it in mobile. Noting a constraint on the supply of quality video advertising, he sees the unification of ad servers like Genesis partner Smart AdServer with SSPs and… Continue reading »

    By: Jess Carson In 2013, Google gave $1.2 million in awards to people researching social computing. Why do you think that is? Because Google is trying to understand how people interact with algorithms. Have you noticed that each major technological update correlates to a consumer behavior trait that has changed the landscape of search? Google’s… Continue reading »

    ConvertMedia CEO Yoav Naveh tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that too few publishers understand how the ad partners they work with affect the publisher’s audience. It makes more sense to put aggressive ads in front of visitors from social-media sites, Naveh says, than in front of visitors who come in via the homepage. He… Continue reading »

    Just a couple days before Christmas, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidance on Native Advertising that touched off a wave of blamestorming across the digital industry. The timing was terrific.  With visions of sugarplums dancing in everyone’s heads, and the ad industry preparing for its end-of-the-year shutdown, the controversy could wait.  We would deal with… Continue reading »

    Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter Group and an award-winning author, tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about his new book, “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.” Solis argues that businesses have entered a new era, in which your brand is defined by those who experience it. (Bill suggests that Disney may understand… Continue reading »

    When brands think about digital video, they tend to think :30s or even :15s. But are they selling long-form video content short? The obvious appeal for videos of shorter length is their potential for higher viewership within paid media channels, mainly due to the likelihood of short-form videos being watched through to completion, and maintaining… Continue reading »

    AudienceXpress President Walt Horstman tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that AudienceXpress, which was recently acquired by Comcast, is now announcing two major advances in its programmatic-TV platform: (1) An industry-first API that enables demand-side partners to partner with their platform; and (2) A self-serve user interface that enables agency partners to login, build their… Continue reading »

    Three seconds.  That’s the viewability of an average billboard, assuming you’re going 65 mph down a highway and the billboard is 300 feet down the road. This is 6x shorter than the average digital display ad. With such little exposure to the customer, it can be challenging to make an impact in a silo, however… Continue reading »

    Sticky CEO & CRO Jeff Bander tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his company specializes in Visual Engagement Optimization — combining information on engagement and emotion as people watch video ads. In 27 countries Sticky has asked, “Did people comprehend the ad? What did they respond to?,” using webcams to measure facial responses. A… Continue reading »

    By John Mracek, CEO, NetSeer So you’re a marketer who’s mastered retargeting. You’re reaching your current and former customers, anyone who has visited your website or downloaded your app, and even those who have merely done a search within your broad product category. That adds up to a large pool of prospective future converters, but… Continue reading »

    By Oliver J. Nelson Google’s RankBrain represents the end of SEO as we know it, if some search pundits are to be believed. When Google announced the existence of RankBrain at the end of October the predictions of its ultimate impact on SEO numbered about as many as the frustrated webmasters themselves. While RankBrain will certainly… Continue reading »

    Atomized CEO ChRiS Gomersall tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that he came up with the idea for Atomized while serving as Facebook’s first creative strategy leader. He saw a need for a service that showed a marketer what each campaign looks like on each medium, in real time. (One marketer was dismayed to learn,… Continue reading »

    By: Mike Owen, EVP, North American Sales for Opera Mediaworks Three signs make it clear that we’ve reached a tipping point when it comes to mobile video. First, people are ravenous for it — watching everything from 6-second Vines to full-length TV shows on their smartphones. In fact, the average adult in the U.S. watches 39… Continue reading »

    December rolls around, and another year has passed. Fifty-two weeks gone in a snap, with another set ready to roll out at the stroke of midnight, January 1st. And in that time, we’ve published some great pieces. We’ve listened to you, our readers, and noted the ones where you just couldn’t get enough. Last year… Continue reading »

    When I was a kid, I programmed my Commodore 64 to pick lottery numbers for my Dad.  Sounds easy, but I wrote a flexible program that could pick numbers for the daily numbers or Lotto (in its 40, 48 and 54 iterations) and it picked numbers without repeats.  It took me a few hours to… Continue reading »

    Upstream Group Founder and CEO Doug Weaver tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that while sales is always a solitary profession — “it’s you and your number” — the automated algorithms of ad tech can make it even more so. Drawing on deep experience, Weaver urges salespeople to avoid bragging about their product right off… Continue reading »

    I’m not one for petty blamestorming when it comes to the collapse of the implied contract, but this definitely set off my irony meter. Let me get this straight…  The APAC head of a major programmatic agency is blaming ad blocking on millennial attitudes?  This strike anyone else as the pot calling the kettle black?… Continue reading »

    Altitude Digital CTO Manny Puentes tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that Altitude ARENA offers publishers the same data the buy side uses to assess and buy publishers’ inventory, so publishers can put together better audience acquisition strategies. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Have you ever met a cord cutter? I’m sure you have.  What about a cord never?  I hadn’t until last week. I recently had the pleasure of traveling to the Underscore Krakow office to train the team on how broadcast negotiating and buying works in the United States. In preparation for the trip, I prepared… Continue reading »

    MediaVillage Publisher and MyersBizNet Chairman Jack Myers tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that MediaVillage has been publishing 50 pieces of thought leadership per week in the run-up to its official launch in a couple of weeks, by writers such as Stuart Elliott and Charlene Weisler. At the same time, Myers is preparing to publish… Continue reading »

    PebblePost CEO Lewis Gersh tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell how he and his partner invented programmatic direct mail, which enables advertisers to send paper mail to website visitors. If mail recipients return to the site to check out that product again, PebblePost measures that, too. The results — 20% response, and more than 40%… Continue reading »

    Viewability, ad fraud and ad blocking are three things making headlines in the digital ad business recently that make marketers wonder if their ads are being seen at all. Predictably, execs at holding company agencies have blown a lot of hot air over the past year when it comes to a viewability threshold.  Last year,… Continue reading »

    Q Digital CEO Scott Gatz tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that 70% of America’s 16 million LGBTQ adults would pay a premium to support a brand that supports them. He says Lexus and Marriott are among the brands doing it right. Gatz notes that the threat of backlash from those who might boycott brands… Continue reading »

    A little while ago, I made an appointment for an eye exam online. The day of the appointment, I showed up and talked to the receptionist. She said the doctor had already left for the day. If you’re wondering what “silos” look like on the other end of the funnel, this is a great example.… Continue reading »

    A couple years ago while on vacation, we got rained out at the beach.  Bummer. Not wanting to waste the day staring at our kids playing Minecraft on their iPads, we ventured into town, where we met up with a friend and ended up at one of those paint-your-own-pottery places.  The kids had a fun… Continue reading »

    SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that as 10-year-olds become the unofficial CTOs of their households, and influence parental purchases, electronics and auto advertisers have begun to aim ads at them. Advertisers can’t use cookies or any kind of profiling on kids under 13, though — and that protected group is… Continue reading »

    “We messed up.” – The Interactive Advertising Bureau. “We know.” – Everybody Else. There’s probably a really good book to be written about how the digital ad industry got to this point, where it cluttered up digital media so badly that the industry requires a “Hoarders”-style intervention. Don’t.  Say.  We.  Didn’t.  Warn.  You. It’s a… Continue reading »

    Engage:BDR CEO Ted Dhanik tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about malvertising: What it is, how it works, and how companies like engage:BDR fight it. Dhanik explains that some bad actors now create LinkedIn profiles and fake email addresses to help them pose as employees of legitimate companies so they can spread malvertising by buying… Continue reading »

    A recent PBS NewsHour story on chronic illness plaguing adults was a photo essay. No statistical data, no mention of medical journals, no expert doctor commentary. Only pictures of people with their illness written on their arms and hands covering their mouth.  Yet, it was engaging and impactful. Why only visual images in a medical… Continue reading »

    I’ve come to accept the fact that digital advertising in all its forms is the medium of choice for many marketers these days. Digital has been the recipient of innovations such as animated banners, video integration, smart watches, Social Media, and in App Ads that have taken the medium beyond its creative, targeting and tracking… Continue reading »

    Qriously CRO Charles Gabriel tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that smartphones and tablets — the most personal tech devices people have ever owned — offer the ability to learn the mindset of 1.2 billion people around the world. Qriously is currently running a consumer confidence survey in China, for example — sampling 10,000 respondents… Continue reading »

    While I hate to make it seem as if I’m throwing in with the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, I did want to mention two rather disturbing trends the digital ad industry ought to take note of, pronto. The first is a decidedly weird black box-ness regarding tracking methodology.  Prior to the rise of mobile, ad sellers… Continue reading »

    33Across CEO Eric Wheeler tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that people who use ad-blocking software are stealing, and that Congress may soon act to stop it. Meanwhile, he says that video consumption will only rise, as improved data plans and phones — he says that Apple already knows what its next three or four… Continue reading »

    With fraud and viewability making splashes in the digital advertising trade press, I find it curious that nobody seems to be talking about how different types of digital campaigns are affected by them in different ways. If you’re running a direct response campaign, you might not even care about fraud or viewability, particularly if you’re… Continue reading »

    Trueffect CEO Alex Yoder tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that brands are now able to use data to avoid reaching consumers in ways that may be unhelpful or even unnerving. By capturing customer identification, trueffect determines the best way for a brand to interact, and serves content appropriate to that brand. Brands can now… Continue reading »

    Several weeks ago, I posted “Why prospective clients sometimes don’t get what they ask for with RFPs” which outlined top items I think a prospective client should include in an RFP. Then it occurred to me that agencies should also have a must-do list that they should follow when responding to RFPs.  So, below is… Continue reading »

    Aki Technologies Co-founder and CEO Scott Swanson tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell what it means that people are now spending more time in mobile apps than they are watching TV. Swanson explains that Aki has found 130 “mobile moments” — times of day or activities in which mobile users respond better to ads —… Continue reading »

    As soon as you hit a content page, the begging starts.  “Join our e-mail list.”  “Like us on Facebook.”  “Share with your friends.”  The begging usually starts with a page overlay, although an ad might be shown at the same time.  Some sites even throw up a paywall or subscription request. What would make publishers need… Continue reading »

    California Sunday President and Publisher Chas Edwards tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about the two paths publishers can take today. One path, Chas says, garners all revenue from digital platforms, so — because online advertising doesn’t pay much — such publishers focus on volume, producing many stories per day and disseminating them across social… Continue reading »

    Back in May I wrote a preview outlining some of what we could expect from the revised partnership agreement between Yahoo! and Bing while advising clients and agencies to not to let the opportunity to jump in ahead of other advertisers slip away. Unfortunately, between the large percentage of advertisers still unwilling to embrace Bing… Continue reading »

    HIRO Media VP of Product and Marketing Oded Napchi tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that HIRO became one of the four major online video ecosystems because of philosophy. Oded and his brother, HIRO Cofounder Ariel Napchi, both studied the philosophy of ideas in college, writing about the Internet as a complex system. They realized… Continue reading »

      While some might argue that Flash has had one foot out the door for some time, Google, Mozilla, and Amazon indisputably delivered the killing blows this summer. In June 2015, Chrome introduced an update that will “intelligently pause” Flash animations, which means that starting in September, all Flash-based ads will appear as a static… Continue reading »

    Between a report on ad blocking recently released by Adobe and PageFair, and the news about Chrome blocking Flash, anxiety over the percentage of ads actually reaching digital users is certainly understandable. That report puts ad blocking software on the devices of over one-quarter of U.S. Internet users.  Do keep in mind that PageFair is… Continue reading »

    SocialCode Chief Marketing Officer Max Kalehoff tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that today’s smartest marketers are ‘digital first’ — that is, they use the fast learning and data of online advertising to guide marketing decisions in other media. Max explains how controlling waste may be the fastest path to ROI, and notes that the finely… Continue reading »

    Mike Westgate

    I will preface this entire post with the fact that I am a card-carrying LinkedIn advocate. Playing both job- and talent-seeker at various points in my career, it has become my sole networking tool and a comprehensive resume replacement. My profile page is a highly-curated collection of personal statements, professional experiences and accolades, and business contacts. This… Continue reading »

    As Stephen Colbert prepares to take over the Late Show reins from David Letterman on September 8th, the average age of the late show hosts will drop by almost 14 years since Letterman and  Leno dominated the scene. This change is a significant sign of culture icon Howard Stern’s impact over Generation X and the power this… Continue reading »

    Lotame CEO Andy Monfried tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about the two methods of cross-device targeting: deterministic and probabilistic. Companies like Lotame make matches using unstructured data nuggets to tie devices together — relying on location, IP, and browsing habits to make it likely the two devices are linked. Lotame works on a number of… Continue reading »

    By: John Weisgerber, SVP Sales, GumGum   I love bringing stories to life. Not in the sense of animating text, but rather in taking a message and providing the structure and platform for it to be fully realized. This is what initially drew me to content publishers. When I was working for a fashion publisher,… Continue reading »

    By Cindy Seebeck   “What makes a good RFP?” is a question we’re often asked by advertisers who are interested in engaging an agency.  It’s asked so often, I thought I’d offer up a checklist of things advertisers want to make sure they include in a Request for Proposal. Like the saying goes, garbage in,… Continue reading »

    Suggestv CEO James Pringle tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that too many ‘promoted content’ companies send readers away to low-quality clickbait sites. Can publishers do better? As Pringle recently described on LinkedIn, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can use contextual relevance to double a publisher’s on-site video views. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used… Continue reading »

                  If there were any doubts that ad viewability would be the hottest ad tech topic of 2015, they evaporated with recent announcements from Google, the IAB, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies.   On the heels of Google’s December announcement that 56% of ads served on the… Continue reading »

    “You’re not going to be ready,” half-smiled Bob Garfield over a decade ago. According to his Chaos Theory, the broadcast model was going to collapse before digital had the wherewithal to scale campaigns to any sort of size that mattered.  As far as problems go, this was a good one for digital to have. It… Continue reading »

    BlurbIQ CEO Scott Reese tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that he got into the advertising business because he hated advertising. Reese explains that gamification can induce people to pay attention to ads, and announces that BlurbIQ will soon release an industry-first image content discovery platform. The platform will enable advertisers to easily add images that… Continue reading »

    .   Last year, Oliver Nelson warned us against ignoring Bing when running paid search, a move which had become popular with agencies as Google continued to dominate the market. His advice has become even more important as Microsoft begins rolling out Windows 10. Bing Ads anticipates 10% – 15% more search volume by September… Continue reading »

    gShift Cofounder and CEO Krista LaRiviere tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how brands and agencies use her company’s web presence analytics platform to track a brand’s presence on the web and decide what content to send out. LaRiviere says gShift will soon enable brands that publish in many different social channels to compare the strength… Continue reading »

        How accurate is the #1 source of medical information on the Internet?  Click for the full size infographic.      

