Spotify and Blue Moon Hit the Road for the Follow the Moon Tour

maureen traynor Maureen Traynor is currently Brand Partnerships at Spotify, a digital music service that gives listeners access to millions of songs. Prior to joining Spotify, Maureen was Program Director, Brand Experiences at AOL. The Makegood recently spoke with Maureen about Spotify and Blue Moon joining forces for a summer festival.

The Makegood: This summer will bring music lovers, artists, chefs, and musicians together at Spotify’s Follow the Moon Tour, sponsored by Blue Moon Brewing Company. How did this festival begin, and why was Blue Moon the sponsor of choice? 

The festival began with a collaborative conversation on how Blue Moon & Spotify could bring the “artfully crafted” messaging to life through music. Being a brand that has close ties to local art, food, & music it was a natural fit with Spotify’s ability to collaborate with artists. This wasn’t an existing sponsorship, but in fact we created the program specifically for Blue Moon based on their desire to align with this year’s lunar launches.

The Makegood: Who is the primary target of these free concerts? How will the Tour be communicated to this target? 

These events are open to A21+, but are definitely targeting savvy indie music-lovers with an interest or inclination to craft beer. We will be communicating this tour to this target through paid media on Spotify, social media posts from Spotify, Blue Moon and the artists performing, along with key local promotions in each market (Phoenix, Charleston, Chicago, New York City & Denver).

The Makegood: What is Spotify’s goal for after the concerts? 

We’d like to continue bringing existing and new Blue Moon drinkers music they love & the ability to relive the Follow The Moon tour through the content we’ll generate from each event. Additionally, we’d love to continue to grow this partnership and bring Follow The Moon to more key markets around the US next year.

The Makegood: What sort of technology will be used at the festival? Will there be social media campaigns involved during the concerts? 

The concerts themselves will be somewhat low tech, as we aim to inspire attendees to enjoy music, food, visual art, and great beer in an organic way. Technology plays a larger role in the digital piece, where videos, artist-curated playlists, and imagery will be distributed across Spotify and Blue Moon channels, including social media.

The Makegood: Will Spotify be hosting events similar to these in the future? What does the company get out of these events? 

We are always looking to create unique, cross-platform experiences with our brand partners, and the Blue Moon program is a fantastic example of these types of partnerships.

The Makegood: Thank you, Maureen.