Rant Media Experiences Accelerated Growth

unnamed-31 Brett Rosin is currently the CEO at Rant Media, a leading innovator in online media consumption. Prior to Rant, Rosin was an amateur pitcher who co-founded RantSports in 2010. The Makegood recently spoke with Rosin about Rant’s accelerated growth. 

The Makegood: As a former baseball player, you are aware of exactly the type of information sport enthusiasts are after. What kind of insights do you have on these enthusiasts’ preferences, and how have you been applying your own knowledge to Rant Media’s content?

It’s always been my stance that sports fans always remain heavily engaged with opinions related to all things sports and always thirst for more of the same. Most enthusiasts have favorite teams, so whether they’re at the office, at home, or at a local sports bar, there’s always friendly competition about who knows more about their home teams–what they need to do to improve this season, who would be a better trade, who’s going to win, etc.. It’s these kinds of opinions we wanted to be able to bring to the table for all sports fans when we first started Rant, to keep the debates lively and the conversations going–all in one place. When Rant started, I was directly responsible for the content strategy, finding writers from all walks of life and across the country who were excited about getting their own opinions out there. This approach to content and to recruiting paid writers with a specific point of view has inextricably become part of our DNA and is why we’ve gained so much success within a relatively short period of time. I’m a major sports fan at heart, and still find myself reading all sorts of content on RantSports, frequently engaging in office debates about our teams (I’m a big Chicago fan myself! I follow all of them—the Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, and Notre Dame.). I love that my job is my passion too.

The Makegood: Rant Media has already grown to equate several sports related publications. How did the company reach this point? What sort of edgy content was utilized to further grow the company?

Our audience base continues to grow rapidly and organically because people increasingly appreciate authentic, no-nonsense, entertaining opinions generated among peers. We like that fact and completely embrace it by continuing to stick to our authentic, fan-generated content roots and encouraging our readers to engage with our content by commenting on articles with their own opinions and infusing fresh perspectives about their favorite teams and players.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to launch Fan Stats, our RantSports app which will take our existing successful content model, and add more interactive features to make our increasingly mobile audience’s experience more enjoyable. We believe that the heightened experience and engagement with content and peers will catapult our RantSports property even further up the chain of go-to sports and lifestyle site rankings.

The Makegood: Rant Media has also recently raised $4Million. What will this funding be used for, and how will it help further grow the company?

To help us deliver better user experiences on desktop as well as mobile devices, and connect premium brands to our growing, engaged audience base, we’re focusing on building our technology platform, adding more engineers and data specialists. We’re also in the process of a recruiting a standout sales force.

The Makegood: What type of companies are you pursuing partnerships with? Do you believe that these partnerships will massively grow Rant?

We want to make sure our content continues to cater to our readers’ expanding variety of interests by keeping it as engaging and accessible as possible, and by keeping our writers happy. Toward that end, we’re working with all types of companies that enhance our capabilities, and always looking for new ways to benefit our writers and users. By staying focused on this strategy, we’ll keep our accelerated momentum going.

The Makegood: What do you see for the future of the company? Is this a passion of yours that you plan to stick with for the long haul? 

We want to continue to develop and optimize content strategies that expand on our site mix and audience base. We believe strong technology can be a huge enabler to fix existing marketplace inefficiencies and to do a lot of good for people–in our audience today and for the industry as a whole. So we’re banking on the technologies we’re developing to help us lead this effort. We take pride in being the first to try new things and we’re not afraid to go about it in a different way than everybody else. We’re excited about the new products we’re bringing to market and we’re going to continue to work our tails off to take our audience to places they’ve never been before sooner rather than later.

The Makegood: Thank you, Brett.