    Ben Trenda, CEO of Are You a Human, tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell why it’s a problem that the Internet has failed to create good pathways for automated traffic. For one thing, more than half of Internet traffic today is non-human. And the highest-quality publishers often have the highest levels of non-human traffic — a… Continue reading »

    The calls for transparency in the digital advertising space have only increased in number and volume over the last three years. The trouble is no one seems to have precisely the same definition of transparency. For some, transparency relates to viewability and an in-depth understanding of where ads are shown. For others, it refers to… Continue reading »

    Somebody recently uttered it at a meeting here and heads swung around – “spillage.” The correct term for media weight that falls into adjacent markets, or outside where it was intended, is “spill.”  It was a minor transgression, but the digital media industry has this annoying tendency to add syllables to words, use the wrong… Continue reading »

    Having noticed the passivity with which he and others typically watch video, Zentrick Co-founder and CEO Pieter Mees searched for a way to make the growing medium as engaging as websites. He tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how major brands use Zentrick’s technology platform to make videos interactive and track user engagement in great depth… Continue reading »

    The value of content has been under assault since the dawn of the Internet. The ability to get content for free online for the last nearly 20 years has let to a widespread culture that no longer finds content something worth exchanging for monies. Heck, some might argue the value of content as been under… Continue reading »

        Flash’s days are numbered. And that’s probably a good thing for digital advertisers. Calls for Flash’s head on a platter hit a fevered pace this past week. The Adobe software has been a mainstay for rich web ads and extended website functionality since the late 90s. There was even a time when almost… Continue reading »

    Sense360 Co-founder and CEO Eli Portnoy tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how cell-phone gyroscopes and accelerometers can work with GPS to give marketers and app makers a much more granular understanding of what cell-phone users are doing, and therefore what experiences may appeal to them. Portnoy explains a number of ways his company protects consumer… Continue reading »

    “Why am I followed all over the Internet by the same ads?” It’s the question I most often have to answer when someone outside the industry figures out that I work for a media agency. We review how this all happened, covering in excruciating detail how companies use pixel tags to drop cookies on consumer… Continue reading »

    Freelance writer Todd Wasserman tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that he recently left a business-editor post at Mashable to strike out on his own. A column at U.K.-based Campaign Magazine and regular work for The Economist Intelligence Unit help structure his week, while leaving time for him to pitch other ideas. Wasserman has useful advice… Continue reading »

    Revise your playbook when it comes to Out of Home advertising. The world of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is changing drastically, thanks to newer digital options, and it’s time to clear up some misconceptions: Misconception #1 – OOH takes weeks to months to get to market Web ads used to be the speed demon when it… Continue reading »

    Encore Media Metrics CEO Steve Latham tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that too many agencies continue to rely on last-click attribution because brands don’t insist on better measures. Meanwhile, brands that are having success with higher-quality measurement understandably avoid telling their competitors how to replicate that success — so the word doesn’t spread. Nonetheless, while… Continue reading »

    Special accommodations for certain pharmaceutical advertisers in Google’s paid search platform will soon end, leaving some of those advertisers wondering about how they’ll continue to use the medium. Two decisions, in particular, bring pharma paid search ads in alignment with advertisers in other categories.  The first is the elimination of the black box ad unit,… Continue reading »

    Econsultancy VP of Research Stefan Tornquist tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that too many companies think they handle customer service well. Their customers disagree. Tornquist explains how companies could use technology to strengthen relationships with customers. He suggests that companies start using real-time data, customization and geolocation to create uniquely valuable connections with customers, rather… Continue reading »

    Millennials. It’s pretty much the only audience marketers, marketing service providers, and the trades they read all talk about. And that is understandable. It’s estimated there are some 80 million young men and women born starting in 1980 through 2000.  For some perspective, Generation X, the group of people born by and large from 1964… Continue reading »

    By the time you read this, Snoop Dogg may be Twitter’s new CEO. With the ‘resignation’ of Dick Costolo on June 11th Twitter finds itself back in the all too familiar land of Spanish TV Novellas.  The Twittersphere, media pundits and Chris Sacca have all outlined their theories to right Twitter’s woes. Jack Dorsey is… Continue reading »

    The mobile web has long since passed its tipping point. Approximately two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and they spend a considerable amount of time using that phone for online content. More than three-quarters of the top digital news websites now receive more traffic from mobile devices than desktop computers, indicating that mobile web presence… Continue reading »

    How often should we re-examine standard Terms & Conditions for the digital media buying industry? This happens every few years, it seems.  Insertion Orders issued at a display campaign launch end up setting off a flurry of meetings with legal teams from both the advertiser and the publisher sides of the equation.  Meanwhile, this cavalcade… Continue reading »

    Business Insider Chief Revenue Officer Pete Spande tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about the unusual route he took to a career in ad tech; the one phrase ad-tech CEOs should stop using; and the importance of writing skills – yes, writing – in our automated future. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Ad tech has become a necessity for marketers, even though the words so often associated with the space are “complex” and “confusing.” The space is dense with tech-speak, and many companies fall into a trap of adopting messaging that overcomplicates things and creates misconceptions that other companies then have to fight against. If this is… Continue reading »

    North of $25 Billion in media business is now up for grabs, and the industry pundits are hedging their bets when it comes to their theories as to why. It would be easy to simply take at face value some of the reasons marketers claim are catalysts for the insane number of reviews going on. … Continue reading »

    Netseer CEO John Mracek explains to WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how his company uses concept targeting in order to improve advertiser ROI. The company’s academic founders use ‘content graphs’ to better understand user intent. By anonymously tracking user’s page consumption, Netseer can create a cookie-based understanding of the people most likely to be interested in… Continue reading »

    When we think of movies that make accurate predictions about advertising in the future, we tend to think of sci fi dramas like Minority Report.  But I wonder whether the second comedy movie from the greatest movie trilogy of all time did a better job. October 21, 2015 will be upon us in just a few short months.… Continue reading »

    Adsmovil Founder and CEO Alberto “Banano” Pardo tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about the Hispanic Mobile Exchange his Bogota-based company just launched in order to help brands reach Hispanic Americans on their smartphones. Adsmovil, which serves large publishers such as Univision and Telemundo, partnered with PubMatic to launch the programmatic exchange. As Pardo explains, the… Continue reading »

    In the last few weeks, some of the nation’s – the world’s – largest advertisers have announced putting up their media accounts for review. Johnston & Johnston, Sony, General Mills… Coca-Cola, Unilever and L’Oreal announced doing the same thing not long before that. These companies represent billions of dollars. That’s right, billions with a “b.”… Continue reading »

    Audience engagement is the key ingredient in any marketing strategy, as it is the consumer who plays a part in driving the success of a brand. Considering the United States is a very diversified country, it becomes even more essential for brands to take into account multicultural marketing efforts and be mindful of who they… Continue reading »

    Programmatic ad delivery in the U.S. is poised to become a $20 billion market next year, with mobile ranking as the number one opportunity. Driving this massive growth in the mobile ad market is the proliferation of consumer data and advertisers’ ability to glean actionable insights. In fact, the data we have at our disposal… Continue reading »

    My friend and former client Dave Morgan tackled a subject near and dear to my heart in a recent Online Spin column – ad agencies’ loss of the coveted role of ‘agent’ to their clients.  In that column, Dave correctly identifies a few aspects of the agency-client relationship that, once threatened, cause agencies to abdicate… Continue reading »

    eMarketer Publisher and VP Crystal Gurin tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about the data explosion her publication has both chronicled and fostered, including the surprising rise of digital advertising and the occupational hazard of being asked constantly ‘What’s next?’ Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

    Saturday was a fine New York City weekend day. I worked on errands in the apartment with the wife. We ran some errands around the neighborhood. Stopped in at one of those Greek diners that used to be ubiquitous throughout the city but are now rare enough to be considered hip. You know the place…… Continue reading »

    For most advertisers, retargeting has become second nature, a practice long-ingrained in the online ad culture. Yet any advertisers who rely predominantly on retargeting are limiting the number of their prospective customers. That’s because the retargeting pool, almost by definition, is limited to people who have already checked out a brand online without actually “checking… Continue reading »

    OpenX Mobile General Manager Rob Kramer tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how publishers can move beyond display on mobile devices, toward the native and video ads that users find more engaging. Kramer explains why publishers should move quickly, to ensure that their page and app designs are ready for the ad revenue that has begun… Continue reading »

    It was Mother’s Day this past weekend. For many of us, we either have mothers, or are mothers, or have mothers of our children. For those of us lucky enough to have one or all of the aforementioned in our lives, we celebrated with them. But something that occurred to me while out and about… Continue reading »

    Every time I hear about a “mobile format lab”–or a 3D mobile ad that uses the accelerometer and has a clever name like “Buckaroo’s Bucky Ball Banner”, or a mobile ad that tosses usability and content aside for the sake of a cool page-splitting effect–a little part of me dies inside. It’s this kind of… Continue reading »

    Just when you thought that nothing truly exciting occurred any longer within the search landscape (can any digital tactics be considered mature?) we get an announcement from Yahoo! and Bing that they have made changes to their search partnership agreement. This announcement signifies big changes to your search efforts; indeed, advertisers should already be working… Continue reading »

    Motivity Marketing CEO Kevin Ryan, coauthor of “Taking Down Goliath: The Digital Marketing Strategy for Beating Competitors With 100 Times Your Spending Power,” tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that too many companies today are leaning on powerful digital tools and automation without asking if their approach is right for their business — and describes the… Continue reading »

    There isn’t a day that goes by when one of the dozens of newsletters you get from MediaPost every day hits your inbox without a headline touting the latest data-driven mash-up, team-up, partnership, or can’t-live-without-solution that will make our marketing and advertising lives better. They are all based in one form or another on taking… Continue reading »

    The time pressed millennials are actively shopping online, even for toothpaste because convenience and free time is more valuable than ever before. Online shopping just makes more sense to them – at a fingertip you can click, compare price, browse and purchase. More than a third of millennials already say that they rarely or never… Continue reading »

    Operative CEO Lorne Brown tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how clients such as Clear Channel, CBS Radio and Comcast are monetizing their enormous local media businesses in a time when the average local business receives an average of 38 different sales reps per month. Brown illuminates four factors that affect publishers’ profitability: 1) The time… Continue reading »

    The media and marketing mavens of the universe have been proclaiming for some time now the glories of social media. High reach, relatively high levels of engagement, ostensibly razor-sharp targeting. Who wouldn’t want to use it for advertising? Last week, eMarketer released a special report titled “Millennials and Social Media: Gauging How Facebook and Other… Continue reading »

    Do we still need additional evidence that programmatic is now a truly mainstream tactic? Probably not. After all, spending on programmatic in the U.S. is expected to reach $20 billion  by the end of next year. Still, if there are any lingering doubts about the enormous impact programmatic is having on the industry as a whole,… Continue reading »

    If you occupy shelf space at the drug store, ignore the pharmacist at your own peril. Pharmacy Today’s annual survey reports that pharmacists’ estimate 79 percent of patients purchase the over-the-counter product they recommend and 92 percent of pharmacists walk a patient to the OTC aisle to make their selection.  The survey also goes on… Continue reading »

    MRY founder and CEO Matt Britton tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell about his hot new book, “YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-Driven Culture.” Among the insights Matt shares here: Young people are now driving the entire economy in a way that’s never been seen before; “Barbell Economics” reflects the erosion of the middle class… Continue reading »

    Last week it was reported that yet another very large company – one that spends something in the neighborhood of one billion dollars on advertising and promotions – is seeking 150 day payment terms on invoices they are responsible for. This means that when said company incurs costs for advertising product (say, media) and services… Continue reading »

    Bob Garfield has been milking the same idea for a decade. At a recent conference, I saw Bob Garfield deliver the 30-minute version of his Chaos speech for the umpteenth time, and it seemed like the sentiment in the room was that Bob has been playing Chicken Little for too long. Indeed, during the Q&A… Continue reading »

    Smart AdServer U.S. General Manager Romain Job tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that today’s publishers need integrated tools in order to optimize the balance between direct-sold and programmatic ads, and says online publishing will soon bring ad buyers and sellers closer together in a way that will enable publishers to retain more revenue. Music: Jim… Continue reading »

    The following stats are key benchmarks for measuring branded HCP website performance.

