Jim Daily, GM of Ebuzzing on The Evolution of Video Advertising

Jim Daily EVP Sales US Jim Daily is General Manager of Ebuzzing, the global experts in video advertising that create engaging, high impact video experiences, distributing video ads to audiences through placements within social media, and premium media. To date, they have distributed thousands of campaigns for the world’s leading brands including Heineken, Acer, LG, Samsung, Evian and Adidas. The Makegood recently spoke with Jim about his company’s move to NYC and the future of video advertising.

The Makegood: You launched in the U.S. this July with an office in New York City. What were your reasons behind expanding to NYC?

We’ve been running successful campaigns in the US for companies such as Heineken and Evian for years.  The volume was getting to a point that it simply made sense to open up an office in NYC.  Also, all market analysis told us that no other platform had the ability to show the advanced social and media conversational data that we can.  Our tech platform is extremely powerful and unique in the US market.  The remarkable response that we’ve gotten in the Ad community here is a tribute to that.

The Makegood: You recently launched the ‘Double V’ shoppable video format, can you tell us about the product and how it has looked on its early returns?  

The beauty of the Double V is the simple problem that it solves.  In digital marketing, the clients typically want 2 things; to have a consumer engage with their ad and then click from that ad to a specific content area (i.e. – corporate website, ecommerce site, etc.) Once engaged, the Double V expands to full-screen, displays the video advertisement and then immediately pulls the client’s website directly into the unit once the video is complete.  Click-through are a thing of the past.  With the Double V, our clients get a View and a Visit from truly engaged consumers.

The Makegood: As video advertising experts, how do you ensure that the campaigns that you engineer both entertain customers and also call them to action?  

Our philosophy at Ebuzzing is that we only want to engage with consumers that choose to engage with the branded content we syndicate.  Our campaigns typically outperform the industry by 100-200% and that’s attributed to giving consumers the power of choice.  If a customer chooses to watch one of our videos, that customer will be entertained on their own terms and then the call-to-action happens organically. It’s quite simple really!

The Makegood: Will online video eventually replace TV, why or why not?  

In the near future, all TV platforms will live primarily online; it’s a simple question of economics.  Once the bandwidth/serving costs are efficient enough, the Cable providers will move all distribution to web-based systems.  Also, the television technology is beginning to advance to the point where it’s becoming enjoyable to utilize smart TV apps such as Netflix and Hulu.  More important to consider though is that this is a migration driven by consumers.  I don’t think of it as “TV vs. Online Video” – It will eventually all be online video but it’s more about allowing the consumer to access whatever content they want (online or offline) from their one main TV entertainment system.

The Makegood: What trends have you noticed in online video, recently? How will you stay ahead of them?  

I’m beginning to see a larger emphasis on technology in the online video sector and that’s where we at Ebuzzing have been focused, and will continue to be focused, for years to come.  It’s no longer OK to serve a forced pre-roll to an untargeted consumer…we serve a user-initiated full-screen-expandable unit into highly targeted contextual environments and then track all social/media/conversational/competitive data on the back-end.  The real trend we’re seeing are that clients and consumers both expect more out of their online video experience and we’re the perfect company to give it to them

The Makegood: Thank you, Jim