EGT International Corp. Partners with Futures Media to Enable Advertisers to Purchase Programmatic TV with Engagement Tokens (EGTs)

  • Solution Designed to Enable Offshore Marketers to Buy TV in US Markets
  • Chinese Marketers Selling Products in US without Middlemen

May 25, 2018 — New York – Futures Media, whose technology bridges the gap between the automated advertising buying platforms and television sellers of inventory, and EGT International Corp announced today that it has partnered to enable marketers to buy programmatic television inventory using Engagement tokens.

Publishers and top participating audience members earn the tokens by creating interesting content. Advertisers buy tokens to place their ads where the most user engagement occurs and to access unique distribution channels for their products in the United States while building a reputable business franchise with Engagement Token’s bounty program.

“Futures Media will enable advertisers to quickly and easily access and purchase premium television inventory using Engagement Token as currency,“ said Josh Winograd, Founder and CEO of Futures Media.

In addition to these benefits, advertisers are now able to continue engagement with their customers and motivate them with Engagement Tokens to leave their opinions and share their feedback about purchased products. The partnership also enables buyers to access premium TV inventory in real time while combining the power of digital audience targeting with the reach of TV.

“This enables advertisers to reach users with relevant, meaningful and engaging messages,” said Constantine Goltsev, President and Co-Founder of EGT International.  “This technology eliminates waste with better insights to plan and optimize campaigns,” said Lena Knysh, VP of Sales at EGT International

About EGT International Corp.

EGT International Corp’s ERC20-compatible tokens will fuel sustainable transformation of advertising, such as pay-per-article advertising platform called SolidOpinion. The easy-to-use commenting plug-in platform is designed to increase on-site user engagement and drive value for advertisers looking to obtain relevant ad space above high-performing articles. Content providers (publishers and commenting readers) will earn tokens which can be sold to advertisers spending them on ad placement. For more information, please visit https://engagementtoken.com/

About Futures Media

Futures Media bridges the gap between the automated advertising buying platforms and television sellers of inventory.  The software allows advanced television purchasers to understand, evaluate and purchase highly valued television inventory with speed, precision and automation.  Futures Media is built by a blend of television, digital and financial platform professionals in order to offer a solution that media traders are comfortable with but still adheres to the rules of the linear television sales community.  For more information, please visit: www.futuresmedia.com

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