    Chris Tuleya

    I have been an avid home-brewer for almost as long as I have been in the media industry. Much like my media career, my brewing background is diverse and there is no beer style I won’t try to brew. There are some styles I prefer making (pilsners, & lagers) and some I hate (IPAs) but it… Continue reading »

    Rayno Report founder and publisher R. Scott Raynovich tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how online publishers can benefit from a focus on quality and specificity, how the siren song of ‘millions of pageviews’ can lead them astray, and what may have gone wrong for GigaOM. Music: Jim Duffy, “Morning Rays,” from “Side One.” Used with… Continue reading »

    The IAB released a report this week on the mobile marketplace regarding how it is bought (programmatically, direct, etc.) and how advertising in the mobile marketplace also encompasses possible opportunities with connected devices. The report also shows that advertisers are making a shift to mobile at the expense of other media. About 1/3 of dollars… Continue reading »

    There’s a trade war brewing between the U.S. and Europe over the future of digital media – and Europe has fired its first shot. Interestingly, the weapon du jour in this trade war is privacy. And much like the infamous Maginot line, the tactics used in this war are very likely to be circumvented. Europe… Continue reading »

    Wearables are turning our daily health routines into a game, simultaneously making it easier for us to track and share our health data.  It’s the next “big thing,” but how big is it? The growing trend of wearable devices, like FitBit and Jawbone, makes it possible for consumers to access their medical information, monitor their… Continue reading »

    Rob Heiser, cofounder and CEO of Segmint, tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how his company works with highly regulated data, why financial institutions have lagged behind other industries in the use of data in advertising, and why Segmint’s ad campaigns Never Stop Running.

    We’ve all heard the expression, “actions speak louder than words.”  That phrase rings especially true in the ad tech space, as the industry intuitively know what it should be doing and how it should be acting – but defiantly stands back and does little to fundamentally change. To preface, I’ve been in the audience targeting… Continue reading »

    How to Win the Mobile Arms Race We all know that mobile isn’t “just another channel”, and brands are now thinking about how mobile may soon fundamentally change the way they operate their businesses — if it hasn’t already done so. At the moment, we’re seeing a mobile arms race. Some brands are now investing… Continue reading »

    Chris Tuleya

    Ignore for now the advertising opportunities that may come along with the recent deal Twitter and Google made; those opportunities will show themselves in due time. What matters for brands today are the issues that can arise from Google amplifying the voices of average Twitter users. Without specific guidelines, the wild west landscape this deal… Continue reading »

    STAQ CEO and Cofounder James Curran explains why he created a system that automates the collection and aggregation of reporting and line-item information for publishers and marketers, how STAQ cooperates with other systems, and the operational nightmare that can result from the new focus on viewability.

    Last week, Adweek published an article about the role out of Google Fiber’s test of an ad tracking system in the Kansas City market. The program will track exactly how may people saw your ad, and it will be able to dynamically insert advertisements based on information Google has about who is in the household… Continue reading »

    In a world where pharma marketers spend tremendous amounts of money and effort engaging with healthcare providers, can OTC and CPG marketers have an impact on this critical audience? I attended the ePharma conference in New York City recently and was able to learn a great deal about some of the latest methods DTC marketers… Continue reading »

    Varick Media Management VP of Product Strategy Jim Caruso explains that ‘transparency’ has become a loaded word, why value may be a more important goal — and describes recent progress in programmatic TV and native.

    As the myth goes, if you follow a leprechaun to the end of the rainbow, you’ll discover his pot of gold. This isn’t unlike the marketer’s quest to understand the elusive customer journey. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, here are some recommendations for achieving the most effective digital marketing campaign results. Guinness or… Continue reading »

    What does it mean to live in the “Gigabit Internet” world of infinite access, unimaginable speed, and constant connectivity?  Does it mean we can live healthier? High-speed networks that aren’t managed by your region’s cable company or the big telecoms are all the rage when it comes to Internet access.  After much success in Kansas… Continue reading »

    MediaRadar Co-founder and CEO Todd Krizelman explains that his company provides ad-sales teams with sales intelligence, talks about the joy he felt recently in promoting two people from within, and tells us what’s next for native advertising.

    Yes, media kickbacks do exist.  We know, because they’ve been offered to us.  (And before you ask, the answer is no.  We didn’t take advantage of them.) Former Mediacom CEO Jon Mandel caused something of a stir last week at the ANA Media Leadership Conference, asserting that media agencies aren’t living up to their fiduciary… Continue reading »

    Based on all the headlines we’ve seen in recent months, you could be forgiven for thinking that programmatic is already taking the TV industry by storm. And, to be sure, the time will come — probably sooner rather than later — when programmatic becomes a dominant force in television advertising. After all, it’s not hard… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    This morning might be a great time for a thought exercise.  I’d like you to take stock of the last two dozen items you’ve posted to social media.  Not your company’s feeds, mind you, but your personal ones. As you’re reviewing those tweets, photos, posts and everything else, I’d like you to examine them through… Continue reading »

    Datorama Chief Solutions Officer Katrin Ribant tells Bill Brazell how Datorama makes big data useable, what makes her job exciting, and what it means to move from an era of big data to one of intelligent data.

    The ‘90s ended 15 years ago, but one would think we’re still in that decade judging by contemporary pop culture. From fashion to music to TV, it’s become widely apparent that Millennials are nostalgic for the decade in which many of them grew up. In recent years, crop tops and the footwear of a bygone… Continue reading »

    It happens every year:  Like the Zombie apocalypse, proof-of-life for Elvis or Lindsay Lohan’s untimely demise, SEO remains a favorite target for outlandish predictions in the trade press and digital marketing forums. It’s no surprise, then, that the New Year brought with it fresh declarations predicting the death of SEO. Once again, let me reassure… Continue reading »

    John Shankman of Hashtag Labs explains how his company develops content and negotiates the ad-tech world on behalf of independent publishers.

    Glenn Cameron was one of the first people I met in my first digital agency gig.  I had just arrived at K2 Design, one of the first publicly-traded digital agencies, by way of Young & Rubicam.  My colleagues at Y&R had insisted I was insane for leaving the security of an established Madison Avenue ad… Continue reading »

    Why hasn’t pharma fully embraced the programmatic revolution? Programmatic buying can realize terrific efficiencies in digital media buying, particularly when advertisers need to scale contextual ad buys or in buying large quantities of display ad tonnage.  So why aren’t pharmaceutical marketers on board with it? Innovation can be challenging in regulated sectors, usually because companies… Continue reading »

    Thinknear President and GM Loren Hillberg explains that location-based mobile advertising is more complex than some people imagine, and that one of those complexities involves predicting where mobile-phone users will go next.

    It’s the time of year again when Sports Illustrated, during the depths of winter, tries to remind the chilly male what it means to be where it is warm… and girls in bikinis are everywhere you turn. The 2015 cover features Hannah Davis, an American model most famous, before this cover, as being the former… Continue reading »

    by The Makegood Staff “What has helped you understand strategic digital marketing better?” In response to our informal polling question “What’s on your bookshelf?” we got some interesting responses, some useful ones and even a few surprises.  When we asked about the tactical guides digital marketers kept at their fingertips, we heard a lot about Media… Continue reading »

    The longtime foundation of Broadcast TV’s revenue, advertising spending, is slowly but surely being eroded by Net based companies.  Yet it is not just via the giant digital-based advertising providers (ex. Google) it’s from technology-based companies that are not even after advertising dollars. Subscription based video on demand (SVOD) services, such as Netflix (36MM US… Continue reading »

    The Makegood is proud to introduce a new feature, Humans of Ad Tech, which will run regularly on Wednesdays. As media and technology combine to produce ever-more-compelling ad products, one of the things we can overlook is the human side of the business.  Makegood Contributor Bill Brazell will be seeking out some of the top… Continue reading »

    Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath. Or, I should say, everyone thinks they know it. Ask anyone if they know the story of David and Goliath and most everyone will say the same thing: a big giant dude named Goliath, considered the best fighter of his people, comes forth and challenges the enemy.… Continue reading »

    I love puppies. I even have one named Pippin, a 10 month old Labradoodle.  But I didn’t love Budweiser’s Super Bowl Puppy spot nearly as much as “Brewed the Hard Way,” the brand’s step child spot that ran shortly after the beginning of the second half. Judging by a bunch of articles on the blogosphere… Continue reading »

    Chris Tuleya

    How much do global offices of larger agencies really collaborate on a global piece of business? Not surprisingly, it has a lot to do with how the bigger company is structured and things may not always be as they seem. When an agency says they have feet on the ground in other countries in a… Continue reading »

    What is Effective Reach? A: Percentage of targeted-audience that is exposed to a particular ad during a specific period, to effect (brand awareness and) the purchase of a product or service. (Source: The answer to the question “why do you want to work in media research” was the one that landed me my first job in advertising, as a media research analyst. My answer:… Continue reading »

    Years ago, when Twitter first became a popular social media activity, a friend and colleague of mine used to call it “shi**er. His point was that people were Tweeting every thought, every passing fancy, every fart in the wind, including those actions being taken in the restroom. I certainly found myself doing that a lot… Continue reading »

    By The Makegood Staff Lots of interesting thoughts permeated the memesphere during the big game yesterday.  A close game meant viewers stayed engaged until the end, but was that always a good thing?  We pulled some of the funnier Super Bowl commercial memes from reddit.  Here they are in all their glory. Looks like some… Continue reading »

    Since the dawn of advertising, savvy marketers have strived to measure the impact of their campaigns. Easier said than done, of course. While we as marketers have come a long way since the days of John Wanamaker, the irony of today’s rapid shift from offline to digital is that it is actually more difficult than… Continue reading »

    Networking is a crucial component of success in the media business.  As much as the programmatic folks might want to diminish the impact of relationships, the advertising and marketing business is primarily driven by them. At the same time, digital technologies have completely changed how we cultivate and maintain relationships, so it’s natural that networking… Continue reading »

    To gather these insights, Crowdtap polled 6,000+ US men and women on their platform to determine how likely consumers are to interact with brands on social media during the Super Bowl. Crowdtap, founded in 2009, is the people-powered marketing platform that puts people at the heart of brands’ marketing.

    Last week I laid out the schism between proponents of big data’s power and those who are skeptical of its magic. I concluded by saying this week I was going to lay out what some of the true power of big data in online is. The real impact on advertising that big data – from… Continue reading »

    From the growth of Amazon and Alibaba, it is clear that many brands seek to sell well beyond their native boarders and traditional markets. One of the primary starting points for new purchases is search but assuming search is the same across the globe is a mistake that can cost retailers and brands a significant… Continue reading »

    Any salesperson receiving an insertion order from an agency is often confronted by an odd gathering of legal clauses or addenda that can seem overwhelming at first. Industry associations representing various media are eager to provide standard terms and conditions to help streamline the process of doing business.  A good example is the Interactive Advertising… Continue reading »

    Conventional wisdom suggests marketers should bond with the 18-34 demographic, to formulate strong brand relationships and win customers with the highest likelihood of providing strong lifetime value.  But do these decisions make sense in an era when Baby Boomers control so much wealth, have the ability and desire to purchase? With boomers representing nearly half… Continue reading »

    If you’re a CPG marketer and you still think of programmatic as only a tool for display, there’s good news: Programmatic video is taking off, and, when it comes to CPG brands, video offers the real promise of programmatic. What makes programmatic video such a natural fit for CPG brands? For one thing, many CPG… Continue reading »

    Is big data all we need to make successful marketing happen in today’s techno-centric, digitally driven media environment? Or is it all a sham, with the focus on big data distracting us from other more fundamental problems with advertising as part of the marketing exercise? The question comes up a lot in the circles I… Continue reading »

    The following is an exclusive excerpt from The Marketer’s Guide to Video SEO, a new white paper available from Conductor. Makegood readers can download the full white paper here. As search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and beyond become more intelligent, online videos are steadily gaining search importance. It’s no secret: Google states outright “often the best… Continue reading »

    Recently I shared an example of how an engaged agency can proactively work to protect their clients. Fittingly, the social scientist Hugh Mackay once quipped that “Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.” While I hope we all agree this perspective represents the dimmer view of life’s… Continue reading »

    My dad came up as a journalist in the 1960s with a steno note-pad in his pocket and a manual Smith Corona typewriter on his desk. Once he started writing books in our home office, I knew a break in the machinegun-like keyboard thunder meant he either needed to change the ribbon or it was… Continue reading »

    It’s that time of year when promises are made to one’s self that portend the improvement of that self. A pledge to forestall the pleasures of the present you in order to benefit the future you. But as always these promises are hard to keep. Either because they are unrealistically ambitious or because they are… Continue reading »

    When you go to a grocery store these days, you’re more informed. It is a product of the age we live in; you can research where your vegetables were grown, and farmers and producers gladly extoll the narrative of the care and thought they put into what you are eating. There’s value in what they… Continue reading »

    Communication and advertising strategy, trade/retail activation and relationships, innovation, packaging, game changing research, managing your boss – these are just a few examples of the strategic issues that command the attention of a CMO. With so much to focus on, media almost never makes it to the top of list.  It’s perpetually on the “things… Continue reading »

    You will not find many folks who doubt the sales driving efficacy of TV, but many doubt there is a way to properly measure that efficacy.  The GRP is a nice measurement but it’s far from the Rosetta Stone when evaluating TV’s effect on consumer behavior. Stimulated by the major refinements made in digital measurement,… Continue reading »

    Early in my career, I was analyzing some digital campaign data across multiple clients, trying to glean an insight or two we could put into a best practices document.  With the help of my boss, I found it. At the time, Click Through Rate was king and most advertisers were treating digital like a direct… Continue reading »

    The current construct for big data’s assignment of value is assuming that what is always countable is always meaningful.  This simply isn’t the case. There are ample non-affirmative causes for behavior; in fact, the majority of behavior causes are non-affirmative. I’ve said hundreds of times that the sum of human behavior is not renderable into… Continue reading »

    It’s easy to be overwhelmed by choices as a modern marketer. Whether it’s deciding between advertising on TV or YouTube or contemplating Twitter promoted tweets versus Facebook ads, the options and number of combinations are endless.  With new advertising options popping up almost daily, it can be difficult to execute an integrated campaign properly. The… Continue reading »

    As 2014 begins to wind down there seems to be a ‘year in review’ article or list around every corner. So the staff at The Makegood figured we would jump on the bandwagon and take a trip down memory lane ourselves. We kicked back, grabbed some eggnog, reread every article and discussion, and consulted our analytics data… Continue reading »

    I don’t want to take up too much of your time, seeing as how the holidays are banging on the door to see if we are ready to pack up and go get a drink. So this will be a brief listicle to peruse while online at TSAPre… The big agencies love to announce big… Continue reading »

    Cyber Week 2014 – the holiday shopping period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday – saw record-breaking online sales that were fueled by significant spikes in mobile. In fact, compared to 2013, mobile traffic increased 50 percent this year, mobile purchases increased 45 percent and mobile revenue increased 20 percent. Historically, tablets have accounted for… Continue reading »

    Often introductions to programmatic advertising discuss the process of real-time bidding (RTB).  By the strict definition of RTB, these systems streamline insertion orders (IOs) and automate campaign execution by computerizing the negotiations and payment that comprise media-buys. Basic RTB systems require inputs for the bids, the media selection, and targeting. An operator typically enters these… Continue reading »

    If you give three buying teams the same buying parameters – identical levels, flighting and show selection – you may end up with three radically different broadcast schedules.  Each schedule will meet the marketing objectives and communication goals set out at the beginning, and they’ll each deliver the planned Gross Rating Points within the budget… Continue reading »

    The subject of viewability has created a sense of hysteria in the digital advertising space. Of course, viewability is an issue that requires a solution, but to Tom’s earlier point on this site, the issue we really should be talking about is the fraud that serves as the catalyst and makes these false impressions possible.… Continue reading »

    Drones fly through fireworks displays, drones are allowed to conduct aerial surveys, drones are used to blow up terrorist, drones might be used as ambulances, drones, drones, drones. Oh, and of course, drones are going to be delivering our books or our printer cartridges or our ice cream, courtesy of Evidently, there have been… Continue reading »

    In 2012, Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs would spend more on IT than their counterpart CIOs.  Since then, we’ve seen a significant increase in the consumption and deployment of marketing technologies, by marketers. With that sharp increase, however, come a number of important questions: Do CMOs know the ROI of their marketing technology spend?… Continue reading »

    Happy Friday!  Don’t you hate it when this happens?

