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Ignited Welcomes Group Media Directors Stacy Sanchez & Rich Kim

SSanchez and Rich Kim Stacy Sanchez and Rich Kim are the new Group Media Directors at Ignited, an exciting full service advertising agency. Kim and Sanchez have past experience at several leading media companies, including Zenith Optimedia, Saatchi & Saatch, &  Lionsgate, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group respectively. The Makegood recently spoke to the media directors about their new roles at Ignited.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your new positions at Ignited as Group Media Directors! You join the company at a time of fierce momentum. What do your positions entail, and what will you be doing to keep up with the company as it grows?

As the Group Media Directors of some of NBCU’s TV divisions – NBC Entertainment, Universal Pictures, E! Entertainment, Esquire Network, Golf Channel & NBC Sports – our goals are threefold: 1. Build and maintain a roadmap for clients that leverages digital to drive their business success, 2. Increase overall accountability & measurement of all things digital to increasing clients’ audience growth 3. Continue to evolve and innovate the digital business with an eye on emerging tech and how it can best be leveraged by our accounts.

Part of working in the digital space is being a nimble and adaptable individual.  As Ignited evolves and grows with the industries changing dynamics, we’ll be sure to do the same as we keep up with the changing media landscape.

The Makegood: The two of you have gotten experience from rather different companies. How will you come together to create a cohesive group of directors? Do you believe your different backgrounds will be beneficial to Ignited?

Diversity in background, thinking, and expertise is ultimately going to help Ignited grow its ability to service an increasingly diverse client roster and ultimately serve our immediate clients better.  If we’re abiding to the adage that says that the only constant is change, then the diversity of our backgrounds will only better prepare us to face the changing and evolving landscape ahead.

Understandably though, diverse backgrounds and schools of thought can also make for difficulty in finding common ground sometimes.  However, we believe Ignited has done a great job facilitating a culture of open-mindedness that lets us hear out differing opinions and set aside personal bias in favor of what’s best for the agency and our clients.

The Makegood: What sorts of changes and challenges have occurred in the media industry throughout each of your experiences? Have either of you experienced a drastic change?

We believe that all changes we’ve experienced have been significant in some form or another. Some of the more meaningful changes that come to mind include:

Ad evolution: When first starting out in the industry, most ads were static and the size of a pinky finger.  But as we got wiser, we began to realize the potential of digital messaging – creating larger ad real estate and introducing richer creative technologies into the mix.  Unfortunately, we may be approaching a bit of a UX cliff, where users are starting to get very frustrated by the ad clutter experienced online.  But as this occurs, we experience another evolution – a native one – that shifts the emphasis of creative from sheer size, to contextual relevance it relates to the consumer’s online experience.  Related to this as well is the notion of creative hyper-targeting – serving creative that is relevant to the consumer (and their potential interest in a product) vs forcing unsolicited messages.

Digital fragmentation: As digital has evolved, the number of tools at our disposable to address our client’s needs has grown significantly.  When we started our careers, digital was a much more straight forward solution, but the maturing of display, along with the growth of search, and the emergence of other digital means – video, social, mobile and other connected devices has made the task of diagnosing solutions more complicated, but more exciting as well.

Budget growth – Goes without saying, but when you look at either share of time spent by consumers or the corresponding trends in the share of budget digital has experienced over the past 10 years, the role of the digital marketer has gotten more important overall.

Search – the growth of the long-tail & democratization of buying: I’m not saying the publisher direct model is going anywhere, but there is a distinct trend we’re seeing that we’re all trying to get our clients to understand and better prepare for, and that is the increasing presence of technology in our processes, leading to enhanced buying strategies.

The Makegood: In your new roles at Ignited, your efforts will be primarily focused on the NBCUniversal account. Can you talk a little about this endeavor and what it means?

Our primary role is servicing our NBCU clients.  In the entertainment content space, our clients are fighting for an increasing share of consumers’ attention.  Digital, while definitely a culprit in diverting attention away from our clients’ business also offers opportunities that is our job to assess.

The Makegood: Where do you see Ignited headed in future? Do you believe that you will have a very different experience at this company five years down the road?

Ignited has always embraced change and sought to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.  Digital will continue to permeate into more marketing channels, leading Ignited as a whole to further integrate digital discipline and learning into all facets of our business. As new channels emerge and others mature, specialties will form to address each of these needs.  We’ve seen this already as it pertains to search, social, and data management.

The Makegood: Thank you, Stacy and Rich.