    Many of you may have probably read Tim Mayer’s recent blog post “Why Does an Advertiser Need an Ad Server?” and I wanted to dig a level deeper into the ad server topic and explain the differences between using a first-party ad server versus a third-party ad server. I collaborated with Tim on the below… Continue reading »

    Tom Hespos

    Could we all stop freaking out about digital ad viewability for a few moments? There’s good reason to freak out this week, but let’s calm ourselves and make some sense of what’s being talked about in the digital marketplace.  Eighteen months ago, viewability was a concern, but the companies making the biggest stink about it… Continue reading »

    Viewability. It is the cause du jour. You can’t swing a dead cat at an industry function – or an industry trade pub – without hitting someone who is talking about viewability. According to the comScore Viewability Study only 46% of display ads were ever viewed by consumers. Only 31% of inventory delivered by ads… Continue reading »

    By Ross Shanken, CEO, LeadiD When it comes to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuits, it’s not a question of if a business will get sued, but when. The onslaught of TCPA litigation affects any vertical that dials consumers, and that means pretty much every industry. With the ongoing proliferation of mobile devices, how can… Continue reading »

    Here’s a neat infographic for the next time you have to explain how consumer data is matched to cookies.

    Chris Tuleya

    Posts On the surface, the classic TV show House M.D. and the media business may seem to have nothing in common. After all, House was a medical genius who diagnosed patients when no one else could and… well, media & marketing professionals are not medical doctors. But the truth is, it is a show about… Continue reading »

    The trend toward increasing automation in digital advertising campaigns remains a popular one. Last week, however, proves that there is still no substitute for the human touch – Bing’s recently revealed Smart Annotations for search creative caused quite the stir for advertisers promoting regulated industries. Thankfully, with proactive communication we avoided exposing our advertisers to… Continue reading »

    “The internet of things.” You hear it a lot, I’m sure. Particularly if you are working in digital media, marketing and technology, and you hang with the cool kids, this is a phrase du jour that is uttered… well, every day. The term has been around for some time, I think coined by some MIT… Continue reading »

    Though it’s been said, many times, many ways, the art of search and find is second to the science of click and pay. Case in point: the recent Firefox bed hop from Google to Yahoo will be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year—we’re just wondering whose tree is getting all those presents.… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    I have an arrival ritual when I get to the office in the morning.  I pick up a copy of The Wall Street Journal and I flip through the sections, smiling.  I’m smiling because this is an affirmation ritual.  None of my clients will end up in the Journal for their ad targeting practices, and… Continue reading »

    Last week I wrote about the notion that the modern human had developed advertising blindness. The homo mercatus is a species so over-advertised to that he has evolved to a state of being able to pass over marketing with little or no effort. What options are left brands when the intended audiences of their messaging… Continue reading »

    It’s no surprise that as the marketing technology industry matures, the roles and responsibilities of marketing and IT executives begin to blur. As marketing executives, we know that our roles are constantly changing. As the job descriptions evolve, we find ourselves with more in common with CIOs than ever before. CMOs and CIOs are both… Continue reading »

    Data-driven creative ads have exploded across the digital marketing space, but what’s their real value, and how do they actually work? Data-driven creative ads use streams of data to customize an ad’s content or presentation in real-time, so it is of optimal relevance to its audience. The reason for this is simple: Relevant ads perform… Continue reading »

    Why are local TV stations investing in more local news broadcasts when every bit of research tells them they ought not to? There is no debating the need for a multitude of news services. A democracy must have plurality of voices for the distribution of news, general information as well as editorial perspectives from different… Continue reading »

    In his 1970 hit book “Future Shock”, Alvin Toffler argued that as humanity progresses, the stress of an ever-connected, rapidly evolving, “super-industrial” world creates social paralysis. His main point — that more technology will not necessarily make life easier — certainly holds up when it comes to marketing data, and particularly the effect of programmatic… Continue reading »

    As I cruise into middle-age (or at least, I hope so!) I’ve found that the methods of self-improvement take on forms that heretofore would have been considered chores. Since I was always better at schoolwork than I was at loosing weight or going to the gym, the particular form of self-improvement I’ve recently engaged in… Continue reading »

    Today’s mobile ad landscape is a bit like the wild west in the 1800s: relatively ungoverned, mostly unstructured, and currently operating under a sort of “anything goes” attitude. Like the old west, it is space that everyone seems to be moving to quite rapidly, prospecting for modern-day gold. Recently, it feels as though we in… Continue reading »

    Today’s mobile ad landscape is a bit like the wild west in the 1800s: relatively ungoverned, mostly unstructured, and currently operating under a sort of “anything goes” attitude. Like the old west, it is space that everyone seems to be moving to quite rapidly, prospecting for modern-day gold. Recently, it feels as though we in… Continue reading »

    Congratulations, banner ad! You’ve turned 20, and you’re looking pretty good. Despite all the evolution that has occurred in the ad tech space since your birthday on Oct. 27, 1994 on, you’ve endured, though we now more often call you a display ad. You’ve proven your worth over and over, but now you’re evolving. The… Continue reading »

    Chris Tuleya

    The days between Thanksgiving and the New Year is typically a period when people spend more time with family and friends and less time online. In the search marketing world this typically results in a significant dip in traffic for most categories outside of shopping, which peaks during this time. However, trends over the past few… Continue reading »

    The digital ad ecosystem is fraught with fragmentation, transparency issues, and not to mention a cornucopia of vendors that all seemingly can hit and exceed your performance goals, all while reaching your target audience, across any screen, in the right context, at the perfect time they’re ready to convert. But let’s be honest here. There… Continue reading »

    It happens with some regularity. Traditional media likes to float the declaration from time to time that television is moribund. If you work in digital media and marketing, you hear even more often that television is dead. The latest rounds of death knells, however, are less about television as a format for content and more… Continue reading »

    The Makegood: You’ve been in the mobile space for a number of years.  What aspects of your experience are most relevant for your new role at Thinknear? I’ve served in a number of digital and mobile roles but have always had a focus on scaling high-growth businesses. At Telenav, I’ve had the chance to develop… Continue reading »

    Cree Lawson is the CEO of Arrivalist, one of the first companies to measure offline response to online advertising, which he founded in 2012.  Prior to Arrivalist, Cree founded the Travel Ad Network, which catered to online travel advertisers.  A former investigative reporter, Cree has also served in several management, sales, marketing, and business development… Continue reading »

    If anyone could point to a critical trend within the programmatic ad buying landscape, it’s transparency.  The term has been on the lips of most of the programmatic vendors pitching our agency lately, a dominant subject at recent programmatic conferences, and the subject of several opinion articles written over the past several weeks. But there’s… Continue reading »

    For all the advances in data, targeting and algorithms, it’s a surprise that the digital media industry continues to focus on technological advancements, while ignoring the ultimate goal of brand advertising—to make meaningful connections with people. Today, along with everyone else in the industry, digital brand marketers can utilize first and third-party data to access… Continue reading »

    You’ve heard the words before. They are almost always used together, a triumvirate ruling the marketing media empire. They are the legs that make up the tripod upon which advertising swings. Paid. Owned. Earned. We use these words so often now to explain the marketing media ecosystem that it’s sometimes hard to remember that we… Continue reading »

    As President of Digital it is Shenan Reed’s job to lead MEC’s digital business and be responsible for further driving the advancement of digital growth and innovation across North America. A highly respected leader in the digital space, Shenan has a strong background in integrated planning, and a genuine understanding and appreciation for how data… Continue reading »

    Google’s Q3 earnings release, coupled with a report from Adobe, suggest that Google’s US search business is slowing, and as a result, Google is increasing margins by raising its prices and cutting its search partner network. This has significant implications for advertisers as well as the digital advertising ecosystem at large. As users transition to lower-priced… Continue reading »

    Can you believe that search agencies are still telling many of their clients to ignore Bing? In taking over search campaigns from other agencies, we’ve found that Bing isn’t even on their radar. Evidently, their prior agency thought paid search began and ended with Google..  While Google will always represent an integral part of any… Continue reading »

    I know what you are thinking, only five? Well, I am sure there are more, but lately the volume of jack wittery in these five areas has grown exponentially among the digital marketing set. Or maybe I’m just overly sensitive.  Of course the most repellent thing I’ve found about this biz is the unending flow… Continue reading »

    At ad:tech London last week, Sir Martin Sorrell, the omnipresent, omniloquacious leader of WPP, expressed befuddlement and concern by the growing debate about transparency in the programmatic marketplace. He said, “Being agnostic is critical. I have to say I’m a bit troubled by the debate around transparency.” Now, forget for a minute how much I… Continue reading »

    Major sporting events such as the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Commonwealth Games always dominate the media, and each throws up a wealth of sponsorship opportunities for brands across the world. Coca-Cola, Adidas, McDonalds and Sony are just a few of the companies that have benefited from the global exposure that the partnerships have bought.… Continue reading »

    Industry veteran Rick Parkhill joined Videonomics earlier this week as CEO. Previously, Rick was the founder and CEO of iMedia Communications, having created the iMedia Brand and Agency Summits in 2001. Rick’s media and event career date back to 1989 and include the launch of leading publications including: InfoText, ResponseTV, and DigiTrends, and events such… Continue reading »

    The rise of the Portable People Meter brought unprecedented accuracy to radio listening. But with it came some adjustments to the methods stations use to market themselves and how buyers gauge listenership. Before the PPM, radio was measured by Arbitron (Recently purchased by Nielsen), using a diary methodology. Consumers were paid to fill in a… Continue reading »

    About 8 years ago while putting up groceries, my husband, Steve, remarked: “Do you ever buy the same brand of anything? I thought Hispanics were supposed to be brand loyal?” I pondered the query for a while and responded: “No. I guess I don’t.”  That simple question led me on a different career path because… Continue reading »

    “Two Silicon Valley giants now offer women a game-changing perk: Apple and Facebook will pay for employees to freeze their eggs.” “Facebook recently began covering egg freezing, and Apple will start in January, spokespeople for the companies told NBC News. The firms appear to be the first major employers to offer this coverage for non-medical… Continue reading »

    I’ve spent so much time thinking about The Makegood the past few weeks that my brain aches a bit.  But before we get into it, let’s revisit the developments of the past couple months. Matt Straz and the team at Namely put in a lot of time and effort to get The Makegood to where… Continue reading »

    In late September of 2014, Facebook announced the launch of an extensive new advertising network after having rebuilt the Atlas ad server. By all accounts, Facebook’s new advertising network has an incredibly rich pool of data to draw upon – a pool that apparently includes information collected on Facebook and off Facebook, and by the… Continue reading »

    Chris Tuleya

    Having pitched many clients looking for a range of media services over the past 10+ years, it still surprises me when a search-only RFP crosses my desk. It’s flattering that companies still see the importance of a strong search approach.  At the same time, it’s frustrating that the industry has not yet developed the ability… Continue reading »

    Earlier this month, Buzzfeed released an article about bluetooth beacons “hiding” and “tracking your every move” in New York City phone booths.  As someone who is deeply involved in location based data and digital out-of-home advertising, I received the article from countless sources, including partners and clients.  While Buzzfeed produced an enthralling article on the… Continue reading »

    You might say I’m a contrarian. Maybe it was my studies in philosophy when I was in college; maybe it was my strict upbringing; maybe it was 11 years of Catholic school. If you asked my wife, she would just say that I like to argue, regardless of the subject. Whatever the source, when I’m… Continue reading »

    Measurement is the governing factor that determines any media channel’s ability to experience exponential growth from marketing dollars. Facebook’s recent announcement of the new Atlas ad-serving and measurement platform is an exciting addition to the ongoing efforts for proper measurement solutions for mobile and in-store attribution. Sheryl Sandberg commented on the announcement: “Mobile’s getting a… Continue reading »

     For twenty years, Ephraim (Jeff) Bander has sat at the intersection of marketing and neurobiology.  As president of Sticky, Jeff helps clients and partners see the true value of digital advertising by measuring not just what is potentially viewable, but what is actually SEEN(tm) by consumers.  Prior to Sticky, Jeff served as Senior Vice President Client… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    “Daddy, which number is bigger?  A thousand hundred infinity million or A million hundred infinity thousand?” My six-year-old and my four-year-old have these contests when we’re riding in the car to see who can think up the biggest number.  Things like this happen when we go on long car trips and I opt to listen… Continue reading »

    For travel advertisers, it’s easy to think that simply having a desirable location – emerald green waters, white sand beaches, an average of 320 days of sunshine a year — is enough to entice consumers to hop on a plane and invest their vacation budget in your area. But beauty only takes you so far… Continue reading »

    Finn Faldi is a veteran of the digital space, having held management positions at Yahoo, United Online and Datalogix, to name a few.  He is currently CEO at Trueffect, a data and measurement company.   The Makegood: What does Trueffect do, and how has the company been innovative in the display ad technology industry? We’re a first-party… Continue reading »

    Last month, Nancy Hill, CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, published an article in The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today column titled “Why Agencies are Starved for Talent” which indicted low compensation rates as the culprit in the talent crisis at advertising agencies today. In response, Bob Liodice, CEO of the Association of… Continue reading »

    I’m sorry – but you do not have the right to be forgotten. While you might be excused for thinking so after the European Court announced its decision to compel search engines to remove links, please don’t confuse this legal decision with sanity like logic and common sense. I think this decision is completely absurd.… Continue reading »

    To the uninformed masses, programmatic advertising is nothing but a cold world of automated machines and algorithms, leaving little room for human involvement. In reality, a successful programmatic advertising campaign is anything but robotic. A large community of marketers, agencies, data management platforms and the like use their skill and insight to make the programmatic… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

      With any length of time in the emerging media space, media buyers develop a sixth sense that helps them sniff out the charlatans.  We’re pitched by companies at all stages in the game, from established media brands to week-old startups, and they all claim they have the secret sauce for engaging consumers with your… Continue reading »

    In 2014 Matt Stefl joined LMU’s College of Business Administration as Clinical Professor and Director of the M-School program. Matt Stefl brings with him nearly 15 years of advertising industry experience, most recently acting as Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning at LA-based Dailey & Associates. Prior to Dailey, he held various roles at… Continue reading »

    Dan Davenport is the Content Director at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, a leading content-powered, customer engagement agency that provides fully integrated marketing solutions for some of the world’s top brands. For the past dozen years, Dan has managed the creative component of numerous custom-publishing projects for Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. He has led customer-communications programs for clients from virtually every… Continue reading »

    Tom Phillips is the CEO of Dstillery, the pioneer in cross-device audience targeting for brands. Prior to joining Dstillery in 2009, Tom was at Google and managed media platforms and the DoubleClick integration before establishing the Search Analytics team to pioneer new uses of Google data on behalf of major advertising clients. The Makegood recently spoke with… Continue reading »

    With 55.7 million Hispanic Americans in the US, representing 18% of the populations, Hispanics are a foundational component of American society. While many of these Hispanic Americans are multigenerational, quite a few are relatively new to the country.  These millions of citizens are creating their own American experience and, from a Marketing Communications perspective, brand… Continue reading »

     Lorne Brown is the CEO of Operative, one of the top advertising business management solutions in the industry. They exist to drive revenue and increase profitability for publishers and media companies by helping them to better control and sell their inventory. Prior to founding Operative in 2000, Lorne served as Vice President of Sales and Operations… Continue reading »

    Roger Barnette is the President of IgnitionOne, the global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology providing a world-class proprietary platform and expert services to improve digital marketing performance. As President, Roger oversees the company’s aggressive growth and technology strategy. He has extensive experience managing and growing emerging technology businesses and is a veteran of the online marketing industry. The Makegood… Continue reading »

    Mike Rosner is the Chief Revenue Officer at GumGum, the world’s largest in-image advertising provider. Mike has led national and global sales teams since 1999 and spent time at PointRoll, EyeWonder, MediaMind and DoubleClick. In this newly created role at GumGum, Mike will oversee multiple revenue streams and will be primarily responsible for leading GumGum’s worldwide sales organization in… Continue reading »

    In a first of its kind campaign for Procter & Gamble, the consumer products behemoth has been hitting New Yorkers hard with a multi-product Out of Home campaign, called #NYTough, designed to have a unique appeal to New Yorkers.   Subway riders have been exposed to train takeovers with messages like  “Finger painting playdates in East… Continue reading »

    For the past year my calendar has been booked solid. I’m meeting with publishers, media outlets, product managers, and marketers, and we’re talking about the word on everyone’s mind: native ads. These conversations started out very similar, we’d talk about marketer’s interest in content, the technology required to serve native advertising like one would any… Continue reading »

    Jeremy Ostermiller is the CEO and founder of Altitude Digital, a leading video and display advertising technology company. At Altitude Digital, Jeremy oversees worldwide sales and operations departments. In August Altitude Digital secured a $7M credit facility from Silicon Valley Bank. The Makegood recently spoke with Jeremy about the future of online video advertising and how Altitude Digital will play a… Continue reading »

    Mike Finnegan was recently named VP of Programmatic and Product Innovation at Live Nation, the largest concert company in the world . This is a new role for the company, and Mike will be charged with building out their programmatic division in the coming months. Previously, Mike served as Director of Product Development at WPP’s programmatic agency, Xaxis. The… Continue reading »

    Tracy Hansen is the CMO of Tealium, the leading enterprise tag management provider which was recently named one of Forbes’ Most Promising Companies in America for 2014. Before joining the Tealium team, Tracy served as SVP of marketing at CA Technologies and prior to that, she served as Vice President of Marketing for NetApp. The Makegood recently spoke with Tracy… Continue reading »

    On this anniversary of 9/11 I thought I would reflect on some of my experiences from Afghanistan and how we used professional skills I learned in the civilian world to address communication challenges abroad. As a member of the Army Reserve, I deployed in the spring of 2012 as an intelligence officer. Assigned to a… Continue reading »

    Ed Haslam was recently named SVP of Marketing at PlaceIQ, the technology and suite of consumer discovery, engagement and activation solutions to engage with the right consumers and lead them to desired brand actions and destinations. Ed joins PlaceIQ from YuMe, a video ad startup. Prior, he cofounded Ludic Labs, which was acquired by Groupon. The Makegood recently spoke with… Continue reading »

     Jamie Hill is currently the CEO and founder of admarketplace, a programmatic search advertising marketplace. Prior to adMarketplace, he was an executive at CBS Broadcasting. Before joining CBS, Hill worked at Telerep where he was responsible for developing marketing strategies for Fortune 500 advertisers. The Makegood recently spoke with Hill about the company’s partnership with Pencils… Continue reading »

    Global programmatic is the next frontier for U.S. marketers seeking to expand their brands’ footprint. According to a recent survey and whitepaper from IAB and Winterberry Group entitled, “Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World,” 72%U.S. and U.S.-based global publishers are pursuing a data-driven, programmatic approach to audience engagement in non-U.S. markets. But only… Continue reading »

    The continued meteoric rise of Google as the top US and International search engine raises the question of whether Google is great at marketing themselves or whether Yahoo! and Bing have just given up the search fight. Tell someone outside of the marketing industry that’s share of US searches has reached 67.6% and you… Continue reading »

    New York Times' Matt Prohaska

    I have come to learn and appreciate that we humans often evolve in stages. Whether it’s the stages of evolution in our species itself, jokingly referenced here or experienced as the much more serious 5 stages of grief, depicted here that hopefully you have not had go through often, through loss of a job or… Continue reading »

    Thursday night, over 25 million Americans will tune into the first professional football game that matters, after 212 days of hibernation, as the 95th NFL season commences at the home of the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. It is a rematch of one of the most talked about games of the previous season, now… Continue reading »

     Mobile media has a clear tech basis. When buyers decide how and what to buy, to suit up and execute their mobile ad marketing, they are in fact making technology decisions every step of the way. So, the business of technology is a very real consideration for the mobile marketer, as the strength of any… Continue reading »

     Brett Rosin is currently the CEO at Rant Media, a leading innovator in online media consumption. Prior to Rant, Rosin was an amateur pitcher who co-founded RantSports in 2010. The Makegood recently spoke with Rosin about Rant’s accelerated growth.  The Makegood: As a former baseball player, you are aware of exactly the type of information sport enthusiasts are… Continue reading »

     Jason Lucas is currently the EVP and ECD at Publicis Seattle, an integrated ad agency. Prior to joining Publicis, Lucas was at VML in New York, where he was a Creative Designer. Before that, Lucas was part of a large variety of large agencies, digital boutiques, and startups including BBDO and Deep Focus. The Makegood… Continue reading »

    With Amazon’s recent purchase of Twitch, the video platform and community for gamers, the implications and speculation for the online retailers’s native advertising plans have become quite clear. As we’ve waxed on in the past, Amazon’s already shown a propensity for native purchasing within their apps; the Fire TV and Tablets with X-Ray show Amazon… Continue reading »

     Carl Hartman is currently the CEO at Geometry, the largest and most geographically complete activation agency. Prior to joining Geometry, Hartman was Director of Integration at MEC where he worked on accounts such as Cadbury Schweppes, Energizer, and Schick. The Makegood recently spoke to Harman about his recent hire as CEO.  The Makegood: Congratulations on your… Continue reading »

     Mike Sands is currently the CEO of Signal, a marketing technology that integrates email, text, social media, offers and promotions into a single marketing platform that businesses love. Prior to Signal, Sands was part of the original Orbitz team, where he held the positions of CMO and COO. The Makegood recently spoke with Sands about Signal’s… Continue reading »

     My commute into Manhattan consists of a round-trip ride on Metro-North to and from Westchester. Since I’m in the advertising business, I’m always on the lookout for interesting ads that stand out in a sea of others that we are exposed to each day.   Like so many of my other colleagues who come into New… Continue reading »

     Mitchell Reichgut is the Founder and CEO of Jun Group, a premier social video company. Prior to Jun Group, Reichgut was the Creative Director at Bates Worldwide Advertising, where he helped grow the company’s client base. The Makegood recently spoke with Mitchell about a recent study. The Makegood: Jun Group has recently released data showing that brand… Continue reading »

    As I discussed in my previous post, the Pew Research Center recently published a report on how “The Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025.” In this second post, I’ll focus on the report’s two main themes: privacy and personal relationships. Privacy: Pew forecasts “substantial concerns about privacy and people’s abilities to control their own lives,”… Continue reading »

     Mark Yackanich is currently the CEO of Genesis Media, an online video technology company that enables users to pay for content and services targeted on brand messages. Prior to Genesis, Yackanich was the CEO of MegaPhone Labs and VP and Head of Corporate Strategy for NBC’s Local Media Division. The Makegood recently spoke with Yackanich about… Continue reading »

     Kim Kadlec is currently the Head of Strategic Partnerships at AOL, a multinational mass media corporation. Prior to joining AOL, Kim was Vice President, Branded Entertainment with NBC Universal, and more recently a global strategist at Johnson and Johnson. The Makegood recently spoke with Kim about her new position. The Makegood: You recently joined the AOL… Continue reading »

     Every week brings a new set of headlines as digital media ad sales continue to go through remarkable change – and not all of it positive for publishers. In the past few weeks and months, we’ve seen CROs and heads of sales be asked to move on or be ousted, complete direct sales teams eliminated,… Continue reading »

     John McCrea is currently the CMO at MediaSpike, which provides a native monetization platform for applications, with a focus on social and mobile games. Prior to MediaSpike, McCrea was the Founder and GM of Tunerfish, a business unit of Comcast Interactive Media. The Makegood recently spoke with McCrea about a study done on the reaction mobile gamers… Continue reading »

     Tony D’anna is currently the CEO at PostUp, an email marketing service including list development, social integration, and detailed analytics. Prior to PulseConnect, Tony served as Vice President of the Unicast division at Enliven Marketing Technologies. The Makegood recently spoke with D’anna about the relaunch of PostUp. The Makegood: Congratulations on the relaunch of PostUp. What was the… Continue reading »

    At Polar we believe in the importance of research and reflection, as evidenced in our most recent benchmarks report featured in DigiDay, our 1-billion celebration, and the focus and attention paid to analytics and data in MediaVoice’s report capabilities. Late last month, I took the stage at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s In Feed event to share some insights… Continue reading »

     In a world where Google and other search engines are constantly changing the way they rank pages, how do you stay on top of the trends that will shape Search Engine Optimization in the future? Recently, I shared five essential basics that all good search engine optimization (SEO) programs should include yet often miss. While… Continue reading »

    The Pew Research Center recently published “The Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025,” a compelling report on the next decade of the Internet of Things – “the array of devices, appliances, vehicles, wearable material, and sensor-laden parts of the environment that connect to each other and feed data back and forth.” The report is… Continue reading »

     Millennials are a coveted demographic group for many consumer marketers and media companies. New insights to help increase the percentage of their eyeballs and purchasing activity is the subject of many research projects, which seek new, innovative ways to look at this segment of 18-34 year olds. One way to look at Millennials is by… Continue reading »

    How many marketing technologies do you use daily? Perhaps your company employs digital marketing solutions from Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle or another big marketing cloud. You may also be using different solutions from thousand of best-in-class point providers. It’s great that you now have access to the data that each one of these applications collects on… Continue reading »

    Audiences across the Globe Turn into Art Critics with #ART140  It’s without a doubt that digital technology has opened the doors for the world to participate in culture. This participation has revolutionized our society – from knowledge sharing on Wikipedia, to photography on Instagram, to even how we get the news on Twitter. But what… Continue reading »

     What makes us human? It may come as a surprise to hear that brands all over the world, from start-ups to blue-chip corporations, are beginning to ask themselves this exact same question. In an industry where consumers continue to crave that personal touch, businesses are forced to take stock of how they communicate with the… Continue reading »

    Regulated industries aren’t for everyone.  Whether it’s spirits marketing, financial services, pharmaceutical or any of the other categories that carry restrictions on advertising, regulated industries require a certain intimacy with the category, just to understand what can and cannot be executed. Some media people shy away from these categories, and the effect is exaggerated in… Continue reading »

     Bill Guild is the VP of Marketing for ChoiceStream, a full-service DSP that delivers top-of-plan results by optimizing each phase of online, video, and mobile campaigns. Prior to ChoiceStream, Guild was part of several marketing positions at companies like AOL, Nexage, and Oracle. AdAge recently published a B2B Research Insights whitepaper by Avention,  “Finding the Ideal… Continue reading »

     Jenny Gadd is currently the Executive Director of Content Production at Ogilvy and Mather, an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency. Prior to joining O&M, Jenny was head of integrated production at Johannes Leonardo where she worked with clients like Coca-Cola and Bacardi. The Makegood recently spoke with Jenny about her new role. The… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    A lot has been written about the interview Group M’s Ari Bluman gave earlier this year when he announced Group M’s intent to get off the open ad exchanges by year’s end.  Pulling away from the open exchanges is an interesting decision, but what I found more interesting was what Bluman and Mediapost left unsaid.… Continue reading »

     Will Margiloff is currently the CEO at IgnitionOne, a global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology providing a world-class proprietary platform and expert services to improve digital marketing performance. Margiloff also founded Innovation Interactive, a digital marketing services firm. The Makegood recently spoke with Margiloff about IgnitionOne’s Series B. The Makegood: Congratulations on IgnitionOne’s $20 Million Series… Continue reading »

     Ulrik Bo Larsen is the Founder of Falcon Social, a communications platform built on social media management tools for listening, engagement, publishing, and analytics. Prior to founding Falcon, Larsen founded and ran Mingler, a digital agency. The Makegood recently spoke to Larsen about Falcon’s growth. The Makegood: Congratulations on establishing headquarters for Falcon Social in… Continue reading »

    Ever go to a baseball or basketball game and miss a big play because you’re stuck in line for a hot dog or a beer?  Or endure long lines for libations or fan merchandise at concerts or summer music festivals when you could have been basking in the music? Or perhaps you market food, beverages… Continue reading »

     Jurgen Van Staden is currently the Counsel and Assistant Director of Policy at NAI, the leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of third-party digital advertising companies. Prior to joining NAI, Van Staden was Senior Privacy Consultant/Privacy Attorney at 2B Advice, LLC, where he advised European-Union based clients on data privacy and security requirements as well as U.S.-based clients on European-Union data… Continue reading »

     James Herrera is currently the Executive Director, User Experience at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, a content-powered engagement agency. Prior to MXM, Herrera was the director of user experience at several top companies, and was also involved in digital strategy. The Makegood recently spoke with Herrera about his recent appointment at MXM. The Makegood:Congratulations on your appointment to… Continue reading »

      David Shim is the Founder and CEO of Placed, the leader in location-driven insights and mobile ad intelligence. Prior to Placed, Shim was the Director of Product and Operations at Quantcast. The Makegood recently spoke with Shim about the company closing Series B. The Makegood: Congratulations on closing $10 million Series B at Placed. What will… Continue reading »

     Martin Cass is currently the CEO of Assembly, a the media agency of record for AMC and responsible for generating engagement with some of today’s most popular shows. Prior to Assembly, Cass was Carat, as well as across Europe at some of the recognizable brands. The Makegood recently spoke with Cass about his provocative viewpoints on creativity and… Continue reading »

    What were you doing about five years ago? If you were in your thirties, you may have just discovered the wonders of social media and it was quickly becoming clear that there was pretty much only one game in town—Facebook. But if you were in college, you may already have passed the saturation point and… Continue reading »

    People think all advertisers are “Mad Men,” sipping martinis in our corner offices overlooking Madison Avenue. But we know better. We are the ADvocates, a group of emerging advertising talent brought together by the 4A’s to give a voice to the younger generation in the industry. We know that in today’s world, ads can do more… Continue reading »

    Upfronts are upon us. And once again it’s clear just how far digital has come when compared to TV. Where brand dollars are concerned, digital is clambering for its rightful place at the table. Historically, brands have loved the TV upfronts. They showcase content for brands, and allow them to buy commercial time to reach… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    The symptoms are all around us, to the extent that I think we can safely say that the destination is dead. Deep linking, crowdsourcing and search technology were bound to change the way we think about destinations on the web and in mobile.  I’m just surprised it’s taken 15 years and not 15 days. The… Continue reading »

     Kevin Lenane is the co-founder of Veenome, a platform that automatically translates videos into data at a very large scale to help Ad Networks and Publishers lift their CPMs. Prior to founding Veenome, Lenane was the Director of Mobile Strategy at PointAbout. The Makegood recently spoke with Lenane about Veenome’s capabilities. The Makegood: Veenome analyzes video… Continue reading »

     Bill Guild is the VP of Marketing for ChoiceStream, a full-service DSP that delivers top-of-plan results by optimizing each phase of online, video, and mobile campaigns. Prior to ChoiceStream, Guild was part of several marketing positions at companies like AOL, Nexage, and Oracle. We often hear that third party segments are bloated with consumers who have… Continue reading »

     Jeremy Randol is currently the Vice President of Programmatic Sales Strategy at Pandora, an online personalized radio. Prior to joining Pandora, Randol was both on the advertising and sales side at MediaComm, as well as head of programmatic sales at NBCUniversal. The Makegood recently spoke with Randol about his new position at Pandora.  The Makegood: Congratulations… Continue reading »

     Arthur Chan is currently the Senior VP of Marketing at Palisades MediaGroup, an independent, full-service agency that offers digital media and creative, national and local audio/video investment, strategic planning, business intelligence, analytics and consumer insights, outdoor and print advertising. Prior to Palisades, Chan was the Marketing Director at Sony. The Makegood recently spoke with Chan about… Continue reading »

     The days of search as a must-have line item within your marketing plan are gone. The evolution of Google into a media goliath has raised search up onto a platform that may not be strong enough to support its own weight. As the popularity of search and Google’s advertising platform grows, so does the thought… Continue reading »

    My colleague Gavin Wilson, MD Northern & Southern Europe, recently penned a piece for PerformanceIN. In it, he explored the concept of WEIRD and its impact on marketing. I must confess that prior to reading the article, I wasn’t familiar with WEIRD — an acronym that stands for Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic. It’s a… Continue reading »

    Just as CMOs are coming into their own they are facing a new challenge. Being a marketing guru is no longer enough, now you’re expected to be a technology whiz as well. Many senior level marketers are finding they have a gap in their skill set leaving them poorly equipped to lead a modern marketing… Continue reading »

     Jonathan Wolf is currently the Chief Product Officer at Criteo, a performance advertising company that works with Internet retailers to serve personalized online display advertisements to consumers that have previously visited the advertiser’s website. Prior to Criteo, Wolf was at Yahoo where he oversaw the restructuring and sales to Europe. The Makegood recently spoke with Wolf about… Continue reading »

     Chris Meyer is currently the CEO at George P. Johnson, the world’s leading event and experience marketing agency. Prior to GPJ, Meyer was the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Business Development at INXPO. The Makegood recently spoke with Meyer about GPJ’s 100th year anniversary. The Makegood: Congratulations on reaching a milestone at George P. Johnson, the company’s 100th… Continue reading »

     Matt Voda is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at OptiMine, a leader in cloud-based omni-channel marketing analytics and optimization. Prior to joining OptiMine, Voda was head of consumer engagement and insight at Optum, and brings 20 years of industry experience. The Makegood recently spoke with Voda about his new position.  The Makegood: Congratulations on your… Continue reading »

    New York Times' Matt Prohaska

     I am a big fan of year-end/decade-end/millennium-end countdown shows. One of the my favorites was ESPN’s SportsCentury, highlighting the top 100 athletes of the 20th century. Great “water cooler” fodder – my friends, including one who actually produced a couple of the shows, and I still talk about that list, as recently as last week.… Continue reading »

    Ragini Bhalla on Storytelling and Content Marketing.

    Earlier this month, I headed west to San Francisco for the annual MobileBeat conference. The two-day event, hosted by VentureBeat, focused its central theme around how brands and marketers can drive growth with mobile. To some, this theme may seem too simple or basic. But in my opinion, it pointed to a very common problem… Continue reading »

    Seth Besmertnik is the CEO and Co-Founder of Conductor, the market leading Web Presence Management Platform for companies with WPM and SEO teams, and the agencies that support them. Prior to Conductor, Seth founded health portal, where he learned and developed the innovative search practices that later became the foundation of Conductor marketing solutions. The Makegood… Continue reading »

     Ryan Schulke is the CEO at Fluent, an ad tech company that specializes in new customer acquisition, activation, and long term engagement through data driven insights. Prior to Fluent, Schulke was the Media Director at Clash Media. The Makegood recently spoke with Schulke about the company’s recent hires. The Makegood: As CEO of Fluent, you are… Continue reading »

     Big brands continue to screw up Search Engine Optimization. Incredibly, we still see big brands ignore the proper foundation of a good SEO program in favor of investing resources into more advanced tactics often discussed in the trades. SEO results often follow the 80/20 rule – 20% of the basic SEO tactics you employ yield… Continue reading »

     Mark Josephson is currently the CEO at Bitly, a company that shortens nearly half a billion links per month as an integral part of social, SMS, email efforts (and more) from publishers, brands, marketers, government organizations, educational institutions, non-profits and individual users. Prior to joining Bitly, Josephson was SVP at Patch Labs of AOL. The Makegood… Continue reading »

     For all its so called “advancements,” digital advertising hasn’t lived up to its potential for brands. And that’s not just my opinion, but also that of marketing executives with large budgets. A recent Millward Brown Digital survey reveals that half of digital marketer respondents agree with this statement: “Digital held promise for brand marketers, but… Continue reading »

     Native advertising is one of today’s fastest growing trends in digital media. Not a day passes without a bunch of news stories covering native advertising. Pew Research Center’s 2013 State of the News Media Report found that “though it remains small in dollars, the category’s growth rate is second only to that of video. Sponsorship… Continue reading »

     Bryan Robb is the Founder and President of Digital Throttle, a vertical ad network that provides online advertising solutions across a highly-focused community of websites. Prior to founding Digital Throttle, Robb led aftermarket online sales for Source Interlink Media, the parent company of over 60 iconic brands such as Hot Rod, Motor Trend, and Motorcyclist. The Makegood recently spoke with… Continue reading »

    Mark Means is the VP, Director of Communications Planning at Underscore Marketing, a boutique firm that creates and manages digital marketing programs. Mark is a 20-year veteran of media planning.  He has worked for a solid cross-section of media agencies, including Maxus, PHD, MPG, Initiative, Media Edge and Mindshare.  His media experience runs the gamut from packaged goods to retail… Continue reading »

     Are Traasdahl is the Founder and CEO of Tapad, the leader in cross-device content delivery. Prior to Tapad, Traasdahl founded Thumbplay, a mobile entertainment service that is now known as iHeartRadio. The Makegood recently spoke with Traasdahl about their recent study on consumer behavior and preferences. The Makegood: Could you elaborate on what the cross-screen behavioral study… Continue reading »

     We’ve shifted into a golden age of digital publishing where the industry is changing every day.  The industry is thriving, and publishers are finding new ways to get their content delivered to different audiences.  The print industry is certainly not dead, but it’s changing quickly, and publishers have recognized this and continue to embrace the… Continue reading »

     Scott Swanson is currently the President of Global Ad Sales at Opera Mediaworks, the world’s leading mobile advertising platform. Prior to Opera Mediaworks, Swanson founded Mobile Theory, consulting firm 47 Media, and was the GM and VP at Glam Media. The Makegood recently spoke with Swanson about Opera Mediawork’s acquisition of Mobile Theory. The Makegood: With… Continue reading »

     Julie Preis is was recently appointed to Senior Vice President of Product Management at PulsePoint, an advertising technology and content creation company that owns one of the largest transparent programmatic exchanges in the industry. Prior to joining PulsePoint, Julie spearheaded the development of the best in class mobile ad platform at Mocean. The Makegood recently spoke… Continue reading »

                                                    “It just makes so much sense,” I thought as the car dealer showed me the new plates that were delivered for my recently purchased used car.  The vehicle registration plates –… Continue reading »

     Martin Kogan is the Founder and CEO of Headway Digital, a technology that integrates and provides access to third party data providers, ad networks, ad exchanges, and other top third party providers in order to achieve data-driven media buying power. Prior to Headway, Kogan was Director for southern Latin America for MySpace, where he was in… Continue reading »

    Deploying the right mobile advertising techniques to put consumers on the path to conversion: I am using my tablet or my smartphone. I am at home on the sofa or in transit. I have time for product research or am in the position to be inspired and make an immediate purchase. These are just some… Continue reading »

    Dear Tish, I’ve been in my current position as CEO at an online media company for just under a year, and things haven’t gone as well as I hoped. Our board and investors have high expectations and have set a high annual revenue goal, but I’m now concerned that my sales department will miss our… Continue reading »

    When most people think about the residential rental market, online marketing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. That was certainly my thought when I was invited to speak at last year’s Apartment Internet Marketing conference in Huntington Beach. I quickly learned just how valuable online marketing is for this industry and… Continue reading »

    Branded content isn’t new. John Deere was publishing a magazine for farmers as far back as 1895. But it’s bigger and better than ever before. According to a survey by the Custom Content Council and ContentWise, 37 percent of the total marketing budget went to content marketing in 2013. It took a while for some to catch… Continue reading »

    Adam Epstein is the President & COO at adMarketplace, the first programmatic marketplace for search partner advertising. Adam joined the company in 2003 and became President & COO in 2006. Before becoming an Internet entrepreneur, Adam clerked for a US District Court judge and was an attorney at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in New… Continue reading »

     Noah Brier is the CEO and Co-founder of Percolate, a marketing technology company with a mission to help brands of all sizes create great marketing and distribute it to the right audience. With an end-to-end suite of web-based and mobile tools, Percolate allows brands, agencies and other external partners to work within a single platform.… Continue reading »

     Jeremy Snepar is the CEO and founder of the New York Code + Design Academy, an institution that offers hands-on, intensive workshops in web and mobile app development and UI/UX design. Prior to the New York Code + Design Academy, Jeremy was the Executive Vice President of the New York Film Academy. The Makegood recently spoke with… Continue reading »

    When programmatic display first started getting really hot in 2010, the pundits all looked at the Display LUMAscape and agreed that things couldn’t stay this way forever.  Every company in the space was chasing a very small slice of what was a growing, but still tiny market.  By and large, most agreed that the programmatic… Continue reading »

     With the evolution of traditional public relations moving to a broader digital platform, PR professionals are constantly reviewing and analyzing the stories that make their brands heard. Gone are the days of a press release achieving coverage as a favor here and there. Now, PR consultants and businesses alike need to consider whether their story… Continue reading »

     Native advertising, the phrase on the tip of every publisher’s tongue. If you haven’t had a meeting yet in 2014 centered around your sponsored content program, you have a lot of catching up to do. But even those who have strategized around the topic ad nauseam need to watch out for one thing: The wrong type… Continue reading »

    “Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.” “Now look, your grace,” said Sancho, “what you see over there aren’t giants, but windmills, and what seems to be arms are just their sails, that go around in the wind and turn… Continue reading »

     Mike More is the CEO and Founder of CoPromote, a co-marketing platform to help people connect with new audiences and increase their social shares on Facebook and Twitter. More also founded Selectable Media, a distributed media company. The Makegood recently spoke with More about CoPromote. The Makegood: CoPromote is a great way to share promotions online. Could… Continue reading »

    This year’s World Cup is projected to be the first truly social Cup. Marketers will be connecting with their consumers through #hashtags, “brand newsrooms” will be abuzz with trending topics and consumers will be prompted to share those remarkable ads across their networks — all in an effort to seize real-time opportunities and become part… Continue reading »

    New York Times' Matt Prohaska

    When I was 10 years old, our family had this awesome rocking chair that, when my parents were not looking, I would try to see how far I could lean forward without my feet touching the ground and before falling over. And then I would lean backward as far as I could without falling backward.… Continue reading »

     Maureen Traynor is currently Brand Partnerships at Spotify, a digital music service that gives listeners access to millions of songs. Prior to joining Spotify, Maureen was Program Director, Brand Experiences at AOL. The Makegood recently spoke with Maureen about Spotify and Blue Moon joining forces for a summer festival. The Makegood: This summer will bring music lovers,… Continue reading »

     Rob Cromer is currently the CEO and a Co-Founder of Adcade, a cross platform, HTML5 rich media vendor and 3rd party server. The company has built a custom HTML5 Canvas-based advertising framework from scratch that is able to replicate any and all animations that can be done in Flash, as well as tapping into the native device… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    Indeed, everything is broken. I was reading the above-linked piece, thinking about the bigger picture with respect to the systems we’ve all come to rely on.  The power grid, the pipes that bring drinking water to your home, the telecom infrastructure – if something catastrophic were to happen to any of those systems, how many… Continue reading »

    As it may deprive me of a rich source of income, I hesitate to relay this story lest my unheralded gravy train becomes exposed to the world.  But my enthusiasm for the company that has created such a brilliant confluence of mobile applications, crowdsourcing and reward economy makes me want to shout it out loud… Continue reading »

     Casey Carey is currently the Director of Adometry Marketing, Google, a platform that optimizes advertising campaigns with the most accurate marketing analytics platform, providing top agencies and advertisers remarkable results. Prior to Adometry, Carey was responsible for generating business value at several successful technology companies, most recently serving as the VP of Marketing at Monsoon Commerce. The… Continue reading »

    Aaron Finn is currently the General Manager of Simplixity, CPXi’s combined media and platform business. Aaron was the former CEO of AdReady, a programmatic display platform acquired by CPXi. The Makegood recently spoke with Finn about his new position. The Makegood: Congratulations on your position as Senior VP of CPXi and GM of Simplixity. This company… Continue reading »

     Rachel Pasqua is currently the Head of Mobile at MEC, one of the world’s leading media agency networks. Prior to joining MEC, Rachel served as VP, Mobile at iCrossing, where she founded and managed the emerging media group. The Makegood recently spoke with Rachel about her new position as Head of Mobile. The Makegood: Congratulations on your appointment… Continue reading »

     Corey Weiner is currently the COO of Jun Group. The company gets millions of people to see branded content through two products: traffic and video. Weiner helped found Jun Group whilst in High School, and worked with the company throughout college. He was also a consultant for both Sony and the Federal Government. Ellyn Fisher is the Vice… Continue reading »

     Nathan Safran is currently the  Director of Research at Conductor, a widely used SEO platform – empowering enterprise marketers to take control of their search performance. Safran was recently selected to be a part of the Board of Directors at SEMPO. The Makegood recently spoke with Safra about this appointment. The Makegood: Congratulations on being appointed to… Continue reading »

    Aaron Epstein is the Vice President, Business Development at Voltari, a company that develops predictive analytical solutions for the mobile space. Voltari optimizes mobile advertising campaigns from the start, learns and improves automatically in real-time, and provides insights. Aaron oversees the introduction of new products to the marketplace — managing key relationships for the company,… Continue reading »

     John Mracek is currently the CEO of NetSeer, a ConceptGraph intent engine that delivers exceptional ad performance across desktop, mobile, and video inventory. Prior to his leading position at NetSeer, Mracek was VP of Advertising Product at Yahoo. The Makegood recently spoke with Mracek about the intent engine. The Makegood: NetSeer uses a program called ConceptGraph,… Continue reading »

     Aliza Freud is the Founder of SheSpeaks, a marketing platform that  inspires women to discover, influence and share products. Prior to founding SheSpeaks, Aliza was an executive at the American Express Company’s Global Advertising and Brand Management group and led global brand enhancement initiatives. The Makegood recently spoke with Aliza about the nature of SheSpeaks. The Makegood:… Continue reading »

      Rajeev Raman is currently the CEO at 1 Mainstream, a cloud-based digital TV distribution platform for broadcasters and operators optimized for deploying HD services in weeks across the most popular TV, game console, tablet and Web devices. Raman is an experienced entrepreneur, but has previous experience as Head of Product at Roku, and VP of… Continue reading »

    It’s established; native advertising is a viable revenue opportunity for publishers and one of the best content tools for marketers looking to create brand awareness and engage with audiences. What isn’t established? How to scale this revenue opportunity without devaluing it out of relevance (like we did with the banner). We are seeing increased chatter and… Continue reading »

     Matt Biespiel is currently the Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy at McDonald’s, the leading global food service retailer. Prior to joining McDonald’s, Biespiel was Managing Director Brand Development at United States Olympic Committe, and Vice President, Advertising at Visa USA. The Makegood recently spoke with Biespiel about McDonald’s being awarded Cannes Lions Creative Marketer of the Year. The Makegood: Congratulations on being awarded… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    It’s long been a criticism in digital media that sellers and buyers alike make things way more complicated than they need to. In no place is that more evident than the buzz phrases we use to describe emerging tactics.  “Native Advertising,” “Responsive Design,” “Programmatic Buying” – whatever the term we invent, it’s sure to confuse… Continue reading »

     Bret Kinsella is currently the CMO at XAPPMedia, a platform that connects consumers with brands through interactive audio ads. XAPP Ads allow consumers to engage with brands hands free and eyes free. Prior to joining XAPP, Kinsella worked at dwinQ, Harris Corporation, and ODIN Technologies. The Makegood recently spoke with Kinsella about some of XAPP’s recent… Continue reading »

    Admonster's Gavin Dunaway

    For years representatives from Facebook vehemently denied it was building an ad network as the industry collectively rolled its eyes in disbelief. Of course it was coming, we all thought as the heads continued to shake – with Facebook increasingly ubiquitous across the Internet, how could it dare miss out on such a dramatic revenue… Continue reading »

     This column was written by Premal Shah, VP, Strategy at Chango, a real-time marketing technology company with an advanced platform and full-service solutions for brands and agencies. Premal is responsible for leading best practices and partnership strategies across all media solutions and the Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP). Commercial bankers, like car salespeople, don’t usually get… Continue reading »

     This is the first post in a monthly advice column on The Makegood. This column will acknowledge any and all of your questions regarding advertising, technology, executives, strategic decisions, and much more. With more than 17 years of experience, Tish Squillaro, the CEO and founder of CANDOR, will be the column’s author, answering questions in… Continue reading »

     Bruce Morris recently joined NAI as VP Member Services and Business Development. NAI is the leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of third-party digital advertising companies. Prior to joining NAI, Morris was EVP, Managing Director of SourceMedia. The Makegood recently spoke with Morris about his new position. The Makegood: Congratulations on joining the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) as VP… Continue reading »

     Matt Eastwood is currently the CCO of DDB, a worldwide marketing communications network. Prior to joining DDB, Eastwood was chairman and executive creative director at the New York office of M&C Saatchi. The Makegood recently spoke with Eastwood about The Drinkable Book, a water filter book for those in need of fresh water around the world. The… Continue reading »

     Jayson Dubin is the Founder and CEO of Playwire, the only online video hosting service that delivers encoding, hosting, syndication and monetization in one easy application. The Makegood recently spoke with Dubin about video monetization. The Makegood: Why are publishers increasingly investing in video for their monetization strategies? How can brands and publishers build successful video… Continue reading »

    Ragini Bhalla on Storytelling and Content Marketing.

    What you want Baby, I got What you need Do you know I got it? All I’m askin’ Is for a lil respect when you come home… Oh, Aretha Franklin. She sure knows how to make you feel the power of those words. She may not have been a marketer, but even back then she… Continue reading »

     Phil Goldby is currently the Managing Director of EMEA at Sherpa Digital Media, a digital media solutions, infrastructure services, and media intelligence company that caters to global organizations. Prior to joining Sherpa Digital Media, Goldby led Reed Elsevier’s multimedia team as the Director of Enterprise Multimedia. The Makegood recently spoke with Goldby about his new position. The… Continue reading »

     Paul Silver is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Media iQ, global, real-time trading specialists, powered by advanced predictive analytics, designed to drive ROI and deeper insights. Prior to Media iQ, Silver ran his own ad tech consultancy, and moved to Media iQ for a greater challenge. The Makegood recently spoke with Silver about the company’s recently being… Continue reading »

    Chip Meyers is currently the CEO at ReactX, an ad firm that enables the programmatic buying and selling of high impact, large canvas type ads in RTB platforms. Meyers brings previous experience from Demand Media, where he was the GM. The Makegood recently spoke with Meyers about the reveal of buy side capabilities.  The Makegood: Congratulations… Continue reading »

    Elisabeth Mischel is currently the Vice President of, focusing on client development and mobile research projects. delivers instant consumer insights with access to an on-demand audience of over 12 million people ready to give their real opinions. Elisabeth brings over fifteen years of knowledge to, with previous experience from Nielsen Catalina Solutions where… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

     Programmatic buying certainly aims to increase efficiency when it comes to buying targeted ad inventory, but there are some other process issues it seems positioned to be able to solve. So much of the argument for adopting programmatic buying seems to be focused on its efficiency, relative to that of the traditional method.  But really,… Continue reading »

    Admonster's Gavin Dunaway

     Do you smell it? The aroma of pleasantly buzzed media planners wafting all about Manhattan this week? That’s right, it’s some kind of –front time – and since a digital reporter like moi is getting invites, it must be the Newfronts. Agency buyers and brand representatives are being shuffled up- and downtown to one glitzy presentation… Continue reading »

    New York Times' Matt Prohaska

    OK, quick show of hands: how many of you were raised in the “Footloose” era? I mean, how many of you were teenagers when that movie came out? I was a spry 13, and one of the my favorite scenes was the Chicken standoff, where Kevin Bacon playing Ren McCormack (btw, a bit surprising that… Continue reading »

                                          A funny thing happened on the way to the freedom, transparency and ubiquity that the Internet promised us.  We ended up in Doomworld. But that’s not as bad as it sounds.  If you’re Victor Von Doom,… Continue reading »

     As the digital media industry evolves, video messaging has become another way to deliver content to consumers.  Consumers want content that’s easy to access and enjoy, and video content is one of the most engaging ways to deliver that.  Marketers are challenged to produce good content and video has become another tool in taking good… Continue reading »

     Mitchell Reichgut is the Founder and CEO of Jun Group, a premier social video company. Prior to Jun Group, Reichgut was the Creative Director at Bates Worldwide Advertising, where he helped grow the company’s client base. The Makegood recently spoke with Mitchell about achieving half a billion page views at Jun Group. The Makegood: Congratulations on… Continue reading »

     Curtis Melville is currently the Executive Creative Director at Lowe Campbell Ewald, a full service, fully integrated advertising and marketing communications agency. Melville brings previous experience from Team Detroit, where he served as the Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director. The Makegood recently spoke with Melville about his new position at Lowe Campbell Ewald. The Makegood: Congratulations… Continue reading »

     Lisa Reynolds is currently the Vice President, Brand Strategy and Campaign Solutions at Valassis, a  leader in intelligent media delivery, providing over 15,000 advertisers proven and innovative media solutions to influence consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share. The Makegood recently spoke with Lisa about the announcement of Valassis’s Shopper Marketing Report. The Makegood: Being a leader in… Continue reading »

     Shirlene Chandrapal is currently the Senior VP of Connected TV at Adconion Direct, a global provider of true cross channel digital advertising solutions across all channels and devices on a unified technology platform. Shirlene brings previous experience from Smartclip and Yahoo!. The Makegood recently spoke with Shirlene about Adconion’s integration of CTV into its technology platform.… Continue reading »

     Paul Rostkowski currently the President at Varick Media Management, a media management, buying, and optimization trade desk focused on targeting and delivering audiences. Prior to Varick Media, Paul was Chief Revenue Officer of LucidMedia, where he was responsible for taking the company’s DSP platform to market. The Makegood recently spoke with Paul about his thoughts on the… Continue reading »

     This guest editorial was written by Bart Burggraaf, a partner at MediaGroup Performance, a specialized DSP for the financial services industry. Burggraaf brings previous marketing experience from Citi and Saxo Bank, where he was the marketing manager. Focusing solely on the financial services industry has given me some insight into the very specific needs that marketers… Continue reading »

     David Stocks is currently the Senior Strategic Planner at POSSIBLE, a global digital agency that offers itsclients award-winning digital strategy, performance marketing, and creative design. Stocks brings previous experience from WPP and Added Value, where he was the brand strategist for brands including Pepsie and Absolut. The Makegood recently spoke with Stocks about ART140, a website that… Continue reading »

      Michael Calleia is the Senior Director of Marketing at Voltari, a company that develops predictive analytical solutions for the mobile space. Voltari optimizes mobile advertising campaigns from the start, learns and improves automatically in real-time, and provides insights. Michael comes to Voltari with a background that encompasses advertising, publishing, branding and marketing on both the… Continue reading »

     Andrew Fischer is currently the CEO and co-founder of Choozle, an end to end programmatic marketing platform that puts marketing technology into the hands of the marketer. The Makegood recently spoke with Fischer about an exciting new platform and over a million dollars in funding. The Makegood: Congratulations on such a successful year with Choozle. Could… Continue reading »

     Tracy Richards is currently the CMO at Organic, a digital agency connecting people with brands on every screen. Richards is the first-ever CMO at Organic, and brings previous experience as Group Director, Global Business Development at Organic. The Makegood recently spoke with Tracy about her new role and her goals for Organic. The Makegood: Congratulations on… Continue reading »

    Maciek Mikołajczak is currently the Business Development Director CEE at RTB House, a technology agency with worldwide operations, and the creator of technology for buying inventory and displaying adverts in the real time bidding model. Prior to RTB House, Mikołajczak was the Business Development Director at Gemius, where he ran the company’s expansion in Europe. The Makegood recently spoke with Mikołajczak… Continue reading »

     Matthias Hartmann is currently the CEO of GfK, a leading market research provider. Hartmann has previous experience at IBM in several different positions, including Vice President and Head of Global. The Makegood recently spoke iwth Hartmann about the company’s global expansion and market trends. The Makegood: GfK is aggressively expanding its horizons both in the… Continue reading »

     Consumer journey mapping has long been integral to finding out how consumers encounter, perceive, make purchasing decisions, and develop affinities and loyalties with companies. However, the proliferation of social media, advances in online advertising, the boom in mobile devices, and developments in data collection technology have created numerous challenges and opened new opportunities in this… Continue reading »

     Mario Diez is currently the CEO at PointRoll, the leading multi-screen digital advertising technology and services company that advertisers, agencies and publishers turn to when they want great creative, robust ad delivery, exceptional results and a consultative partner to help them build once, publish everywhere, and measure everything. Diez has previous experience at New York Times,… Continue reading »

    Tom Donnelly is currently the CEO at OptiMine, a leader in cloud-based omni-channel marketing analytics and optimization. Prior to joining OptiMine, Donnelly was the COO and President at Digital River, where he led the global e-marketing, sales, client delivery, and infrastructure organizations for the company’s core enterprise e-commerce businesses. The Makegood recently spoke with Donnelly about his… Continue reading »

    Ragini Bhalla on Storytelling and Content Marketing.

     In the world of B2B, content marketing is king. It’s become that highly desirable, hard-to-perfect ‘status’ both brands and marketers hope to attain. It makes me think of standing in line at an ultra hot, super hyped up nightclub in New York City. There’s a red rope and a long line around the corner of… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

    “Do you want some fantastic stereo speakers, cheap?” said the guy driving the white van in the lane next to me. I rolled my window back up. We were right outside the Holland Tunnel.  I had just driven back into New York from a New Jersey client meeting, when I noticed this guy trying to… Continue reading »

      Kunal Gupta is the CEO of Polar (formerly Polar Mobile), a computer software firm based in Toronto. Polar originally focused on mobile, but has rebranded to expand its mission, now specializing in native ads. He has been recognized as a Top 30 Under 30, a United Nations Global Citizen and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.… Continue reading »

     Glenn Humble is currently the Marketing and Communications Director at Adroit Digital, a digital marketing firm that drives performance across channels through a combination of advanced audience technology and knowledgeable industry experts. The Makegood recently spoke with Humble about a study regarding brand loyalty among millennials. The Makegood: After conducting a study on 2,000 U.S. Millennials, Adroit… Continue reading »

    Admonster's Gavin Dunaway

     “Everyone’s going through various levels of pain,” commented 614 Group CEO Founder and Managing Partner Rob Rasko at a recent 3MS town hallon viewability. In the digital advertising industry, we all suffer together, no? Certainly viewability has been a trial for those all over the ecosystem for the last few years – a veritable emotional roller coaster. The… Continue reading »

      Selfhood: The fully developed self; an achieved personality. SalesHood: The state of sharing sales best practices; a community where sales people mentor each other; engagement to improve pipeline quality and close deals faster. In the midst of a profession filled with competition, secrets, and the image of a pushy and manipulative used car salesman… Continue reading »

    The IAB always puts on a great conference. Their Annual Leadership Meeting is the best of the best. The caliber of the attendees, the timeliness of the topics, the quality and preparation of the speakers, and the flawless execution are unparalleled in our business. The session that stood out at this year’s ALM and still resonates two months later… Continue reading »

     Mark Josephson is currently the CEO at Bitly, a company that shortens nearly half a billion links per month as an integral part of social, SMS, email efforts (and more) from publishers, brands, marketers, government organizations, educational institutions, non-profits and individual users. Prior to joining Bitly, Josephson was SVP at Patch Labs of AOL. The Makegood… Continue reading »

     Dylan manages PulsePoint’s US publisher business development efforts across the companies display, video and mobile inventory. He also works closely with PulsePoint’s internal product and data science teams to develop and implement new revenue maximizing publisher programs. Netizens remain outraged following a recent district court ruling that struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s ability to… Continue reading »

    Brandon Evans is the Founder and CEO of Crowdtap, the leading social Influence Marketing Platform, making it easy for top brands to access real-time insights and inspire consumers to share more about the products they love across social media. Prior to Crowdtap, Evans founded three other successful startups, including MRY, where he created an exceptional technology… Continue reading »

     In ad-tech, it seems like much of our conversation revolves around how to make money: monetization strategies, improving ROI, boosting revenue. Our industry boasts many of the most creative, intelligent minds in the world, sophisticated technological resources and, let’s face it, a lot of dough. It is our responsibility; in fact, it is the responsibility… Continue reading »

      Qayed Shareef has two decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, having built and lead successful teams in both start-up environments as well as in mature, large-cap companies. He founded and is currently the CEO of Adaptive Media, a programmatic audience and content monetization provider for website owners, app developers and video publishers who… Continue reading »

     While dynamic remarketing may not be a novel concept to many the progress it has made in its capabilities and reporting is. New ways to remarket are emerging everywhere from abandoned cart emails to stock-based product ads, while airline companies keep clients up to date on the available seating of their flight. In the past… Continue reading »

     Tarek Pertew is the Co-Founder and CCO of Wakefield, which publishes a widely-read digital magazine on startups. Tarek is also the creator of Uncubed, Wakefield’s wildly popular tech event and one of the largest Startup event series in the US.  The Makegood recently spoke with Tarek about Uncubed, and how it is very different from… Continue reading »

     Noga Rosenthal is currently the General Counsel, VP for Compliance and Policy at the NAI, the leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of 3rd party digital advertising companies. Noga was previously SVP of 24/7 Media and Media Innovation Group. The Makegood recently spoke with Noga about NAI’s high level of member compliance. The Makegood: Congratulations on achieving such… Continue reading »

     Robert Johnston is CEO and co-founder of SponsorHub, the first online marketplace for the sponsorship industry, providing greater access, easier execution and audience measurement for marketers. Johnston has reached several milestones throughout his career, which include major investment achievements. The Makegood recently spoke with Johnston about what SponsorHub is providing for the industry. The Makegood: SponsorHub… Continue reading »

     Scott Rayden is the Founder of iSearch, a company recently acquired by 3Q. The two companies combined create an exceptional Search and Digital foundation for advertisers. Prior to founding iSearch, Rayden was a part of two of the country’s largest marketing agencies, Quinstreet and LeadClick Media. The Makegood recently spoke with Rayden about 3Q’s acquisition… Continue reading »

     Jag Duggal is currently the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Quantcast, a digital advertising company, specializing in audience measurement and real-time advertising. Duggal brings exceptional experience as the leader of the development and commercialization of one of Google’s most important display products. In 2012, 1.8 trillion display ads were paid for but not seen.… Continue reading »

     This column was written by Premal Shah, VP, Strategy at Chango, a real-time marketing technology company with an advanced platform and full-service solutions for brands and agencies. Premal is responsible for leading best practices and partnership strategies across all media solutions and the Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP). In the programmatic era, the more data you’ve… Continue reading »

     Eric Wheeler is currently the CEO of 33Across, a leading advertising technology company that harnesses intent from billions of consumer search and sharing activities on more than 1 million publishers to deliver breakthrough advertising experiences and enhanced modeled audience solutions. Wheeler brings previous experience from CEO of Neo@Ogilvy and Executive Director of Ogilvy Interactive North America. The Makegood… Continue reading »

    Underscore Marketing's Tom Hespos on The Makegood

     Investors in programmatic media companies envision a future where media buyers sit at the industry’s equivalent of Bloomberg Terminals, placing orders for 20 million young moms or 30 million middle class dads at a time.  Part of this vision also includes bringing some concepts over from finance that we’ve learned to loathe in recent years,… Continue reading »

    “The system we learn says we’re equal under law But the streets are reality, the weak and poor will fall Let’s tip the power balance and tear down their crown Educate the masses, We’ll burn the White House down” Geoff Tate, “Speak.” Operation: Mindcrime Whether some good has come out of the massive leaks, or… Continue reading »

     Dan Ruch is currently the President at Rocketrip, a travel management and rewards platform that engage employees as partners in managing travel costs. Prior to Rocketrip, Ruch held positions at TACODA and GroupM where he dealt with several well-known brands. The Makegood recently spoke to Ruch about the funding Rocketrip received from Canaan and Genecast. The… Continue reading »

     Anthony Onesto is a business development guru who has started a campaign via Indiegogo to support females in engineering. The Makegood recently spoke with Onesto about a show he has developed that encourages females to pursue engineering. The Makegood: Your idea to start a campaign for a TV show called Ella the Engineer is an admirable one. Could… Continue reading »

     Richard Jalichandra is currently the CEO of iSocket, a technology platform purpose-built to simplify the buying and selling of fixed price, premium, reserved inventory. Prior to iSocket, Jalichandra was SVP of Business Development for Fox Interactive Media, and was the Vice President of Business & Corporate Development at IGN Entertainment. The Makegood recently spoke with Jalichandra about… Continue reading »

     Eric Bosco is currently the CEO at ChoiceStream, a a full-service Demand Side Platform that offers branding and pay for performance digital advertising services based on its programmatic media buying platform. Bosco was previously the COO at ChoiceStream, and CPO at comScore. The Makegood recently spoke with Bosco about his expectations for the future of advertising… Continue reading »

     Michael Calleia is the Senior Director of Marketing at Voltari, a company that develops predictive analytical solutions for the mobile space. Voltari optimizes mobile advertising campaigns from the start, learns and improves automatically in real-time, and provides insights. Michael comes to Voltari with a background that encompasses advertising, publishing, branding and marketing on both the… Continue reading »

      Scott Portugal currently runs global business development for PulsePoint, a digital media & technology firm based in New York. Prior to PulsePoint, Mr. Portugal was Chief Revenue Officer for TRAFFIQ, a leading media buying platform, where he created partnerships with leading agency holding companies as well as helped launch TRAFFIQ L.A., their Latin American joint… Continue reading »

    New York Times' Matt Prohaska

     If you follow sports, and sports on TV, you’re aware of a trend among well-known coaches and executives that have retired or been removed from their positions where they become analysts on TV. Recent examples in the basketball and football worlds include Bill Cowher on CBS, Bill Polian and Bruce Pearl (until recently accepting a… Continue reading »

     Rajeev Raman is currently the CEO at 1 Mainstream, is a cloud-based digital TV distribution platform for broadcasters and operators optimized for deploying HD services in weeks across the most popular TV, game console, tablet and Web devices. Raman is an experienced entrepreneur, but has previous experience as Head of Product at Roku, and VP of… Continue reading »

     Lauren Nutt Bello is currently Agency Partner at Ready Set Rocket, a digital agency that bridges cutting-edge creative thinking, technological expertise, data analysis and impeccable design execution, and leverages communication channels to transform human behavior into consumer action. Lauren was previously Account Manager at RSR, but also as the Sales Executive and Engagement Manager at Markets… Continue reading »

    William A. (“Bill”) Lederer is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of MediaCrossing, a firm that leverages Wall Street and Madison Avenue innovation and best practices combined with deep, specific audience and contextual data and analytics. Prior to founding MediaCrossing, Lederer was the Divisional CEO with Kantar. The Makegood recently spoke with Lederer about the launch… Continue reading »

     How Re:Think 2014 Aims to End the Debate about How to Appeal to the Hearts of Today and Tomorrow’s Consumer At the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2014, we will combine the very best of leading-edge research, insight and analytic solutions through conversations with advertisers and researchers (or what we like to call new age analysts)… Continue reading »